I miss my closet-been wearing the same thing every day. Can’t even begin to try my Forbidden Planet look I’ve been dreaming about. I look dissapointingly human.

Phillip Lim dress, thrifted belt, Alaia sandals

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  1. Amy Williams wrote:

    Gorgeous dress, and perfectly accessorised as always!

    6.16.08 · Reply
  2. chauss wrote:

    still looooooooooooove the shoes!

    6.16.08 · Reply
  3. Shen-Shen wrote:

    I love your shoes!

    6.16.08 · Reply
  4. Dana wrote:

    Aww don’t be sad – you’re in Mexico!!
    Love your dress :) Nothing wrong with looking human…

    6.16.08 · Reply
  5. ely wrote:

    no no no!!! you definitely do not look “disappointingly human” at all. i’d say ethereal is more like it. i love the dress

    6.16.08 · Reply
  6. niki wrote:

    LOVE the ruffly-bits on the dress.

    6.17.08 · Reply
  7. ricera wrote:

    I love that dress. Is still available? You look so fantastic, it makes me want it!

    6.17.08 · Reply
  8. Jen wrote:

    do you think you could post different/more pictures of your Antonio Palladino ring? I really want it, but the only place I know to get it is barneys.com and before I do that I want to make sure. thanks! ps. I love your style!

    6.17.08 · Reply
  9. Caitlin wrote:

    You’re so right..
    so dissapointing… those shoes and that dress.. i have no words

    6.17.08 · Reply
  10. July wrote:

    Beautiful dress and the shoes are incredible!

    6.17.08 · Reply
  11. u look lovely

    6.17.08 · Reply
  12. Crista wrote:

    You absolutely have the best shoe collection in the world.

    6.17.08 · Reply
  13. Maddison wrote:

    you are so beautiful!!
    I wish I could pull of a wardrobe half as spectacular as yours!!
    I Love this look…
    Keep on being gorgeous =P

    6.17.08 · Reply
  14. Jillian wrote:

    you look stunning
    and those shoes are just killer
    i love the pink dress though it’s so soft and the shoes look so hard edged and very rocker but they really compliment one another well!

    6.17.08 · Reply
  15. Ammu wrote:

    Fabulous outfit – you look gorgeous! Those shoes are to die for.

    6.17.08 · Reply
  16. Emilie wrote:

    so pretty! I love the suttle print on that dress, it looks amazing on you. not a bad alternative to forbidden planet, but I’m looking forward to that one too!

    6.18.08 · Reply
  17. Marcus wrote:

    Fantastic job. I’ve seen other people in that dress and a lot of times it winds up wearing them. And the color of the shoes are great.

    6.18.08 · Reply
  18. chloe lover wrote:

    Where did you get your chloe boots?

    6.18.08 · Reply
  19. Aurore wrote:

    The perfect dress with perfect shoes!
    PS: My blog is now translate in English, if you wanna come…

    6.18.08 · Reply
  20. Leila wrote:

    2 beautiful

    6.18.08 · Reply
  21. you are still looking super chic!

    6.19.08 · Reply
  22. Jess wrote:

    AMAZING DRESS so gorgeous-love the hue and the alaia nude heels? PERFECT

    6.21.08 · Reply
  23. liz wrote:

    love the shoes and the dress is also simply divine.

    6.22.08 · Reply
  24. WendyB wrote:

    Amazing shoes!

    6.25.08 · Reply
  25. slanelle wrote:

    omg those sandals are to DIE for!!

    6.28.08 · Reply
  26. Saree Elias wrote:


    7.1.08 · Reply
  27. joanna wrote:

    Love the shoes sooooooo sexy!! The look is so laid-back yet tres chic! I love it

    7.5.08 · Reply
  28. melly wrote:

    i’m leaving comments all over, sorry! i came via refinery29.com, they did a feature on you :)
    and i’m so glad i did, your blog is AMAZING, like none other. wow.

    9.4.08 · Reply
  29. izh wrote:

    i really love this phillip lim dress..

    12.2.08 · Reply
  30. ally wrote:

    so disappointingly human?? gosh.

    1.6.09 · Reply
  31. Sam wrote:

    Bugs would go crunch under those strappy heels!

    2.3.09 · Reply