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  1. It is incredibly rad you featured Steve Ignorant/Crass!

    6.6.08 · Reply
  2. Elizabeth Ilia wrote:

    I love how your influences are not the typical fashion influences. I went through a huge punk phase 2 years ago, and it keeps reminding me of not going the straight and narrow (I just keep the ripped up pants in the back of my closet).

    6.6.08 · Reply
  3. clint eastwood: utterly brilliant.

    6.7.08 · Reply
  4. Tea wrote:

    oh my god, CRASS!?

    6.7.08 · Reply
  5. Fernando wrote:

    Maria Felix!
    wow, i loved that lady. She was sooooooooo fierce

    6.8.08 · Reply
  6. Chelsea wrote:

    Awesome photos!

    6.8.08 · Reply
  7. WendyB wrote:

    Great choice of pix.

    6.9.08 · Reply
  8. hap wrote:

    such an amazing list…i have been obsessed what that ‘man with no name’ poncho thing.
    and crass yes yes…

    6.17.08 · Reply