It's been raining here in Texas-I can hardly believe it. I took this picture today of the sky-

This made it the perfect day to wear my new hat-its a rabbit fur felt and floppy and pinky-beige.  I stupidly left it in my friends car yesterday so no close up pictures today…but I'll remember to take some when I get it back.


I wore a Miu Miu skirt, random tshirt, I think the label of the cardigan is Genevieve (got it at Anthropologie), and Chloe boots.

Today I went with my mom to her antique dealer Jan's (of Hot Tamale Antiques) cabin in Aledo. It's always really inspiring to go there; you can see why from looking at some of these pictures I took there!

and a very lazy outfit today-I thought it was kind of lame how I matched my tube top to my shoes but I honestly didn't mean to, it was the nearest tube top lying around ;P

Y-3 drop crotch sweatpants, slashed tank top, teal tube top and Marni elastic band-ed flats

Till next time, thanks for reading and thanks to the sweet people who always comment! :)

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  1. yulanda wrote:

    Love the last outfit and I like the matching :)

    8.19.08 · Reply
  2. sunni wrote:

    i do love the floppy hat outfit. it’s so put laid back yet put together so well.

    8.19.08 · Reply
  3. carlotta wrote:

    the floppy hat is so cute! it looks like just the hats we used to have to wear in primary school.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  4. I don’t think the blue and blue is too matchy-matchy. I like it!
    The thought that you put these outfits together by grabbing the closest things lying around is… impressive to say the least. <3

    8.20.08 · Reply
  5. Annah wrote:

    LOVE the blue outfit. The silhouette is great, it just looks so stylish.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  6. I’m tempted to try the drop crotch pants…but not tempted enough to buy some. Not sure if I can in Aus. You pull the look off so effortlessly :)

    8.20.08 · Reply
  7. Lisa wrote:

    inspiring is right… that shop is incredible…. if only. OH MY I would love to see picutures of the inside of your house. I LOVE interior decorating & with your moms INSANELY beautiful style… I would love to see her work inside the hosue.
    love those chloe boots. love love love.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  8. Kyeii wrote:

    Hey i’ve only got to know bout ur blog recently…Its no wonder u have great style.and ur buys and finds are absolutely fabulous.If only Malaysia have more varieties and inspiring ppl like u.Anyway i enjoy reading ur blog .Much support From Malaysia!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  9. anon wrote:

    u r so inspiring! n the cabin looks really charming…love e textures on the wall…greetings frm singapore!!!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  10. Caroline wrote:

    that last outfit is killleerr. i might just do a DIY of that shirt.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  11. Becca wrote:

    fabulous outfits and photos. And that cabin! Amazing!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  12. bluejay wrote:

    I adore the first outfit! The hat is perfect, it makes me nostalgic about Australia.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  13. Dollface wrote:

    Amazing cabin! And the outfits are great too. I like the boots in the first pic.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  14. The hat is delightful! You make such a cute cowgirl! :)

    8.20.08 · Reply
  15. deanna wrote:

    wow! The antique store looks like an amazing place…that shimmery drip lamp, love! Have an obsession with unique lighting. And I’m with you on the whole rain bit, Fay in Fl.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  16. Eli wrote:

    Now that the comme des garcons and h&m line are debuting drop crotch pants, maybe it will catch on more? Yours look fantastic on you.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  17. Marian wrote:

    love the cabin,how inspiring is it! cute blue shoes xx Marian

    8.20.08 · Reply
  18. rania wrote:

    i love the outfit and i think the tank is quite cute (:

    8.20.08 · Reply
  19. Mike wrote:

    love those marnis

    8.20.08 · Reply
  20. Michelle wrote:

    um wow. you are cool haha. i love your chloe boots!!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  21. Johanne wrote:

    lovely pics:) You have the most amazing wardrobe!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  22. richel wrote:

    Jane,lovely, you can do no wrong. Even in sweats you look better than most people.
    I went to wasteland the other day and bought a great vintage dress! I still need to hem it a little, but it sure is beautiful.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  23. Lissette wrote:

    Although I’ve only been visiting your blog for a short time, as soon as I discovered it I instantly fell in love and have read EVERY past post. I love shoes and I think your collection is phenomenal. You are my biggest inspiration at the moment!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  24. Catherine wrote:

    Ma petite soeur and I were discussing our crazy weather. Has it drifted over from the hurricane in the golf or…?
    While I love our generally bright skies, I’m not complaining much; overcast means cooler, and it’s also better photography weather!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  25. Shay wrote:

    love you in that hat! Magazine worthy.

    8.20.08 · Reply
  26. chauss wrote:

    j, i adore the chloe boots!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  27. Yi wrote:

    i like that you matched your tube top with your to-die-for marni shoes!!
    oh and i’m definitely getting some drop-crotch pants now.. niice!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  28. punky wrote:

    That shirt is B.A.
    I NEED IT!!

    8.20.08 · Reply
  29. mediababe wrote:

    Love the slouchy sweats. This outfit would be ideal for one of those 18-hour plane rides. Comfy enough to sleep in and yet arrive looking perfect.

    8.21.08 · Reply
  30. katya wrote:

    your outfit is beautiful here

    10.8.08 · Reply
  31. sunshine wrote:

    Did you get this slashed tank top at H&M?
    Because I have one in black which really look like this one=)
    I love your blog, all you outfits are like crazy!!

    6.2.09 · Reply
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