FINALLY we’re back, and we’re so glad that we are.  We’ve got so much to catch up on—fashion never sleeps.  Mom and I have been so busy drooling over the new fall shoes—we son’t even know where to start.  What a great season ahead of us all….

We loved most of the Givenchy collection this fall, but for us, the shoes were a particular standout. Among the frills and ruffles, this pretty little slingback, lace down, buttton up number still caught our attention. Mom and I are fighting over who gets to put it on our wishlist! We’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Till next time,
Jane and Judy

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  1. Me says:

    I love these Givenchy shoes, I saw that you got them in nude on TFS I would be so grateful if yo could direct me to where you got them from?
    I love your blog keep up the great work!

  2. b.a. says:

    zappos has a shoe very similar to these from givenchy right now:

  3. jane says:

    ^ohhh those are gorgeous, thanks for the link!
    i bet they’re a hell of a lot easier than the ankle strap, backless heels my mom and i have. the shoes make your feet turn in and it’s very hard to keep your balance!