Ann Demeulemeester Fall 08 Lace Up Boots: A Tale of Obsession

Regular Sea of Shoes readers may be getting tired of seeing these boots but they're about to get another dose of them. Sorry guys, I can't help myself. I'm obsessed.

So is my mom actually. As I have mentioned before, these boots topped both of our must-have lists for this season. We loved them so much we both got them in another variation: the plum triple lace up version from Browns Fashion.

We always end up having at least one pair of the same shoes every season but this season we got the same exact two pairs as each other! When it comes to these boots, the more the merrier, right?

My pairs, side by side

It's difficult to articulate what makes these boots so fantastic. They have steampunk vibe; romantic and archaic but slightly bad ass all at once. They're the  sort of boot a Tim Burton heroine would wear: the Corpse Bride could wear them with her decaying wedding dress, and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas would love them, too.

Here are some ways my mom and I have been styling our new favorite boots.

My mom wears her black lace up Ann D boots, all clothes from her line Atlantis Dry Goods.

I can't get a picture downstairs without the dogs, haha.
Mom wears her triple lace up Ann D boots with an American Apparel skirt and two sweatshirts from the same label that I can't remember the name of…they were purchased at Fred Segal on Melrose, I'll ask her about them.

Quite a boring outfit, I apologize. It was too boring for me to wear even to drivers ed so I ended up changing. Triple lace up Ann Demeulemeester boots worn with silver coated Superfine jeans and a random charcoal tee.

Rabbit fur felt hat, silk shirt by Reset (a label I buy at Tulsa boutique Boulevards), Acne Tube jeans, thrift store belt, and my black lace-up Ann D boots.

I'll try to give these boots a rest for a while and try to wear some more of my fall purchases. :)

TTYS, jane

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  1. Mel says:

    amazing boots indeed!
    just bought a pair for my birthday but i have to wait a month (until my actual birthday) to wear them ahhh… for now i just wear them in my room haha
    a bit off topic but- what kind of bags do you usually carry? obviously your blog is focused on shoes but i was just wondering if you had any favorite brands/styles?
    love your style + blog :)

  2. connie says:

    I love how the boots are versatile in look– they’re both steampunk (like you said) mixed with equestrian. I can totally see an English woman wearing something like your mom’s outfit in the first photograph riding away on her horse without a care to be ladylike, while I can see yours on a very sophisticated American ranch with people playing polo in the background. I love it.

  3. Too boring an outfit? I disagree.. I love it! Wear those boots as much as you want. They’re pretty beautiful.. I can’t decide whether I like the plum or black better. I guess you couldn’t either!

  4. dannydaily says:

    just love it, and even more that you guys have them in two different color variations. kudos. i feel the same way with scarves…when i see one i love, i must have them in all sorts of colours.

  5. Harm-ony says:

    Hello there,
    Mel has just beat me to teh question I’ve been meaning to ask for a long while?
    Is there a bag collection anywhere?
    So far I we have not seen any bags in your blog and personally I’m very curious what bags complete your outfits, and what you usually carry around in them :)
    Love your blog and your sense of style.

  6. Corie says:

    those boots suit both of you so well!

  7. Patricia says:

    I’d personally like to declare a campaign known as “Donate a pair of AD’s to Patricia”. It’s a foundation that aims at improving the quality of life of one Patricia, who isn’t fortunate enough to have the nutritional nourishment of AD triple lace up boots.

  8. jane says:

    i absolutely LOVE the ‘boring’ outfit, those boots are amazing.

  9. Brigadeiro says:

    *drool* Jane, you could NEVER ‘bore’ us with these boots, they are amazing, as are each outfit you and your mom pair them with! I also love your so-called ‘boring’ outfit, not boring at all, you could wear those AD boots with a tee-dress and it’d be amazing!
    A quick Q: Is your mom’s line available anywhere? Her outfit is SO romantic yet edgy, love it!

  10. Jamie says:

    AHH Loves it! Love your mom’s first look. Very “Pretty Baby” without the actual context in effect. Amazing how many looks you can pull off with those boots. I am flipping out!

  11. karina says:

    I love this kind of posts.

  12. those boots are incredible! keep them coming! i love how your mom wears them with a ruffled dress. and i like your two versions.

  13. Sus says:

    Looove those boots, wouldn’t get sick of seeing them at all!

  14. Tara says:

    love your two outfits, and your mum’s first outfit in particular!

