So it’s back to Texas on Thursday

I get home on Thursday and I'm really excited-I miss my clothes, my mom, my sister, my dogs, my shoes….not in that order, but you know…until then I don't think I'll be posting much, it is unbelievably depressing to hunch over a computer in my dark little house when theres so much else to do out in the sun. Till then, here's my recent WAYWT's….geez, I look so grumpy in both of these pictures. Um, nice lighting difference too. Whatever!

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  1. Marcus says:

    You are ridiculous and I love it.

  2. alex says:

    i’m liking the sequins =]

  3. alex says:

    i’m liking the sequins =]

  4. punky says:

    you look so pretty!

  5. Kayla says:

    great outfits!

  6. jo says:

    i never knew sequins and an adidas sweater could work!

  7. Amy Williams says:

    That second outfit just works so well, love the mix of light colours, with the dark shoes.

  8. Sarah says:

    i love both outfits

  9. belle says:

    you’re beautiful! the outfits are wonderful, natch. if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your beauty regime if you have one?

  10. Ashley says:

    Oh My Glamourous! I love your blog. You are such a gorgeous fashionista. I love your natural look, gahh you should be a model. I love fashion (although I am on a cheaper budget) and your site is fantastic, I am adding a link to it on my blog. I would love to know if you plan a career in fashion. It seems like your life is so glamorous! I will totally be back to read and comment! Your an inspration :)

  11. Stephie says:

    LOVE the great mix on both outfits!

  12. Danny Daily says:

    You’re right, a change of lighting makes all the difference. I dig the sequins :-) BUT get outside and enjoy the sun. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been posting from a little cafe because I sit inside, all dark and bleak, while it’s sunny outside…and I end up buying things that I should not buy, like Martin Margiela shoes…again. Egad!
    Who made the sequin skirt?

  13. Jenny says:

    Love the second outfit, so chic!

  14. Maddison says:

    LOVE the second outfit!
    insanely beautiful

  15. autrichienne says:

    How do you do your hair?? It looks so good!!

  16. bigna says:

    you have just a great style. I wish I had your shoes

  17. Chictopian says:

    I love your style,authentic!
    I’d just wanna tell you,better said,beg you
    please come into
    This way you can show your style and
    be an inspiration for the rest of chictopians
    It will be funny and we need people who
    knows what are they doing,like you.
    See you there dear =)
    PD: sorry about my lenguage expression,i don’t speak
    english very well :$

  18. Baraginie says:

    Oh dear. I wish I had been as stylish when I was your age!! and also kinda wish I had yours and your mum’s shoe colelctions so I could make them star in one of my crazy blog adventures. I am going to sulk now *I am 28, How grown-up of me!!*

  19. Grace says:

    You’re very nice, I just discover your pretty blog and I love so much !^^ Can I link you?

  20. iam looking at your blog such a long time , so now i comment it :-)
    only one word came into my mind : LOVE, love your style, love your shoes !
    You r so lucky !! especially for the shoooooes ! my only very gorgeous is the really good copy of the dior gladiator… :-) !

  21. M says:

    you should’ve worn white shoes in the last pic. :)

  22. TP says:

    love your clothes.

  23. Gina says:

    I have those shoes! I have worn the heck out of them. Last year’s dries shoe collection were to die for. I bought four pair, including the boots.

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