Vintage Levi’s and SS06 Pradas DAY TWO

You may have noticed my fanatic obsession for worn in denim (it’s always peeking out of the corners of my inspiration boards)….it’s so difficult to find vintage Levi’s for women in tiny sizes but I managed to snag this pair on eBay in my size for $20 while I was in Mexico…they’re so beautiful! They arrived in the mail today.

^(don’t mind the awful picture quality…) today I’m repeating yesterday’s ensemble a bit with a simple shirt (cotton button down from J Crew), Pradas (which thanks to some helpful readers I found are from SS06), and a See by Chloe puffer vest.

If you like these jeans you will freak out over these two looks from a spread in Doingbird magazine (issue number 13?) these pictures were scanned by Alien Sex Fiend at TFS…thanks!

Yikes, I’ve embarked on a closet cleaning project as of today…what a pain, but a necessary pain.
Flared flannel orange plaid high waisted pants….whuuuutt
where do I find these things….

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  1. Richel wrote:

    Those are some sassy pants. They look really good on you! I can’t believe you found them on Ebay. There’s usually such a vast collection in a myriad of sizes that I never ever find a good pair for myself. Lucky you! THOSE SHOES ARE SO SO HOT.

    6.30.08 · Reply
  2. julia:] wrote:

    i really like the jeans

    6.30.08 · Reply
  3. bowied wrote:

    If you decide to sell anything…PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

    6.30.08 · Reply
  4. WJ wrote:

    Gosh, those shoes! Who would’ve thought they were from SS06. You lucky girl!

    6.30.08 · Reply
  5. Sabrina wrote:

    Flared flannel orange plaid high waisted pants? It took a while to wrap my head around that. But you could make it work. You should make a post playing around with those for fun :)

    6.30.08 · Reply
  6. Katie wrote:

    Wow, I’ve never seen someone make a puffer vest look so chic. Look really are quite beautiful <3

    7.1.08 · Reply
  7. you manage to mix these shoes with amazing outfits!

    7.1.08 · Reply
  8. How about a photo shoot in your give-aways just for fun?

    7.1.08 · Reply
  9. miumew wrote:

    Hey I live in the Dallas Area too and I was wondering if you could do a post for us Dallas people as to where you find the coolest deals/best treasures etc.

    7.1.08 · Reply
  10. such a great ensemble u’ve put together. i really like the 2nd picture too.

    7.1.08 · Reply
  11. han wrote:

    what size are you in normal pants and what size are you in levi’s? if you don’t mind me asking.

    7.1.08 · Reply
  12. Label Ho wrote:

    Very chic!

    7.1.08 · Reply
  13. Catherine wrote:

    Love the Prada shoes – and you are the QUEEN of kitschy denim. :)

    7.1.08 · Reply
  14. Wow! Those pants are a-mazing, especially with the boots. Love!

    7.1.08 · Reply
  15. william wrote:

    “If you decide to sell anything…PLEASE LET ME KNOW!”
    Ditto, if you’re selling any of your fabulous shoes contact me at purple.kicks@gmail.com

    7.1.08 · Reply
  16. Miss K wrote:

    I love your style!!! wonderfull shoes like always! it’s an everyday pleasure to see your blog

    7.2.08 · Reply
  17. Rae wrote:

    Love the jeans.

    7.4.08 · Reply
  18. rachael wrote:

    looove the outfit and you should post what you’re getting rid of !

    7.6.08 · Reply
  19. well, worn in denim has so much attitude!

    7.21.08 · Reply
  20. I love the pants and i like the outfit of the first image. thanks for sharing this.

    9.6.09 · Reply
  21. such a great ensemble u’ve put together. i really like the 2nd picture too.good sharing ,pretty

    4.14.12 · Reply
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    4.16.12 · Reply
  23. Me encanta tu estilo!

    4.16.12 · Reply
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    4.26.12 · Reply
  25. O que você disse fez muito sentido. Mas, pense nisso, e se você adicionou um pouco conteúdo? Quer dizer, eu não quero dizer-lhe como executar o seu blog, mas o que se tiver adicionado

    7.12.12 · Reply