When it comes to hair I’m someone who likes to stretch the amount of time between washes as long as possible. My hair looks best after at least two days of wear but it needs help along the way. My hair texture is super fine and straight, I have to use quite a bit of product to get it as thick and lush as I want it to look. I have long relied on my arsenal of Drybar products to help my hair look its best…my mom got me hooked on their Triple Sec and Dry Shampoo spray. They smell SO good and give my pin-straight limp hair lots of lift and texture.

Needless to say I was hugely excited when I got the chance to try Drybar’s Detox Whipped Dry Shampoo from Sephora. Here are some before and after shots!

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I knew it was coming, but I didn’t expect it to be here this soon…it feels like a hot and muggy Texas summer already. Already in the 90s and as humid as can be. I should start packing up my sweaters and coats, I don’t think I’ll be needing them for a while.

I like a slinky dress for hot summer nights like these. Something I can throw on and forget the rest when I just want to get out the door and grab a cocktail on a Friday night. I fell in love with this dress by Bec and Bridge when I saw it on Revolve, it ticks all my boxes! I love anything one shouldered and the tucking on the sides of this dress make it ultra flattering. This color is just great too, I have been gravitating to rust shades a lot lately!

Wearing a Bec and Bridge one shoulder dress with Alaia heels and a Lotuff leather bag.

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If you’re a longtime reader of Sea of Shoes, you are no doubt familiar with my mom Judy Aldridge. Mother’s Day is a really special day of the year for me because it reminds me how thankful I am to have been raised by such a strong woman. My mom is tireless in her pursuit of inspiration and beauty, and she can run circles around people half her age. She’s been an entrepreneur almost all of her life, from opening her own boutique, to creating her own fashion line, and now working in home design with her wildly popular Instagram.  She is the hardest working woman I know, undoubtedly, and my sister and I are really lucky to have her as an example to live by.

This year to prepare for a special Mother’s Day I partnered with LAGOS to surprise her with some beautiful new pieces of their Caviar Spark collection to mix in with her jewelry wardrobe. They are the perfect touch of modernity and femininity for her style. For mother’s day we got together for brunch at her house to  celebrate her and exchange gifts. She loved them and we had so much fun trying them on together! I also got to see an update on her home, it is looking amazing right now. My mom has nine dogs at the moment, you might spot a few who wanted to get in on the gift exchange.

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