Hello from San Francisco,

Sorry about the lack of updates, I’ve been out from morning till night since we got here! It’s been well worth it, though. San Francisco is definitely one of my favorite new cities, it’s very refreshing…it’s different than any city I’ve ever been to, it’s beautiful here too. The shopping is excellent as well. I really really want to show you guys the great things I’ve found, but it’s going to be better to wait until I get home and can take a decent picture. Our hotel is impossible to photgraph in because of it’s cave-like darkness. I can promise I’ve found some great stuff, in fact there is so much great stuff in San Francisco that my mom and I are thinking about making a trip here this summer again.

There were so many great shopping adventures to be had in San Francisco (vintage on Haight-Ashbury, raw denim from Selfedge, trolling Barney’s/Neimans in Union Square) but after experiencing as much as one can in two days, I have to say that the best experience I had was in the Levi’s flagship store in Union Square. For a Levi’s junky like me, it was really incredible. The three-level store features vintage, men’s, and women’s jeans. Of course for me, all of the fun was on the lower level, which focused on vintage and jean customization.

Seeing the vintage reproductions was great, and I unfortunately fell hard for the only pair of vintage women’s jeans. They were beautifully and painstakingly distressed, with patches and darning galore. They had a wide-leg fit with a corset-like button fly waist. The jeans themselves were a work of art but when I put them on, my heart totally broke-they looked so amazing on but unfortunately at $500 it was a no-go. I’ll get over it eventually, but I still flinch at the thought of them hanging in someone else’s closet!! So that’s my cross to bear from this trip…R.I.P. all of my imagined outfits  with these beautiful jeans…

Well, moving on, the jean customization bar was a kid-in-a-candy-shop type experience. You can bring in any Levi’s brand product and have it emroidered, ripped, torn, patched, silk-screened, blasted-there are very few limitations. My mom, my sister and I all took full advantage of the jean customization bar, and are expecting our newly embellished Levi’s to arrive at our doorstep in Texas within three weeks. Until then I’ll spare you descriptions of our newly-reincarnated 501’s. Pictures to come soon!

Okay, I better get to bed (early flight tomorrow), but I’ll share my San Francisco finds throughout next week.

It’s been fun here in San Francisco ;)

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  1. Rose wrote:

    Yes please! I’m really eager to see what you’ve all got in san! Enjoy yourselves~

    3.23.08 · Reply
  2. calista wrote:

    I love that tunic/dress thing & I love SF!

    3.23.08 · Reply
  3. leslie wrote:

    i love learning about new places in my city because im a bit of a hermit / and completely not in the know even though ive lived in the bay area for all 17 of my yrs. looking forward to seeing your purchases! ~stay fab

    3.25.08 · Reply
  4. Omg i just totally love San Fran! i spent 3 months with my boyfriend when he was offered a job at the design office at Levis! and let me tell you it was unbelievable! such a great experience as both of us as designers. They have a huge campus of all the Levi offices. (dockers too) i got the opportunity to buy from the sample sale one friday and ended up with exclusive Andy Warhol levi tees and jeans! oh and the museum at the levi office is lush! and by the way i totally love your blog, i read about you in teen vogue…
    Cherry loves it

    2.8.09 · Reply
  5. Dee wrote:

    Union Square is so much fun! But so cold!
    I glad I live next to SF rather than in it.

    2.11.09 · Reply
  6. Are you the one on the left or the right side ? I share your taste in fashion, I have a bunch of 501’s, but my weak spot is for shoes! I have to say, that San-Francisco has the best ones! (for me it’s a tie between SF and NY), thank you for your post! XOXO

    11.16.10 · Reply
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  8. Kate Winslow wrote:

    SUSAN + The Grocery Store….

    9.18.12 · Reply