I noticed this at both Haider Ackermann and Rick Owens for F/W 08…casual slouchy shorts pulled on over tough-girl leather pants. An interesting way to tone down the bad-ass of leather pants. Haider Ackermann’s tonal equestrianettes are undeniably reminiscent of Rick Owen’s work: it’s almost uncanny to see such an obscure look pop up at these two shows. I think it’s especially cool with the sculptural, scrunchy boots/pants at Rick Owens….if I manage to get my hands on a pair of the perfect leather pants I’d definitely like to mimic this look…

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  1. im really liking the murky colors at ackermann

  2. enc says:

    All the wrinkling and puddling and creasing, I love it.

  3. lady coveted says:

    i just love the buttery bunched boots… sooo lovely