quick outfit post!

So I don’t have much time to post right at this moment, I’m about to go to Northpark with my mom and my sister and my little cousin-I have a lot of family in town right now. But I was just going to post this quick outfit before I head off-will update later tonight! :)
In this picture I wear: a vintage crinoline from Pandemonium vintage store in Dallas, Adidas cardigan, some Fendi pointy toed flats circa 199

Here’s a picture of the shoes, they are really cute….just SUPER hard to walk in!

Yeah, ironic how I don’t have a problem walking in six inch platforms (do you know that is how tall my Marni criss cross platforms with the lucite in the sole are?? six and a half actually) but I’m hobbling around in my mom’s 3/4 inch tall slides.

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  1. Johanne wrote:

    Hello pretty.Woah, I love the Adidas Cardigan. Where did you get it? It looks very vintage…<3

    7.2.08 · Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    you’ve got nerve girl. i could never pull that off

    7.2.08 · Reply
  3. Lila wrote:

    I can never walk in slides but I absolutely love this outfit!

    7.2.08 · Reply
  4. punky wrote:

    I had a tutu just like that…I sold it on ebay a months back.

    7.2.08 · Reply
  5. sarah frost wrote:

    I’m a little in love with that Adidas cardigan? Where did you find it?
    I love this outfit as a whole, too. It looks great on you!

    7.2.08 · Reply
  6. Pamcasso wrote:

    cute outfit! those shoes look incredibly challenging, I’ve never been able to wear pointy-toed ones.

    7.2.08 · Reply
  7. That’s because those are dainty dainty shoes. Platforms are stable, no matter how high they are.
    I much prefer platforms any day of the week.
    I like your style.

    7.2.08 · Reply
  8. I agree with Johanne–the cardigan looks vintage too, is it not?
    It’s very cute…

    7.2.08 · Reply
  9. Label Ho wrote:


    7.2.08 · Reply
  10. u make what would otherwise be an unusual combination work. a very carrie bradshaw trait.

    7.2.08 · Reply
  11. cox wrote:

    Beautiful !!

    7.2.08 · Reply
  12. Emily wrote:

    I am the same way with shoes! Also, I love the skirt, I really just want to go dancing in it!(not that I can dance, haha)

    7.2.08 · Reply
  13. julia:] wrote:

    omg i really love that cardigan, where did you get itt?

    7.2.08 · Reply
  14. kara wrote:

    wow what a neat looking outfit. i love the odd combination! that sweater is totally adorable and the skirt is crazy! i have the same problem with shoes, if they don’t have a back i can’t walk in them, no matter how high (or low) they are. they look cute though! i love looking at your outfits and your boards – super inspirational!

    7.2.08 · Reply
  15. gloria wrote:

    soy de mexico y me encanta tu estilo, el tutu se ve muy fresco con el cardigan.. yo tengo uno en verde pero voy a copiar tu combinacion…si quieres puedes checar mi blog
    i`m from mexico and i love you style specially the tutu outfit look so fresh with the cardigan….i have a green one and i`ll copy you look. you can check out my blog if you want to…

    7.2.08 · Reply
  16. william wrote:

    The person who implied six inch platform heels are always more stable than a 3/4 inch heeled shoe with no platform is absolutely crazy. Lower heels are always more stable; high platforms will never be more stable than a low heel. Now, I can imagine if the slides didn’t fit perfectly they would slip off your feet and make it difficult to walk.. but simply lacking a platform would not make such a low heel unstable (so really, what is this “Arline Jernigana” smoking??).

    7.2.08 · Reply
  17. amazing. you are a beauty!

    7.2.08 · Reply
  18. Jill wrote:

    I have always had issues walking in any sort of mule/slide type shoe. I need some kind of heel strap or something to stop my foot from completely slipping out. That crinoline is out of this world amazing!

    7.3.08 · Reply
  19. whoa. so cool. i have an adidas track jacket that i’ve worn with dresses before. but this is wayyyyy better. that cardigan and crinoline is amazing.

    7.3.08 · Reply
  20. Katie wrote:

    This outfit is wonderful! I’m in love with that jacket paired with that skirt!

    7.3.08 · Reply
  21. Josiee wrote:


    7.3.08 · Reply
  22. Rae wrote:

    Very cute outfit! I never would have thought to pair that jacket with the skirt, but it works. I think mules are just difficult to walk in.

    7.4.08 · Reply
  23. william wrote:

    You inspired me to manage my summer boredom with a blog: http://avantgardemeetsanarchy.blogspot.com/

    7.4.08 · Reply
  24. icon wrote:

    i LOVE this outfit. the jacket, the shirt, the shoes… all so perfect! im practically in love with all your outfits, kudos. mind if i link you from my blog? ( which would be http://laaicon.blogspot.com/ )

    7.5.08 · Reply
  25. Susan wrote:

    That tutu is amazing! and you wear it so well.

    7.7.08 · Reply
  26. Exception wrote:

    I love the outfit! I love the whole blog actually.
    Will most definitely be adding you to my must reads.

    7.14.08 · Reply
  27. It’s elegant yet it’s casual at the same time. I like that mix

    7.21.08 · Reply
  28. As for the shoes, we all have to take a few compromises in order to look beautiful, non?

    7.21.08 · Reply
  29. melly wrote:

    how cute are you in this?

    9.4.08 · Reply
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