Rick Owens and Michelle Lamys’ Paris apartment

Hanajibu from StyleZetigeist scanned these and now I'm stealing them…an exciting look into supercouple Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy's lives:

From Taschen's New Paris Intereriors, photographed by Xavier Bejot.
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  1. belle says:

    Even his apartment is badass!

  2. emilie says:

    I love that stool, it looks like it’s going to walk away.

  3. I think I may have to become a squatter in their apartment!

  4. Annie says:

    How very barbaric.

  5. camille says:

    the interior decor is wonderous. i would love to live in an apartment similarly furnished. btw, did you read that new yorker article on rick owens? it was very interesting.

  6. JZ says:

    I’m not one to complain about the use of animal furs etc. but the stool in the last photograph is incredibly repulsive :-/
    Everything else in his apartment is very chic though :)

  7. wow. i love their tables!!

  8. william says:

    Barbaric is a good way of describing the decor in his home; it’s like a modernized neanderthal cave – I really like it. The cold, sharp lines of the furniture contrast perfectly with the furs and antlers.

  9. Sunni says:

    i hope the stool is a by-product of road kill or something similar…
    otherwise, yep, this is amazing. indeed it looks like modernised caveman dwelling.

  10. tindi-rindi says:

    It looks fantastic – I mean how a style can come so clean. Though I wouldnt like myself to live in this apartment. And those fur boots are insane, <3 them :)

  11. Sophie says:

    I nearly threw up my dinner. My vegan dinner.

  12. July says:

    Absolutely incredible! Love it …

  13. Tamar says:

    throwing up goes for me too – talk about a warm dish of animal cruelty..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Very cold, extremely contrived – beyond pretentious. I can’t believe these people conceive of (and reside in) that place as a “home”. But then again, perhaps it is design (not merely publication) that is the auction of the mind.

  15. uppergeorgetowner says:

    I wonder if Michelle Lamy is still designing? In the 80’s I was a buyer for a junior chain and used to love traveling to LA so I could go to the factory store and buy her great stretchy knit dresses and skirts at sample sale prices. I wish I still had those!!

  16. lulu says:

    its so barren and unwelcoming…..not reallly into it…

  17. Poppy says:

    This pretentious use of dead animals for decoration is making me re-think all I ever liked about Rick Owen designs.

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