We’ve had a few windy, cloudy days. I’ve been in the mood for boots and miniskirts…for me, that is such a go-to outfit formula and beloved look. It’s a look I love because it’s flirty and a bit sassy. I remember when I was first dating Jeff I wore a lot of skirts/boots outfits. Combat boots with tweed a-line minis, python ankle boots with ruched floral miniskirts come to mind when I remember some of those looks. I think it’s a good look for first dates, or any time! I wear this combination all of the time, especially with these super cute Marsell boots.

Wearing a plaid miniskirt by Marc Jacobs (similar here by Tibi), a vintage mohair sweater, fishnet tights, navy coat, Ferragamo Fiama bag and Marsell mid calf boots.

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I think I’ve been saying this in  my latest post but our weather is all over the place right now. Yesterday it was 87 degrees! I’m not loving the idea of summer starting early. That being said, this was just a few days ago and it was 40. That’s Texas for you.

My mom gave me this coat she got from StyleNanda. I don’t know why she didn’t want to keep it, it’s so amazing! I’m really in the mood for faux fur right now and I’ve had my magpie eye on this adorable Shrimps star-embellished faux fur with a peter pan collar. I have a little 60s mini shift dress that would look adorable under it. Isn’t that how I always justify new purchases though? “I know just what will go with this!”. I’m trying to buy less vintage and more new clothes at the moment. My wardrobe could stand a little modernization and I think a show stopper faux fur is just the ticket!

Wearing a StyleNanda faux fur from last year with cropped flare jeans, a Strathberry toteVersace sunglasses, and Giorgio Armani ankle strap cap-toe pumps.


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I have been in a sixties mood lately. It’s been a lot of fun for me as it’s an era I don’t normally play around with. This dress kind of started it for me, I was with my mom going through old clothes and rediscovered it. I must have had it for over ten years! I don’t remember if I found this or my mom did, but neither of us can remember where it came from.  It fit me perfectly, a rare miracle for me and empire waist dresses. All I needed to go with it were some big flashy earrings and kitten heels!

I’ve been thinking about adding more sixties into my wardrobe and what to wear with miniskirts in spring. I’ve come to the conclusion the kitten heel is finally actually having it’s moment. It seems like every summer for the last five years the magazines tell us, “the kitten heel has returned!”. But there were never any truly cute kitten heels to buy Even if they were shown on the runway, there were only ever ultra-conservative retail options for kitten heels that just made them feel kind of first-ladyish. I do believe that now is the time of the kitten heel because so many brands have been doing them really well. There are so many fun options right now, it’s got me so excited!

Below are some of the ones I am considering for my spring wardrobe. I think I am leaning towards the Dorateymur shoes…I am a sucker for red!


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