Some new things

Picked these up yesterday and today I'm wearing them-I've been really excited about these Chanel boots that caught my eye on a sale rack-definitely not a shoe I would normally choose (never been excited about a Chanel shoe, ever) but they're actually kind of wild. Silver mesh lace up wedge peeptoe booties-what a concept!

Come winter I'll be wearing these with wax coated skinny jeans but for now I'm trying to get my wear out of them in summer by pairing them with girly knee length skirts: for instance, this taffeta checked Prada skirt. Worn with a teal boob tube from Mango for optimum hot weather endurance. I'm getting pretty sick of summer.
I'm dissapointed that I haven't done more non-outfit posts but lately things have been a little crazy around here-I'll be getting back to school in three weeks, I can't believe it! Hopefully I'll have some time before it starts to spend working on the things I want to blog about!

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  1. your outfit posts are perfect!
    i LOVE these. i was watching them on eBay but ended up getting a pair of balenciagas from 05. you wear these well! i can’t wait to try on the new givenchy slouchy boots! have you seen the studded chloes (on my blog) at barmeys? i think i may be dying for them. oh the shoe addiction!+

    8.7.08 · Reply
  2. krista wrote:

    Those shoes are wild! I love your outfit in this post, those shoes make it perfect.

    8.7.08 · Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    lady love.
    holy moly. You are fabulous.
    your shoes are insane.
    you & your mom are such incredible woman! Thanks for sharing you life, love & passions.
    I am a newbie here!

    8.7.08 · Reply
  4. Ziggy played gui-tarrr…! <3 I love them.

    8.7.08 · Reply
  5. Tessa wrote:

    I think I’m in love with these shoes, actually with ALL your shoes… !

    8.7.08 · Reply
  6. i love waxed coated jeans!

    8.7.08 · Reply
  7. cordelia wrote:

    U look fantastic, is that skirt from the fall/winter collection? OMG! :-)
    I love waxed coated jeans too! x

    8.7.08 · Reply
  8. Sophie wrote:

    Those shoes are gorgeous! They’re really special but in a really good way! I really REALLY like them!

    8.7.08 · Reply
  9. I love all your shoes!!
    Your blog is really cool :-)

    8.7.08 · Reply
  10. chauss wrote:

    you wear those chanel shoes well! :)

    8.7.08 · Reply
  11. Hee hee, those look like sassed-up versions of figure skates! Fierce!
    P.S. I’m linking you up from my Blogazine: http://www.doedeere.com/blog

    8.7.08 · Reply
  12. stylecrusader wrote:

    Those are great shoes! A girl was featured on the sartorialist in them as well last month

    8.7.08 · Reply
  13. Cara wrote:

    wow, nothing else to say about those shoes, they’re awesome!

    8.7.08 · Reply
  14. hazel wrote:

    Gorgeous! Wish I had that Chanel peeptoe boots too!

    8.7.08 · Reply
  15. milly wrote:


    8.7.08 · Reply
  16. Laia wrote:

    Oh, I love these! I saw them on the sales rack at Barneys a couple weeks ago but unfortunately, they were a size 5.
    Love the skirt too.

    8.7.08 · Reply
  17. Nying wrote:

    Did the manic panic wash out?

    8.7.08 · Reply
  18. time flies when you’re having fun!
    love the crazy space shoes :D

    8.7.08 · Reply
  19. I saw those on the sale racks at Saks! Everybody thought I was crazy for liking them. You wear them well!

    8.7.08 · Reply
  20. Enfievre wrote:

    Great pick! Love how you put that outfit together.

    8.7.08 · Reply
  21. Mike wrote:

    this look is so sjp! haha
    and i love the blue in your hair

    8.7.08 · Reply
  22. WendyB wrote:

    Oh wow! I’ve been loving those shoes on some street-style blog, God knows which one, they all run together in my mind.

    8.7.08 · Reply
  23. ohladye wrote:

    Interesting… I’ve never been a huge fan of the Chanel shoes either, but these are cool. They look great with the skirt and “boob tube”!

    8.8.08 · Reply
  24. love you! and your style!

    8.8.08 · Reply
  25. Key wrote:

    oh my! love your shoees!
    you and your mom are so sweet to do this blog together :D
    greetings from Mexico :)

    8.8.08 · Reply
  26. trisha wrote:

    those are SICK!

    8.8.08 · Reply
  27. Jamie wrote:

    Those are gorgeous!!
    I kind of can’t wait to see you wear them in the winter. I think you’ll make them look great.

    8.8.08 · Reply
  28. hagssy wrote:

    hi jane, i hope you dont mind that i mentioned you in my blog. reading through and i got inspired.

    8.9.08 · Reply
  29. Ingrid wrote:

    Hey. I love your style! I wish I had your budget. lol. :)
    I have a question, is this the same as your Dries van Noten dress?
    i e, is your dress in sheer silk or rayon?
    How much did your dres cost? where did you get it? I need something in that marble print…badly.
    Please reply to me…

    8.9.08 · Reply
  30. lovely blog!!

    8.9.08 · Reply
  31. viv wrote:

    I found your site today, and I absolutely adore it.
    Those boots are lovely and I love your Margiela boots too!
    Really looking forward to your future posts :)

    8.9.08 · Reply
  32. viv wrote:

    oh! and you look like Danielle Panabaker in that 2nd photo by the way.

    8.9.08 · Reply
  33. Becca wrote:

    Amazing boots! They are fabulous and you wear them so well! Great find!

    8.9.08 · Reply
  34. kristin wrote:

    you really do have the most amazing shoes… if you had to choose a favorite which would it be? I really long for your boot/sandals :)

    8.10.08 · Reply
  35. dk wrote:

    this is easily the best outfit if seen you in. you look bloody amazing. hate the shoes though.

    8.12.08 · Reply
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    4.26.12 · Reply
  37. I really love shoes/sandals, and I love yours,I want to have this..:)

    5.10.12 · Reply