Dressing up on Wednesday Night (image heavy!)

Here are the pictures I took of me and my mom and my sister after our shopping trip on Wednesday…sorry for the delay, a summer cold is slowing me down.

This is my sister’s new Marc by Marc Jacobs dress-it suits her style perfectly (she calls it ‘preppy with a twist’) and looks fabulous with her peeptoe lace up Dolce and Gabbana heels.

Mom styled this outfit around her new Miu Miu snakeskin slides-a surprising find at a sale that I have to do another post on entirely. This shoe isn’t typically her style but I think it’s awesome none the less. When we were shopping she saw this top at Free People and bought it to go with these shoes-because they look like they were made for each other, don’t they? Worn with Levi’s skinnies (I have the same pair-an amazing score at our Levi’s outlet-$9.99 and they are the perfect length to show off your shoes!)

I got this sheer floral blouse from Mango-kinda sleazy and kinda cheesy, but in the best way possible. Worn with my boob tube, also from Mango, and vintage Levi’s and lace up ankle strap Givenchy’s.

Carol got this dress at Free People-here she is pairing it with my old pair of silver Marc Jacobs boots, which look awfully cute on her!

Vintage Kansai Yamamoto jacket, my new gold tube top, Elizabeth and James dress, and lace up Prada peeptoe boots.  I’m wearing this dress backwards to show off my gold sequin tube top.
*DISCLAIMER-I don’t have any idea where this outfit would be appropriate to wear. Maybe a concert…is Prince touring soon?

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  1. cordelia says:

    All the outfits are just fabulous. Your mum has got such amazing classic style (think Instyle magazine) and you’ve got a really cool edgy style and your sister is so teen vogue material. I think its so great that you and your sister & mother spend time shopping like that together. Your mother and you have some serious good taste. This is currently my favourite blog. Keep those mother & daughter posts coming!! :-)

  2. Lydia says:

    awww, i love you and your little sister <3

  3. I love your sister’s Free People outfit the best. The dress is so cute and the boots go perfectly. Your floral blouse is def cheesy in the best possible way–it’s very pretty and feminine with a tongue-in-cheek. Those Levi’s skinnies are very flattering! Really, you are all just so beautiful–you could wear anything.

  4. Your sister looks just like you! It’s adorable. And I love how well dressed everyone is.

  5. Your sister looks just like you! It’s adorable. And I love how well dressed everyone is.

  6. Saree Elias says:

    kisses Saree

  7. Dana says:

    Your family is adorable.
    Funny – I totally thought prince when I saw the gold sequins and the jacket…Here’s hopin’ he rolls into town

  8. WendyB says:

    I have your sister’s shoes in beige!

  9. Stella says:

    Arrrgh, I totally wanted that Marc Jacobs dress…but now it’s a confirmed fact that it would be too short for me. :/ Great purchases!

  10. perfection at its best! love how you wore the givenchy booties, i just got mine from barneys and thank goodness i sized up coz they fit perfectly! your family is so cute!

  11. Alex says:

    Your sister’s outfits are sooo cute! And I love the outfit with the gold tube top ; it’s very edgy

  12. hmm says:

    NO NO NO NO NO to the last outfit! Love your sister’s hair color, beautiful…I find yours is too close to your skin color and totally washes you out. x

  13. your mom is awesomeness!!

  14. Caroline says:

    this is the best post you’ve done! its brilliant. your mum and sister are too cute. i love your sisters boots and free people dress combo. so good.

  15. Noisy says:

    I love all outfits…Especially your sister’s !
    Marc Jabobs and Free People dresses are wonderfull really !

  16. Vega says:

    That first dress was just gorgeous! I really like alot of the marc by marc jacobs clothes.

  17. Vega says:

    Btw, you mom is beautiful.

  18. Kayla says:

    I say you wear that last outfit to the drugstore to buy a really expensive water and just let everyone else wonder where you might be headed afterwards. All of those outfits are great, and make me wish I had a boob tube.

  19. punky says:

    all outfits are beautiful, I wish my family shared my love for clothes.

  20. Lauren says:

    I love the last outfit the most! That jacket is amazing. :)

  21. sara says:

    your sis looks a little like leighton meester! that mbymj dress is gorgeous. and your givenchys are wonderful. i adore your wardrobe :)

  22. Joy says:

    Your family is adorable!!!

  23. Frances says:

    Ohhhh, the three of you are so gorgeous and stylish! I am now a fan. I’ll blog about you soonest and I hope you don’t mind if I link your blog to mine! I think Filipinas (who are also getting more and more fashionable) will be inspired by the three of you =D

  24. melly says:

    I’ve never seen that marc jacobs dress, it’s so lovely, and it looks so so good on your sister :]

  25. Victoria says:

    Your Sister Is Adorable!!! Looks Just Like You

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  27. Hazel says:

    Aww all you three are adorable!! Your sister looks a bit like Leighton Meester :)

  28. Isabela says:

    Voce fica mais bonita loira e quando está menos magra. Sem comparaçao!
    Essa mania de magreza consome a beleza e bom senso das pessoas.