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  1. I love this, you look so feminine and lovely. :)

    8.26.08 · Reply
  2. ilikestyle wrote:

    gorgeous! i like your shoes!

    8.26.08 · Reply
  3. william shatner wrote:

    this outfit makes me think of a summer evening, a gentle breeze and a enjoyable walk to nowhere. it’s casual and laid back yet it retains that sparkle that means you look completely fabulous. the brown leather sandals were the perfect choice. you rock!

    8.26.08 · Reply
  4. Mike wrote:

    gorgeous dress

    8.26.08 · Reply
  5. nicole wrote:

    so cute! and your photography is amazing. who takes your pics? i also love the dinosaurs in the background:)

    8.26.08 · Reply
  6. your outfit is very savvy and darling. i love the seafoam color dress.

    8.26.08 · Reply
  7. chris wrote:

    Just beautiful..the colors and the hazy way the picture was taken

    8.27.08 · Reply
  8. Lisa wrote:

    very model-y.
    so beautiful love.

    8.27.08 · Reply
  9. Congrats!
    The dress is very pretty…

    8.27.08 · Reply
  10. jo wrote:

    such nice soft colours. think the hat went really well with the outfit (:

    8.27.08 · Reply
  11. Jess wrote:

    AMAZING! so effortless-love the hat and shoes

    8.27.08 · Reply
  12. Piritta wrote:

    The colours are like from a painting. Love the dress.

    8.27.08 · Reply
  13. ammu wrote:

    what are you wearing? you look fantastic! love the shoes!

    8.27.08 · Reply
  14. i love these 2 colors together!!

    8.27.08 · Reply
  15. modejunkie wrote:

    love this simple laid back outfit. :)

    8.27.08 · Reply
  16. Ashleigh wrote:

    What a great blog…I love this simple but elegant look <3

    8.27.08 · Reply
  17. chadina wrote:

    Hi Jane, I went through her entire site and loved it. Ur wardrobe at ur age is serious business. Im sure you realise how blessed u are!

    8.27.08 · Reply
  18. Enfievre wrote:


    8.27.08 · Reply
  19. Hannah wrote:


    8.27.08 · Reply
  20. looking great! what bad photography are you talking about?! :P

    8.27.08 · Reply
  21. Hey, wow you have some gorgeous clothes! Great outfit. I will certainly keep reading your blog and i am going to add you to my blog roll.
    Check out my blog and tell me what you think

    8.27.08 · Reply
  22. Jenny wrote:

    You look so cute here!

    8.27.08 · Reply
  23. martha wrote:

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    anyway, here is the link

    8.27.08 · Reply
  24. martha wrote:

    oh, about your outfit, comfortable and yet styleish as always,

    8.27.08 · Reply
  25. catherine wrote:

    I love everything about this outfit – the long, slouchy cardigan with the sea blue dress and the straw hat – it just looks so effortless!

    8.27.08 · Reply
  26. Jenny H wrote:

    soo cute.
    i adoreeeeeee this look.
    trade links?

    8.27.08 · Reply
  27. mellysa wrote:

    oh jane…ur sooooo pretty in that outfit!!

    8.27.08 · Reply
  28. G O R G E O U S outfit
    you embody the true essence of effortless style

    8.28.08 · Reply
  29. superbe,very Sarah Moon kind of …or david hamilton
    love the long cardi and the shoes look great …again!wah!

    8.28.08 · Reply
  30. lara wrote:

    just discovered your blog and really love it.
    your wardrobe seems to be unique.
    x lara

    8.28.08 · Reply
  31. bleu clothing wrote:

    http://www.bleuclothing.com has the BEST shoes in the world!!!

    8.28.08 · Reply
  32. Becca wrote:

    I love the gentleness of this outfit, it is soft and romantic and lovely looking. I especially love that hat!

    8.28.08 · Reply
  33. yello wrote:

    you’re so pretty (:
    loev the outfit

    8.28.08 · Reply
  34. Mediababe wrote:

    I loooove the colors and the tone in this photo. Absolutely ravishing, dear. The shoes are perfect. This is such gorgeous light, I wish I could shoot a few photos in your lovely home.

    8.28.08 · Reply
  35. sam wrote:

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    8.29.08 · Reply
  36. modedamour wrote:

    love your shoes !!!!!!!

    8.29.08 · Reply
  37. cristina wrote:

    Just beautiful..

    8.29.08 · Reply
  38. Mila wrote:

    Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous!
    I love the way you combined the items…. <333

    8.29.08 · Reply
  39. Wendy wrote:

    So gorgeous! Really like the addition of the hat.

    8.29.08 · Reply
  40. Michelle wrote:

    I’m digging your hat :P

    8.30.08 · Reply
  41. your outfit is so sweet! i love your hair by the way

    8.30.08 · Reply
  42. Nola wrote:

    Oh divine outfit/look!

    9.1.08 · Reply
  43. julie wrote:

    Suuuurprise ;-)

    9.4.08 · Reply
  44. Camille P. wrote:

    i like this outfit, but also the blog very much. i dont remember how i found this one, but truly, i like it. im also terribly jealous of some of your shoes and clothes, but who wouldnt lol
    im live in Nice, France, so i get to see a lot of fashion. hope you can do so it texas..i lived in Kansas for a while, the word ‘fashion’ was unknown from most of the inhabitants! please, continue, it s just refreshing, great!

    9.4.08 · Reply
  45. Mo wrote:

    i think the pic is great

    9.12.08 · Reply
  46. Marie wrote:

    Ok, I must know where you found your dress. Really, I do. Pleaaase, tell me !…

    8.21.09 · Reply
  47. Charlotte wrote:

    Is it just me who is reminded of a recent Burberry campaign when I see this picture?

    11.27.09 · Reply
  48. prom suits wrote:

    Your gorgeous on the images. I love it! I just hope there’s more to come. Take care!

    5.10.11 · Reply
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