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  1. Natalie wrote:

    I adore the last shoes! Currently I’m coveting shoes that sit high on the foot. So Carine Roitfeld.

    6.14.08 · Reply
  2. Marcus wrote:

    Where did you find these shots? They aren’t up on Style.com yet.

    6.14.08 · Reply
  3. Shen-Shen wrote:

    The rock and roll ballerina is lovely :)

    6.14.08 · Reply
  4. Michelle wrote:

    So cute, I want those pants! lol

    6.14.08 · Reply
  5. mej wrote:

    love the shoes!=)

    6.14.08 · Reply
  6. Tam Pham wrote:

    Hi Jane! Found your blog through Camille at Childhood Flames…love your blog! It’s funny because when you talk about FortyFiveTen and Emeralds Coconuts, I think “Wow! I live in the Knox-Henderson area…right by all that stuff!”. When you talk about Tulsa, I actually grew up there! Weird. Just curious…do you live in Dallas proper or one of the suburbs?

    6.14.08 · Reply
  7. Margherita wrote:

    Ooh…the shoes, and the skirt, and the colors of the dress!

    6.14.08 · Reply
  8. Aurore wrote:

    I loooooove the “rock and roll ballerina”, so sexy! And those shoes..

    6.15.08 · Reply
  9. Love the pants and shoes in this collection!

    6.15.08 · Reply
  10. Anne wrote:

    love balenciaga’s new stuff! their pants and the cuts on them are the best! :D
    love your blog!!

    6.16.08 · Reply
  11. Oh, I am sooooo glad he finally strayed away from the alien/androids look!

    6.16.08 · Reply
  12. Pamcasso wrote:

    gorgeous, and really sticks with the aesthetic for fall, just evolving and simplifying.

    6.16.08 · Reply
  13. A. wrote:

    You have GOT to learn how to spell “seriously”! lol

    6.27.08 · Reply
  14. Raffaella wrote:

    I love this Balenciaga collection! Amazing!

    9.13.08 · Reply
  15. dfsdf wrote:

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    6.2.10 · Reply
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