Shoe Challenge:Day 4-Grandma’s Birthday

Today marks the fourth day of the ‘shoe challenge’. Today was also the celebration of my grandma’s birthday-for the occaision I donned my marbled Dries van Noten slip dress with the Dries van Noten patent sneaker pumps-also, I’ve been meaning to do post a picture of this amazing belt I got on eBay

and here is a close up shot of the belt-you can’t tell in the picture but their eyes are rhinestones.

Mom decided to wear her Burberry for the get-together-knowing how much grandma likes them. She was busy today preparing a delicious feast. She also wears a Y-3 skirt and no-name shirt.

This is my mom’s special apron she’s had for over 25 years-it was a gift when she walked for the Atsuki Onishi show during fashion week in Tokyo. It was an Alice and Wonderland themed show-and she treasures it to this day.

I have to include a shot of the zipper detail on the back of these shoes-a cute tough detail.


Tomorrow is the last day! Will update tomorrow :)

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  1. chauss says:

    jane, amazing belt find.
    judy, i love those shoes. ;)

  2. raleene says:

    jane, i love your outfit! :) the print of your dress is just perfect!

  3. the dueling elephants is an excellent touch.
    also i love a fierce shoe with a zipper in the back.

  4. farren says:

    Happy Birthday to your grandma! The Dries dress is beautiful and the shoes weirdly matches them. =) The zipper detail is very cute on your mom’s shoes.

  5. waxy says:

    you are a goddess, jane! love those shoes! :D

  6. Frances says:

    Gosh, your mom is such a Stepford Wife here (and I mean that in the best possible way). Look at that: apron, cooking, then bam–the shoes are such a killer. I always loved studded shoes but somehow they just don’t fit my personality… Oh well! I blogged about your blog! =D

  7. Feather says:

    Fantastic as usual! — I also think that you must have the coolest Grandma in the world because she likes the Burberrys!!! I love it! Happy Birthday to her!

  8. Joie says:

    I really like your style (and your mom’s) and your jaw dropping shoes. :)

  9. Shauna says:

    Love everything about your outfit!

  10. carlotta says:

    arrggh you are great i just love everything wear and that belt is amazzinng … not to mention your mum has a pretty snazzy sense of style too!
    happy birthday to grandma

  11. Caitlin says:

    did u say ur mum walked in the Atsuki Onishi show?
    did she do any other work?

  12. Saree Elias says:

    i’ve loved you recent postss this one and the one before loveeeeeee the shoes and the outfits.. keep amazing forever.. :)

  13. Aurore says:

    Your mum’s shoes are amazing! I love them. And your outfit is, as usual, perfect!

  14. ema says:

    I love the dreis shoes but maybe it(s too conventionnal with this dress, the colors match too well, don’t they ?

  15. krista says:

    Love your outfits, very cute and simply perfect. :)

  16. judy is such a hottie! cooking with her burberry’s :]
    your belt was a great find indeed. you look beautiful!

  17. thatgirl! says:

    That belt is quite gorgeous!

  18. Hannah says:

    I had to laugh quite hard, when I saw your mom cooking in that outfit. hahaha.

  19. the dries dress is really really great (i’m trying to ween myself off of saying (cr)amazing) and i love that your mom cooks in studded heels.

  20. Mike says:

    you’re getting so much wear out of that dress!

  21. santi says:

    LOOVEEEE the belt! I have a new obsession with belts, this one is gorgeous!

  22. Maya says:

    Your blog is great, your belt is a real winer, you have a highly personal aesthetic for such a young wee thing and your mum seems interesting and cool. If you ever come to LA i would love to photograph the two of you for a style profile on my site
    Keep me in mind on your next trip :)

  23. deanna says:

    I’m a bit more infatuated with that amazing elephant belt than the shoes. Your mother has a killer pair of shoes, they look so intimidating so close up!

  24. ange says:

    you’ve come up with some pretty amazing ways to get enough wear from that dries van noten dress, some which i would never have thought up! amazing blog!

  25. Michelle says:

    i love love love your dress and the belt looks fab.

  26. Deborah says:

    WOAH…your dress is absolutely amazing! It’s soooo gorgeous! (And of course everything else is great too!)

  27. shoebox says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Burberry heels!

  28. Marjolein says:

    I’ts so cool that you’re mother wears such cool shoes! I wish my mom did.
    Your belt and dress look fab together

  29. The Burberry shoes! I’d buy them if I were a girl!

  30. mona says:

    Like your dress saw the same style on Sarah Jessica Parker

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