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It’s almost Christmas! Friday is my birthday and I’m considering a treat to myself…it’s hard think about anything but warm coats at the moment. The temperatures here have dipped below freezing and I’m craving a fabulous new coat to add to my cold weather rotation. I’m really considering this gorgeous navy admiral peacoat. So adorable and an all-time classic! As much as I love my crazy vintage, I always need a fail-proof piece like this to bring into the mix.

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I am so excited the holidays are almost here! This is my favorite time of the year. We have been busy decorating and gift shopping for the season. This year we have a lot to prepare for. My birthday, Jeff’s birthday, our anniversary and Christmas and New Years are all occurring within a span of three weeks. I’ve got to get ready for some serious celebrating!

I was so excited when LAGOS approached me to style some of their beautiful Caviar collection a while back for some holiday inspired looks. I love these beautiful pieces! Growing up, I always remember the only jewelry my mom would wear would be astack of beautiful silver bracelets and rings. These pieces totally take me back to that style memory. Nothing could be more chic with a monochromatic ensemble for this season of festivities. Any piece of this collection would also make a stunning gift for a lucky lady in your life!

I wore a LAGOS necklace from the Enso collection , stacks of the gorgeous Caviar bracelets and more pearl embellished bracelets and rings from the Luna collection. I paired them cozy neutrals and silver heels for a daytime look, and dressed them up with a 50’s cocktail skirt and velvet off shoulder top for evening. All of these pieces are going to be perfect for the upcoming weeks! I can’t wait to wear them.

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There is a really magical feeling in the air right now! We have Christmas cookies to bake and holiday parties to attend. I’ve been feeling inspired to dress up a little more in light of the party-going spirit this time of year. I’ve had to rearrange my closet with the move and I always like being able to look at my clothes with a fresh set of eyes. Everything I’m wearing here are old vintage favorites that have been hanging in my closet unworn for months. I love how some creative styling can make old things feel fresh. I’m wearing an Adolfo jacket from Garment Modern with 70’s Perry Ellis culottes my mom found at Salvation Army for me years ago, and a very old pair of Dolce and Gabbana gold star booties!