today’s inspiration board

Just a mashed up scrap board of images, people, and things I’ve found inspiring over time. I’m craving a cozy sweater like the Comme Des Garcons one on the left right now, or like Ralph Lauren’s classic one. I like how Tanya wore hers with a turqoise turtle, how cute is that? Sweaters sound nice right now, it’s sleeting outside, a VERY RARE occurence where I live, thankfully. 
I wanted the Junya vest so bad when I saw it last fall, I tried it on and fell in love. Sadly it isn’t mine. I wish! The Givenchy’s next to it were love at first sight too, I can’t get enough of these sexy buckled gladiator shoes…
Another thing I love? The little Prada robot man keychain!!! I’ve always loved keychains but I saw a sales assistant at Barneys who had a version of this guy but wore it as a brooch and it was so cute! I wish I could collect them and stick a bunch on a vest.

I had another post in mind today but due to the nasty weather outside interferring with my picture taking I will have to post-pone it.
Fingers crossed that school will be cancelled tomorrow!

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