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These boots are some of the all time coolest shoes to me. They are by Rochas and I got them a few years ago, and I still wear them all the time. I wish I had another pair, in case these ever fall apart!

I wore them with an awesome 70s lamb fur cardigan one chilly morning this week. I belted it with an old favorite concho belt, and wore it with a beloved Polo Ralph Lauren fringe bag and a Polo tea dress.

Try here for a similar pair of boots!

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A look from earlier this week! I have had this skirt for a long time but I never wear it…but on this particular rainy day, it was the perfect thing to brighten my mood. I love that I’m finally able to wear socks and heels again! Wearing with a Clare V. purse, Zara shirt, Rachel Comey heels, and vintage silk scarf.

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It was cold yesterday, I could hardly believe it when I walked out the door. I had to grab a coat….and I’ve been dying to wear this one for months. My mom gave it to me, it’s from Style Nanda.  Last year I got really nostalgic for Miss Sixty. I was so obsessed with everything Miss Sixty in the early 00’s. I remember my favorite jeans were these flaming-Cheetoh-orange Miss Sixty carpenter pants! It was totally the look of that era. I got on eBay and ordered a few pieces of cheap Miss Sixty, but I have not posted any yet until now. This skirt is early 00’s Miss Sixty! It’s kind of hilarious. I had fun wearing this.

Wearing a Style Nanda coat with Miss Sixty camo maxi skirt, Golden Goose shoes, and Moschino hazard cone bag.