I have been wanting to show you guys this dress for a while! It’s a Lilie Rubin dress and it is so 80s it hurts. This is one of my favorite vintage labels to hunt for because everything Lilie Rubin is over the drop drama. Seriously, run an eBay search, you’ll find a lots of sequins, lots of ruffles, and lots of fringe! This is one of the more subdued pieces I own by Lilie Rubin. The all-over sequin embellishment gives this dress a lot of weight so it has a really flattering hang to it. No idea what the letters are attempting to spell out. I love the dropped sleeve on it too, that’s an 80s thing that really needs to come back in my opinion.

One of the reasons I was inspired to shoot with this dress recently is because my friend Sheri from Shrimpton Couture just put a different version of this dress in her shop. I am dying over it! I so wish I owned the version with the fringe.

Wearing it here with Prada smoking lips sandals from many years ago, a Fendi ‘Dotcom’ bag, and vintage earrings.

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I was debating whether or not to buy this insane Cinq a Sept denim bustier top with my number one shopping buddy, my mom. “What would you wear it with?” she asked me. A patent leather pencil skirt I had just bought, for one. Or with a pair of camouflage cargo pants just for some early 00’s fun. “I have exactly the pair you need!” my mom said. She had found these army issue cargo pants at Salvation Army and was just holding on to them to give them to me. I am so lucky to have such a sweet mom! Needless to say, I bought the Cinq a Sept top and I’m totally in love with it. It’s very sexy and wearable, and it was a perfect pairing with these pants!!

Note the mini LV speedy…worn just to be extra cheeky. I mean, if you’re doing a denim bustier and cargo pants why not have a mini LV bag? It’s too much fun not to wear it! I feel nostalgic for 90s and 00s fashion in a big way right now. Promise there are no Juicy Tubes in my mini speedy though!

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This year is flying by, I can’t believe it is nearly summer and our October wedding is approaching so soon. I’m definitely starting to feel the heat on wedding planning! Luckily our wedding is pretty low-key. So far our list is just 50 people. We’re just going to have a nice ceremony in our backyard, and a cocktail reception there after. Keeping it simple has kept the stress out of the equation at least thus far! I’m so glad because now we can focus on how fun the actual wedding will be. I really can’t wait for it.

I’ve been so caught up in the planning the wedding that I haven’t planned out the details of my look for the big day. I have the dress, but no real plan of action on accessories or jewelry.  I have some thinking to do on that. The dress I chose is a knock-out (with a bustle and cap sleeves!) and I don’t want anything else I’m wearing to compete too much with it. It definitely calls for something timeless and feminine. As some of my readers know, I’ve done a lot of styling with the jewelry from LAGOS the last few months and I immediately thought of their bridal collection as a possibility for wedding day accessories. I partnered with LAGOS on this post to play around with styling some accessories that would make the perfect touch for a bridal look or a shower. The pear double strand bracelet in particular is such a unique accessory for a wedding day look! The classic Caviar bracelets are also be lovely to mix in, I always love how they emphasize delicate wrists.

This post was created in partnership with LAGOS, as always, all opinions are my own.

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