some new arrivals

Right before my departure, my mom and I went pre-sale shopping and managed to find some great pieces.

The navy skirt is Comme des Garcons-it's actually got leg holes like shorts but it looks much more like a skirt, doesn't it? It's got a few sheer (and sort of sheeny!) panels on it so I have to wear some airy shorts underneith. Mom and I are going to share this piece…its very voluminous and light, and I like that look for summer a lot!
The new Dries sandals go so well with it too…I had been dying for these shoes, they look so fresh right now! The beading is gorgeous, these pictures don't do them justice-they are jaw dropping in person. My mom got another pair too-with different colored beading in a lighter color. They are just are beautiful. I plan to wear these a LOT-the second I laid eyes on them I had this idea to wear them with Adida track pants-so I got a pair. My first pair of track pants, I was kind of excited! Well, more on that outfit later-I liked wearing these pieces together today.

Comme Des Garcons skirt, Dries Van Noten sandals, American Eagle tube top, silver cuff, silver link bracelet, lucite bangle
(also; R.I.P Yves Saint Laurent)


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  1. cindy wrote:

    love the cdg skirt!
    it’s wonderful to have you back, haha <3

    6.1.08 · Reply
  2. Pamcasso wrote:

    Oh I’d love to have those shoes! so great! glad you’re back!

    6.1.08 · Reply
  3. Beanie wrote:

    Those shoes are amazing!

    6.1.08 · Reply
  4. william wrote:

    You’re back!!! I love the shoes; I had seen the pump version a thousand times but never the sandal. And that skirt is a fantastic, versatile piece and could totally work as a dress, assuming it would fit tightly around your chest, as well.

    6.1.08 · Reply
  5. anna wrote:

    those shoes are to die for! and the skirt is amazing, too.

    6.1.08 · Reply
  6. Vix wrote:

    The beading is exquisite! I would’ve never guessed Dries though.

    6.1.08 · Reply
  7. karen wrote:

    Jane i always look forward to your great outfits glad your back :)

    6.1.08 · Reply
  8. tindi-rindi wrote:

    love love LOVE beaded things, and shoes are just a-ma-zing. I just got my first pair of black leather with sorta canvas ties anround ankle heels by Dries, and I am already in love with his quality and design. Congratz on such a exquisite work of art ;)

    6.2.08 · Reply
  9. CC wrote:

    Amazing buys and outfit, the CDG pants and Dries Van Noten (one of my fave designers) sandals are just GORGEOUS!

    6.2.08 · Reply
  10. Jillian wrote:

    The shoes are amazingly beautiful and the skirt looks fabulous on you! I love the entire look you’ll arrive in style for sure!
    How sad is that news about yves saint laurent :( what a tragic way to start off the month of June.

    6.2.08 · Reply
  11. Amy Williams wrote:

    LOVE those sandals!! The beading is amazing, and they look so good on!

    6.2.08 · Reply
  12. camille wrote:

    both pieces are gorgeous! i saw those dries on sale at my nordstroms but passed them up because i didn’t think i would wear them enough. however this post is making me regret that decision… oh well. :)

    6.2.08 · Reply
  13. rachael wrote:

    ughh our stores would never carry those dries; it’s such a shame :(. they’re an incredible shoe!

    6.2.08 · Reply
  14. chances wrote:

    The skirt is amazing and the shoes are TDF! Wonderful purchases and they look fantastic together! Welcome back.

    6.2.08 · Reply
  15. Saree Elias wrote:

    Janeeee yeey you’re back finaly! i was missing you.. hehe
    lovee, Saree

    6.2.08 · Reply
  16. Val wrote:

    Those sandals are AMAZING

    6.2.08 · Reply
  17. Love this outfit, and the shoes are gorgeous!

    6.2.08 · Reply
  18. Jenny wrote:

    Wow those Dries shoes look amazing on you. And that is a very pretty skirt that not many could pull off but you do it perfectly!

    6.2.08 · Reply
  19. Alex wrote:

    AHHH! that skirt by CDG is absolutely mind blowing. The asymmetrical-ness of it is genius! i love love love it! and your shoes are amazing too!

    6.2.08 · Reply
  20. catherine wrote:

    those sandals are pretty f*ing fantastic, you’re a lucky gal!

    6.3.08 · Reply
  21. sara wrote:

    love the dries! where did you buy them?

    6.6.08 · Reply
  22. erika wrote:

    oh yes and I have added you onto my daily reads blog roll :)

    6.8.08 · Reply
  23. Rae wrote:

    Those shoes are fabulous. I initially didn’t like them, but after seeing you wear them, I want a pair!

    6.12.08 · Reply
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