The best part of our trip to Austin was definitely Toy Joy. We are all avid collectors of plastic animals (my aunt runs a blog called Plastic Animal a Day) and toy enthusiasts in general, so we went totally ape over Toy Joy's offerings. Karen and my mom had never been before, and they were both blown away. Mom said she liked our trip to Toy Joy better than our trip to Kiddy Land in Tokyo. Also, they stay open till midnight on the weekends. If you love toys you have to go ASAP!

With all of these fantastic animals, Karen had a hard time choosing which ones to bring home.

My new sisters

They have a 'baby bar' in the back, complete with bubble teas named after Sanrio characters. I had a Chococat.

Loved the bucket o' babies…mom couldn't resist a handful for herself.

We brought home so many toys…expect to see some of our purchases on all of our respective blogs soon.

When we got home from Toy Joy we played with our new toys for a long time. The next morning Godzilla helped me accessorize before breakfast & shopping.

Wearing a vintage blazer purchased in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a fur collar from thrift store, vintage YSL green velvet skirt from eBay, and black Prada sandals


Our trip to Austin was so great, and I wish I could share all of it with you but there is an exciting secret project in the works that cannot yet be revealed…we are having so much fun working on it.

I've gotten many emails about where to shop in Austin, click to keep reading for my favorite things in Austin. 

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I had a great time in Austin with my aunt and my mom these past two days..we stayed at the San Jose Hotel.


Maybe all of these plants liked the rain we experienced on Monday, but not me. We didn't let the crappy weather ruin our short trip though.

A slice of apple pie at the Woodland Cafe, my favorite food on South Congress. It reminds me of Twin Peaks. As Agent Cooper would say, "This must be where pies go when they die".

Right down the street was Uncommon Objects at 1512 South Congress Ave. You can spend hours in this store..and I think we did.


A trip to Austin isn't complete without a trip to Feathers-I love this store. The owners Emily and Masha are so sweet. It is extremely well edited and they're always getting new stuff! Mom and I came home with some things we love.

Eventually the sun came out, and I was able to debut one of my purchases-a little 70's navajo-style vest I picked up at New Bohemia.

These pants are 'new' too. I got them a week or two ago in New York at What Goes Around Comes Around. I am obsessed with vintage Yves Saint Laurent bloomers and I finally found myself a good pair! I was totally stressed out when I got to New York, but then I found these and the trip was all worth it. I love them. 



These Pradas were the only shoes I brought on the trip-they are from fall 2006. These are some great shoes. Prada Fall 06 was one of my favorite seasons for Prada ever!

Coming up next…my favorite store in Austin! Expect a post soon.

I'm in the middle of packing for a short road trip to Austin…I'm going with my mom and my aunt Karen for two days of vintage shopping & really good Mexican food. I love Austin, I can't wait to go back. The shopping there is so great!

Before I go, some pictures of tasty junk food I consumed this week with two of my best friends.

 Curly fries at Pizza Hut..nice blue nailpolish Viky!!


Jumbo sized gumdrops..they look so pretty but after eating five of them you kind of want to heave.


Corey tackles Viky


Viky tries on my Ray Ban glasses

Showing off an AMAZING jungle green velvet wrap's vintage YSL, I can't stop wearing it. Definitely packing it for this road trip. 
Worn with a mohair Prada cardigan, vintage belt, and Prada sling backs.


Mm McDonad's ice cream!! Haha, I'm sorry for such a boring post. I've been busy this week organizing upcoming trips.

Can't wait to share my pictures of Austin with you guys…until then!

xo Jane