Today’s outfit

Comme des Garcons glove shirt, a belt from my mother’s old boutique, the Russian Wedding skirt from her old line Atlantis Underground, Marni criss cross lucite heels, Y-3 feather bag

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  1. that skirt is amazing!
    i also like the unusual/surreal element of the hand that looks like its reaching across u.

  2. fantastic ensemble. i LOVe that you’re so unique and dress so well for your age. so glad not to see hollister/a&f pieces! (if you can call them that…) you’re officially my fav blogger. TFSers sock <3

  3. Alex says:

    I absolutely the russian wedding skirt. I would love it if you show more pieces from your mom’s old line!

  4. Mina says:

    love your cabinet :)

  5. belle says:

    just HOW do you do it? HOW? it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Ashley says:

    Oh how I love this outfit! So glam chique fabulous! I love that cabinet also. Your pictures normally have some shots of your house in it and I love the design of it. Especially your desk. Love it :)

  7. lauren says:

    May I ask what lipstick you are wearing in these photos? I love it!

  8. brenna says:

    ahhhhh that shirt
    it’s brilliant

  9. That skirt almost looks like bloomers! :) …Gorgeous as ever, and I /love/ the bag.

  10. What did your mom do with her boutique? Does she sell things on ebay? You both have great stuff, and from what I see in your style, you mix so well.
    That is a fun dresser. I guess you are going to have to take some photos of your house, because everyone is asking. :)

  11. Rose says:

    you look great.

  12. hidzume says:

    Omg, I am in love with your blog!
    Nice things <3

  13. Saree Elias says:

    jane, once again. amazing ;)

  14. Marina says:

    Genius style!Skirt and bag are so lovely!I love eclectic, you can’t do anything wrong.

  15. Noisy says:

    I really love your outfit, for a 16-years-old girl, you have an amazing look !
    I wish I could have such a great style like you do but I can’t even find some beautiful pieces ! So it’s all in my mind, I guess…
    Anyway, I like your skirt A LOT !

  16. Noisy says:

    Oh and I’m french, so if anything seems weird when I say it, well..Guess it’s normal !

  17. B says:

    Jane, does your mum still sell her line, does she make clothes for you if you want something designed? Would you ever consider working with her collaborating on a line? That skirt is gorgeous reminds me of a few things i want this season from a designer in my hometown gail sorronda.

  18. esther says:

    I love that skirt, I wish my mother had a line! Hee.

  19. Emma says:

    I know everyone’s said this already, but amazing look!

  20. Hannah says:

    Hi, I really do not mean to be rude but I just discovered ur fabulous website and noticed ur wide range of amazingly beautiful and very branded shoes (which i envy so much to the core of this earth!) I just wondered how can you affor them?!
    You have probably been asked this numerous times but please answer this once more :D

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