The Three Day Shoe Challenge*

The other day my mom and I were talking about how sometimes, you don’t get the value of your shoes simply because you don’t wear them enough. So my mom came up with a challenge: we each go into eachothers shoe closets, pick two pairs we haven’t been getting enough wear out of-and we can only wear those shoes for three days.

*I’m using ‘challenge’ lightly here because wearing two pairs of shoes over the course of three days is not much of a challenge at all…it’s more wearing shoes that we normally find difficult to wear!

Here are the shoes we chose for each other:

From left to right: My challenge shoes: the flowered Biba sandals, and chunky peeptoe Marigelas.
My moms challenge shoes: the patent grey Chloe sandal boots, and the lucite heel t-bar Margielas.

We are only two days into our challenge, but we’re already coming up with some exciting ways to wear our ‘challenge’ shoes. I’ve been wearing the Bibas for two days, I’m very excited about them right now too! They’re such a summer shoe-mom and I actuall have a couple of pairs of shoes back from when Bella Freud was designing for Biba. Some excellent shoes were happening during her time at Biba and we’re really happy to have some. I’ve yet to wear my Margiela shoes though!

My mom says she loves her Chloes even though she hasn’t gotten much wear out them: they are much harder to work with than she anticipated. She was happy with my decision for her lucite Margielas, “they are lovely but I always pass them by. Having to wear them has made me realize how special and timeless they are.”

Day 1; me:

For my first outfit I wore my Bibas, but I got out of my shoe comfort zone with a little foot bling-I thought it was fun with the floral designs of this shoe. I wear it with a rayon Dries van Noten cardigan, an Anthropologie slip dress, and a scarf I got at a thrift store.

Day 2; me:

I got this butterfly dress from eBay last year and I never wore it (why?!!) but it’s so beautiful and I feel so girly in it! The light shoes with the black dress seemed cool to me and kept this dress from being too Morticia Adams meets Madame Butterfly.

Day 1; mom:


Yesterday mom wore her lucite Margielas with Hysteric Glamour jeans, a Banana Republic belt, and a crinkled silk shirt purchased at Boulevards boutique in Tulsa, OK.

Day 2; mom:

Mom wears her Chloe boots with a tie-dyed slip dress (Urban Outfitters) and cotton sweatshirt (J. Crew). She later reflected that she thought this outfit would be more age appropriate for me! I have to disagree, I think she looks great. Our dog Sash makes a guest appearance in this picture too-she’s camera shy though!

We’ll keep you updated on how the challenge goes and plan to do more in the future-now I’ve gotta run and meet my best friend for mexican food!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I love all of the looks! What a great idea for the shoes. I never wear certain shoes and clothes of mine so I might give the challenge a try. I especially like your butterfly dress (It reminds me of something Joss Stone would wear). Your mom has really passed down great style to you. Love it :)

  2. Leonie says:

    haha that’s a funny challenge :)
    But if I owned the Chloe boots I would wear them over and over!

  3. ohladye says:

    Eeek those Chloe shoes are on my “must-buy” list as of right now. I already have two pairs from the Spring/Summer
    08 collection, and I’m crazy about those, too.

  4. Suzane says:

    Love all the shoes!!
    Ps: I’m just curious…how many pairs of shoes do you have?? and your mom??
    ps2: your mother is beautiful!!!

  5. Saree Elias says:


  6. knight cat says:

    ohh i love your blog but usuallly never comment, but i will say what i have wanted to say but have been too lazy to type out, i know quite sad!
    you and your mom are so lovely! your mom is so pretty, and so hip, its amazing, and your shoes are awesome :)

  7. knight cat says:

    ohh i love your blog but usuallly never comment, but i will say what i have wanted to say but have been too lazy to type out, i know quite sad!
    you and your mom are so lovely! your mom is so pretty, and so hip, its amazing, and your shoes are awesome :)

  8. autumn says:

    I’ve always been hesitant to buy floral shoes since they are harder to match things with, but after seeing you wear your bibas i might have to grab myself a pair! also, that butterfly dress is breathtaking! how do you find things like that on ebay?@!?!?! YOU HAVE TO TELL US!!! hahaha

  9. Mrs. C says:

    i love this challenge! maybe i should do this too. i just blogged about having a shopping ban and having to reinvent the clothes, accessories, and shoes in my closet, this’ll be perfect!
    ps. love your shoes, and mommy is a hottie! haha =P

  10. Those Bibas really benefited from the anklets you added. And that butterfly dress is so Stevie Nicks!

  11. chauss says:

    how fun is this? i have a pair of biba platforms, recent remakes of 70s, d. calls them the airplane shoes bc they are suede stripes in the colors of braniff airlines.

  12. Lady Smaggle says:

    I love the ankle bling in the first shot. And that dress is stunning. I also love how your picked up the coral of the boots in her outfit. I think Bibas should get more outtings!

