THREE LOOKS: Prada Spring 2006 Boots

Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006 Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006   Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006

Three Looks: prada spring 2006  Three Looks: prada spring 2006

These Prada fall 2006 shoes are one of my top favorite pairs of all time. They constantly inspire me when I’m styling and I always find myself returning to them. In honor of the collection’s 10th anniversary (how time flies!) I wore them three ways this past week, just to prove an oldie can still be a goodie!

P.S. a pair of these boots just popped up on Yoox, ten years later. Calling lucky size 9.5!

Look One: Wearing a vintage 80s patchwork doman sleeve jacket with vintage Levi’s 501s

Look Two: Worn with a vintage Laura Ashley dress

Look Three: Wearing a vintage silk Albert Nipon 80s dress with Allison Mitchell yellow calfhair clutch and 70’s seashell necklace

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I am what you would call a morning person. I wake up early every day to get my morning started before the sun comes up. I take the dogs out, put on a kettle for tea, and start my beauty routine early. It’s my favorite part of the day.

After washing my face with hot-as-can-be towels, showering, and scrubbing, my skin is primed and ready to be moisturized. Given that it’s too hot to wear pants at the moment, I have been paying extra attention to my legs! I don’t know about you but I’ve suffered scaly skin my whole life. I have to moisturize right away. Lately I have been applying a rich layer of EOS’s Berry Blossom body lotion. It’s made with Vitamin E and avocado oil, and it makes my legs so soft and leaves them gleaming in photos. I love the difference I see when I use it! I bring the smaller bottle with me in my gym bag to use after showers. It smells amazing and feels so light on the skin.

After I put on the Berry Blossom lotion, I crawl back into bed with the chihuahuas to savor a few moments spent with a cup of tea and some cookbooks. This is the time I recharge and gather inspiration. By the time I’m ready to get dressed, the lotion has been given extra time to soak in so my legs are super soft! I love having this as part of my morning routine.

Wearing In Blossom by Jonquil robe and chemise.

Thank you to EOS for sponsoring this post!

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40s silk skirt

40s silk skirt

40s silk skirt

40s silk skirt

40s silk skirt


It is so, so hot here right now. It feels like 95% of my wardrobe is off-limits at the moment because I don’t want to sweat all over nice clothes! If I’m being honest, I’ve been living in workout shorts and mesh tank tops. I know, it’s a new look for me, but why waste a great outfit on this miserable weather?? I’m fine to stay in my short shorts and mesh tops until it gets below 80. I’m sure a lot of hot climate readers feel exactly the same way!

On a blistering hot 99 degree Friday night, Jeff and I decided to go out for Negronis and pasta. I put on my first “real” outfit of the day…I picked a back-baring plunge bodysuit from Urban Outfitters, a 1940s tiered silk skirt I got from Desert Vintage, and leather bowtie flats from Zara. The bangles and earrings are thrift store finds and the beads were found at the Tucson Gem Show.

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This Dolce & Gabbana palm dress is another new arrival from Luisaviaroma and it is a true fairytale dream to wear! I love a fifties shape and the silk skirt just flutters around you when you move in it, it feels gorgeous. Do you remember these Miu Miu’s? They are from spring 2008. They are so pretty that I use them as shelf decoration in my bedroom, but for a dress this beautiful they needed to be worn! The beaded butterfly clutch is by Alexander McQueen…I have a penchant for box clutches and this one is the ultimate heartbreaker. Thank you to Luisaviaroma for letting me play dress up in their gorgeous new fall selections!

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