Vintage Vests

While I was in Los Angeles and San Francisco last week I found these two lovely vintage vests. I’ve always had a thing for crazy old vests-I think both of these qualify! It’s a look I’ve always loved, it’s a great American classic. These definitely both have a Woodstock vibe going on that I love.

The fringed leather vest on the left was purchased at American Rag on LaBrea (always a heaven for those who like a heavy dose of Americana with their vintage). There were a couple of fringed vests like this but I chose this very one because of it’s beautiful, sort of wine stained color and because it hangs beautifully too. I love that it’s unbelievably long too-to see it in motion is amazing. This could look great with both trashed-out jeans or pretty delicate dresses-here I wear mine with a sheer chiffon Phillip Lim dress and Marni strappy heels-

(couldn’t resist sticking in a swing shot-you really can’t get the full effect without seeing it move!)

The lamb-fur suede one with flowery embroidery is soooo much fun. I got it at Wasteland in San Francsisco-which I should mention is great for designer vintage. This vest however looks like it was a souvenir that someone bought while they were abroad…in any case it’s surprisingly wearable and super cute with funky wedges. I don’t have a picture but as soon as I bought it I threw it on over a vintage lacey tunic and my grey Hysteric Glamour jeans (which are faded and a little bootcut)-and with Miu Miu wedges that had flowery emroidery on them. In this picture though I’m wearing it with a vintage Teal Traina dress and Chloe criss cross strap sandals.

Did I mention it was only 28 dollars? Amazing find! The suede is worn a little thin and there is some staining on the fur but other than that it’s in good shape. It’s a littttleee bit more wearable than the other vest because of it’s length. Love them both though!

Uh oh, now I’m going to start collecting vintage hippy vests…I can tell, I love these ones so much. A little bit Balmain too, no? Christophe Decarnin had a few hippy vests on last season’s runway.

^isn’t that lightly marbled pink shirt so cool with the bad-ass bejeweled vest?? and the ripped embroidered pants: too cool.

Sorry if this weekend’s posts have been comprised entirely of a bored girl taking pictures in her bedroom, haha. Just had to show you my favorite new accessories! :)

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  1. camille wrote:

    great finds! i especially love the fringed vest, i’ve been liking fringed things of all sorts lately.

    3.30.08 · Reply
  2. cindy wrote:

    loving this post!
    i’ve been having difficulties finding the perfect vest, but i LOVE both of yours. i especially like your second look. the shoes seal it all together! ;D

    3.30.08 · Reply
  3. Ainsley wrote:

    so um, my mom and i think you should start modeling. like, now. :]
    and can you take me shopping sometime? i’m for serious, woman!! i’ll bring tons o’ cash and splurge my ass off! i need some cool new clothes. i’m such a dork with my online shopping. :[

    3.30.08 · Reply
  4. R wrote:

    This is my first time commenting, I’ve been reading your blog for a while. You have fabulous taste in clothes.
    Anyway, with Spring cleaning in motion, I was wondering if you can show us some shots of where you store your shoes and how.

    3.30.08 · Reply
  5. jessica wrote:

    I’m not a member of typepad, but found you through TFS. My name’s jessicamccall on that site :) I religiously check your blog because the way you piece together your outfits together using designer pieces as well as vintage is such an inspiration. I’ve been popping into my vintage stores quite regularly thanks to you! I’m hoping you’ll do something with large shirts, I bought a vintage lee denim shirt and am looking for a way to wear it!

    3.31.08 · Reply
  6. Jane wrote:

    Thanks so much guys! :)
    Jessica-I’m so glad you like the blog-denim shirts are great, I’m looking for the perfect chambray one! Haha I’ll try to throw in an oversized shirt outfit soon for you!
    R-Working on developing a shoe sytem as of right now….I have a shoe closet but there’s no room left it in it for my shoes…must find new plan, will blog it when it comes together!
    AINSLEY-calllllll meeeeeee let’s do it!

    3.31.08 · Reply
  7. I’m totaly crazy about the first outfit with all this fringes!
    your outfits in general are just soooo crazy, i’m juste in love with it!!
    go on you’ve got such a real talent!!
    i’m totaly fan… realy!!
    sorry for my poor english, i’m juste soooo french!!
    see you soon, I can do nothing but add your blog to my favs!

    6.27.08 · Reply
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