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  1. Amanda wrote:

    I totally love Spirited Away!

    5.5.08 · Reply
  2. enc wrote:

    This is a nice collage. I like the black bootie at left.

    5.5.08 · Reply
  3. Catherine wrote:

    Hope you aren’t scared/offended, but I drew a sketch of you using your Russian wedding skirt!
    I’ve been trying to practice drawing hands and clothing, and when I checked my blogroll for inspiration, I thought the creases and ruffles in the skirt, along with your pose, were great for the task!

    5.6.08 · Reply
  4. nycstyle wrote:

    Hey, love your style! can you put together some cute spring/summer outfits with flats and heels for day? Here in NYC it gets so humid, and I find it a struggle getting ready for work with the heat. GASP!

    5.7.08 · Reply
  5. jessica wrote:

    tamagotchi !!
    i love tamagotchi.
    i’ve been looking for one …

    5.7.08 · Reply
  6. jane wrote:

    (looove tamagotchis too! they were such a cool idea, i wish i still had mine…i loved when they turned into aliens after you fed them too much, haha)
    Catherine-of course I don’t mind! haha I’m honored to be sketched by such a talented artist-your drawing is great! :D cool stuff!
    Nycstyle-i’ll try to! it’s already in the eighties here-I’m just not much of a flats person (i have very flat feet and heels are much more comfortable to me!) but I like pretty sandals…need to buy some new ones…

    5.8.08 · Reply
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