  13. oklokok says:

    the chloes would look better with your mom’s first outfit

  14. nenuca says:

    I absolutely love those chloe’s, I wish I could afford all the shoes you can! Haha

  15. Dana says:

    your mom’s Chloe’s are my dream shoe.
    if she doesn’t want them I’ll take them!

  16. Exception says:

    ohmy…I love those Marigelas….where do I get me some? I love your challenge, I think I might set myself one, but with clothes….hmmm..
    Good thinkin 99 x

  17. Mavenda says:

    This was the post that moved me to finally comment — I think the the shoe challenge is a great idea, and I think it’s lovely that you and your mother share so much fun with fashion!
    I particularly like the jewelry you both accessorized with; the anklets balance well with the floral pattern of your Biba shoes. But my absolute favorite (and reason for posting) was the way your Mum layered the silver bracelets and watch to wear with the Marigela shoes. The look is perfect — seemingly spur of the moment but so glamorous with the ripped jeans. So chic!

  18. Elle says:

    wow you are both so fashionable haha. I love how you’ve both worn each others shoes, if only me and my mum’s tastes were the same! I Love the Chloe boot!

  19. Caroline says:

    For a 16 year old girl, you’re SO goddamn cool! Those shoes you wear, is the shoes I dream about. I only have like a minimum of the shoes you have, and .. I don’t ever wear healed shoes on a daily basis.
    You’re kind of becoming an idol to me! :D And your mom is so cool too. Those Chloé shoes is fab! I’ve a pair of sandals from the same collection. Fab, fab, fab!

  20. Me says:

    I love your mum’s look on Day 1 and in Day 2, her pose is so reminiscent of you! Well, makes sense since you are mother and daughter.
    By the way your Anthropologie slip dress is so incredibly beautiful. It looks like it would be a dream to wear – perfect fabric, pattern and colour!

  21. Hannah says:

    those bibas are absolutely gorgeous especially with the black dress! how do you find such wonderful things on ebay?!

  22. Ammu says:

    That butterfly dress is gorgeous! You look so pretty!
    And your mom looks awesome in the shirt, jeans and Margiela outfit – so fab. Just perfect really.

  23. July says:

    I’m incredibly impressed by your mum, I love the way she rocks those jeans, belt and shirt. She makes it look so chic despite the fact that this style would probably look very casual on anyone else. And the Chloe boots are rad: gorgeous colours and so futuristic/robot!

  24. All these outfits look great!! I really love that butterfly dress, and while I mainly find butterflying print to be on the cheesy side, this dress is not and I think really goes perfectly with the heels. And I love that your mom can pull off my favorite Spring sandal/boots.

  25. b says:

    Those hysteric glamour jeans looked stunning on your mum – they just seem like the perfect wash, i have to track me some down which might prove difficult on my side of the hemisphere. Also your biba shoes are the ultimate floral shoes!! soo kitsch!

  26. Sojie says:

    Wonderful challenge! I’ve been doing a similar thing with my clothes since earlier this year — it makes me feel like I did when I was little and felt bad when some of my stuffed animals got played with more than others…I didn’t want them to be lonely!

  27. B says:

    I am really impressed by your mature and interesting approach to fashion. I had none of your reflection skills when I was 16. It really shows that being brought up in an environment surrounded by fashion gives you that extra feeling for the issue.
    But I must add that overthinking fashion sometimes take the fun out of it. I am a bit ashamed for some of my outfits when I was 16, but I sure have a lot of fun thinking about the crazyness I wore…

  28. william says:

    I cringed a little, hearing you need to be challenged to wear these beauties. Regardless, the results are fantastic!

  29. Noisy says:

    I love the Bibas shoes ! They look a little vintage, which is great !
    And your mom outfits are gorgeous !

  30. I love this! You should take pictures of your shoe collection one day :D

  31. zori says:

    I am in love with the butterfly dress and the shoes from the last picture

  32. Imelda Matt says:

    Both you and your mum have such divine taste in shoes. I stumbled across your blog and thought the despotic Queen of Shoes must check out the surf…I’m glad I did…I’ll be back.

  33. You both are incredibly stylish

  34. Alessia says:

    where did you wear that butterfly dress?

  35. kajsa says:

    Those Bibasandals i once drew in an illustration I made like.. two years ago?!
    Saw them in swedish ELLE and fell in love with the cute pattern and colours. Just amazing to now see them on a person like “today”. Cause that shoe isnt new huh?
    You are like the biggest inspiration in clothing i´ve ever seen. And I never get inspired by a person like this. Acually its the first time ever I felt that a normal person, not one taken from the catwalk, inspires me! Lovely.

  36. djinda says:

    Studded Burberry platforms are just beautiful!!
    I’m sorry for my english because i’m french

  37. Djinda says:

    Studded Burberry platforms are just incredible.Sorry for my english, i’m French!!
    I love your website

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