Thanks Dirrty Glam!

I’m very honored to have been featured on French online fashion magazine Dirrty Glam this month. It’s exciting to have been picked up by such a cool online publication! Unfortunately I can’t speak French and I’m not very sure what all it says beside the interview, haha. Very honored anyway!

^Me on page 138, also a snapshot on 141 I think!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to reader Matt (<3theFrenchy on the Fashion Spot) to kindly taking these screen caps for me, you’re the best!

*Also, thanks to The Fashion Spot for featuring my article ‘Kinky Boots’ in their new relaunched website! The new TFS looks wonderful. 

good night all,

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  1. Caroline says:

    so i’ve been looking through your older posts, and I think I need your clothes. okay to be fair, I’ll let you give me your old ones you don’t wear. hahah! seriously though! all of your shoes are lovely. and your jackets. ayeayeyeyeyeye

  2. camille says:

    congrats! your style is definitely worthy of being featured. :)

  3. Jillian says:

    aww wow congrats hun! that is amazing! you really do have great style! <3

  4. Matt says:

    no problem :)

  5. Jane says:

    thanks so much everyone!

  6. Amèle says:

    Hey, I have saw your photo in Dirrty Glam and I’m totally in love about your style. He is soooo great.
    Sorry my english wasn’t very good but I have an excuse I’m French..

  7. Gwen says:

    Does anyone know what the eyeglasses on the cover are from? I absolutely adore them and have them featured elsewhere, bu I still don’t now who made them. Thanks a lot =)

  8. Gwen says:

    Sorry … I mean what are the eyeglasses on the cover and where are they from? Many thanks.

  9. traductrice/gaspailleur du temps says:

    You’ve probably had it translated already, but, loosely, it says that
    “…’SOS’, where you regularly post your preferred outfits (or, you could say – the outfits you like the best)… and, less frequently, those of Judy Aldridge! The young girl of 16 also loves her mother’s style. Who doesn’t dream of having a mother that is ‘so fashion’ (seriously? so fashion? that is soooo Japanese!!!) Without a doubt, we know where Jane gets her unequalled class from. A dream wardrobe, (minois = idiom that I am not sure how to translate… maybe, ‘a face to fall for’ i.e., fall in love with?), and fashion lessons that are very fresh: An it-girl in the making? ”

  10. MiLOu says:

    I’m french! and i discover your site today!!!
    I really love your style and shoes!!!
    Gosh, I just want all your shoes!!^-^’
    Concerning the article, i red this and it’ really good.
    In the indroduction, the journalist define you: a girl with lot of style and “class”(elegant?) like your mother!
    And it’s the true!!! ;)
    I’ll come back!! :)

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