What I’m wearing today

Tonight I went to go see the new Batman movie-I’m wearing a vintage Adolfo wool cardigan that is part of a skirt suit, a black tube top, Miu Miu skirt, and my trusty Dries van noten buckle slingbacks. The feather clutch is a crappy purse I got at the thrift store last week-I just snipped the straps off of it.

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  1. cordelia says:

    U look so pretty and that lil flesh on show is so tastefully done. :-)

  2. Catherine says:

    I love your Miu Miu skirt – easily one of my favorites from that collection.
    Lovely as always, miss!

  3. You look gorgeous :) I hope you had fun!

  4. olivia says:

    you are a natural beauty! i adore the tube top/skirt combination; you look fabulous!

  5. Dana says:

    excellent purse, actually. I just bought a similar pair of shoes with one extra strap though…
    Somewhat dressy for the movies, no?

  6. quijano says:

    you look so chic! love the skirt and the slingbacks!

  7. sarah says:

    you look perfect! i envy your style so much. you always make the best choices.

  8. Ammu says:

    You are so pretty! Great shoes!

  9. Pamcasso says:

    you totally pull it off. I’ve wanted to do a look like that since Carrie was doing them (oh, like eight years ago!)

  10. hmm says:

    You are not really pulling off showing the upper stomach. The outfit is great but that part is kind of disturbing – I can’t put my finger on why…maybe if you had dark hair or wore a great little red clutch instead, to contrast all this black/ hair/skin/skirt which are all really close in color…you seem too matchy matchy. x

  11. that bag looks amazing

  12. Lea says:

    reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw in an episode a just saw. Love it.

  13. Dana says:

    I doubt you’ve ever been to my blog, but I sure love yours and read it regularly. I gave you an award!

  14. Cute outfit. Love the skirt.

  15. Noisy says:

    You look really cute ! I love the Miu Miu skirt…

  16. anom says:

    your style resembles something that carrie bradshaw would wear.. i love it!
    your shoe collection is exquisite!

  17. jane! you must have been the best dressed at the theater babe! i hope we can trade links ;)

  18. those buckle slingbacks are great!

  19. meg says:

    just interested in what your thoughts are on hair accessories; hats, bands, etc. even a hair up-do? i don’t know much lines for hair accessories. though i feel it is necessary to do it with some outfits:it’s the cherry on top (literally)
    oh! and how do you feel about hiding insecurities?
    i feel uncomfortable wearing tank tops. when spring/summer comes along i still tend to wear sweaters/cardigans. what are your not-yet-read-for-summer-body solutions?

  20. Label Ho says:

    So cute! Very Carrie Bradshaw-esque!

  21. martha says:

    u look like your going to a premier, babe, i love the way you paired a pleated skirt with a tube top. i don’t think i would have thought of it.
    super look

  22. Remy says:

    wow, you really saw the dark knight in that? talk about overdressed.

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