Shopping mission-

These outfits got me thinking that a slinky silk robe in some sort of tiled glamourous print is just what I needed…I love the way Vivienne stuck her pins all over hers! Vintage costume brooches are the perfect thing to dress up a robe..I have one of a spaniel completely covered in rhinestones! Maybe I could even score Anthropologie for their pajama sets-there is also a Goodwill in Euless that always has satin Chinese robes! Carrie’s opera coat is so fabulous, I wish I could find something like it. 

Sort of 40’s glamour queen/today’s drag queen/poor little rich girl/eccentric recluse allure…. 

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  1. I also love the print on Vivienne’s… navy blue and coral geometric, yes!

  2. punky says:

    I have one thats going in the etsy store soon, But it feels more like a jacket, Ill have to send you a picture.

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