doesn’t the phrase ‘geek chic’ make you gag

I found this Star Wars t-shirt that I had gotten a loooong time ago at whatever thrift store…hello, why have I not worn this??

What a treasure. God bless the nerdatron who donated it. Officially the new pivotal piece in my wardrobe! I’ve always loved lame shirts…I have a pretty sizeable collection, I should do a post on them all! They look great under blazers.
I played around with it and this is what I liked best…

Ralph Lauren blazer, vintage 501’s, two lucite bangles, one chrome bangle, leather necklace with metal pistol I got in Tokyo, a great metal belt purchased at the Fred Segal in Santa Monica this season in the men’s section?, chrome heel wedge Marni peeptoe booties

These Marni’s are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I just love that they look like little peasant shoes propped up on a hunk of metal-the juxtaposition of the old tymes meets superfuture is beyond cool.

Today I read this quote by Rick Owens about his clothes-"They embody both the calm elegance I aspire to and the damage that is caused along the way."
I think that can relate to these shoes because they’re sort of telling a story about the past and how we’ve evolved to the future.

Plus I love how they flash when you walk!!

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  1. Rose wrote:

    You actually “walk” in those! Oh my.
    Nevertheless, amazing shoes you’ve got.

    3.6.08 · Reply
  2. Rose wrote:

    To add on, i really love your shoe collection. Good taste!

    3.6.08 · Reply
  3. Amy Williams wrote:

    Great blazer, and I seriously love that belt!!

    3.6.08 · Reply
  4. Kismine wrote:

    great shoes! where did you get the lucite bangles?

    3.6.08 · Reply
  5. jane wrote:

    Thanks for the comments guys! :)
    Kismine, the twisted lucite bangle was purchased by my mom on eBay 10 years ago and the other was bought at Banana Republic!

    3.6.08 · Reply
  6. Willa wrote:

    Same, I love the blazer! I also totally agree with you that you should do a post on all of your lame shirts…would be soooo great!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  7. hamid wrote:

    hello,I am from Iran
    tank you for your shoes.

    4.14.12 · Reply
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