  15. Blairr says:

    Your look would be so great on Serena of Gossip Girl!!! Do you watch this serie?

  16. Belowen says:

    Aww, I don’t think that first outfit is boring! I really like it actually. Those boots are incredible…

  17. Nadine says:

    Those boots are gorgeous! Thanks for turning me onto Ann D.
    And I must echo the sentiment that your “boring” outfit is hardly that, considering your statement footwear (+ silver-coated jeans)!
    Thanks for the fashion eye-candy.

  18. Becca says:

    I don’t think anyone could ever tire of those boots and their amazingness. They are so so perfect in so many ways.
    I love your second outfit with the cute little hat! So great!

  19. songy says:

    Well I’m not tired of those boots. Man your mother is stunning. I guess that’s where you got your beauty from.

  20. jane says:

    i lovvvee those boots!!!! and i really love the last outfit you put together, especially those cute jeans! but when it comes to high-waisted jeans im always a bit cautious bc the back pockets end up looking really awkward/weird. do you have a pic of the back of those jeans? thanks, your blog really is wonderful and inspiring! keep it up :)

  21. Dana says:

    Nadine correctly defined it as fashion eye candy
    and you look every bit the hollywood it girl in those high waisted acne jeans
    love your mom’s brand’s ruffly dress, it’s awesome! look medieval w/ the boots somehow

  22. Nubby says:

    You and your mom both wear those boots so effortlessly!

  23. Laura says:

    Oh dear, I am very much in love. Demeulemeester never ceases to woo me with her stunning shoes.

  24. Vix says:

    I know I don’t comment often but I am seriously addicted to your blog. You have BIG things in your future. Love how both you and your mom styled the boots. My favourite would have to be the boots paired with the cream dress.

  25. j says:

    They do not hold a candle to your sublime AD boots in any way, but seeing all of your pics of these boots over the past couple of weeks has me itching to pull out my Frye Villager lace ups and pair them with all sorts of new things!

  26. Stefania says:

    the outfit with the high-waisted jeans belted with the straw hat sublime!
    so perfect

  27. Catalina says:

    Great photos – and I’m obsessed with the dress you mom is wearing in the first photo – I would love to find out more about where to see her line.

  28. Catalina says:

    Great photos – and I’m obsessed with the dress you mom is wearing in the first photo – I would love to find out more about where to see her line.

  29. Heather says:

    I love your mom’s first outfit. That is an amazing dress(top&skirt?) I am in love with the mix of ruffles and badass, lent by the boots.

  30. Stephanie says:

    Wow!! So jealous of those boots. They’re amazing. I loooove your mom’s second outfit- what brand are those sweatshirts/hoodys??

  31. Jamie says:

    Jane, you kill me… you are so stylish. And your mother too. I look forward to your blog.

  32. mon says:

    Love these boots! Where did you purchase the black ones and do they run true to size? I have a pair of AD boots from last fall and they ran really big…

  33. nina says:

    you and your mom are seriously the most inspirational and stylish people out there!

  34. Nina says:

    i don’t blame u guys for being obsessed w/those boots. i would sleep in them, too, if i owned a pair. jane, you look gorgeous w/that hat on.

  35. juliette says:

    i love the last outfit!!

  36. Poochie says:

    I know you were kind of cautious about the non-heeled version of the boots but I just got mine tonight from Saks and I’m digging them. They didn’t have the heeled version in my size regardless.
    I’m totally going to steal some fasion inspriation from how you’ve paired yours up.

  37. I would love to buy some things from your moms line. Can you order from the internet?
    I want those boots too.

  38. chauss says:

    ok, the black ones rock and the plum ones are fantastic. are your black ones triple lace too?
    i still havent seen see any of these irl yet…

  39. Cassaundra says:

    it’s okay, they’re very gorgeous boots!
    the photo of your mom wearing the boots looks very Victorian.
    so cool.

  40. Anny Goodwin says:

    Lovely boots. You actually beat me to these boots, I was going to get them from Browns…
    Your mom’s first outfit is my favorite. I love frills I admit it… Will Atlantis go on line anytime soon? We poor gals in Europe would love to purchase goods from your mom’s line!

  41. Alicia says:

    Great Boots. Just a question, does your sister love shoes as much as you? or is her obsession with something else?
    You’re very, very pretty, Jane. Your mother is lovely, too. x

  42. MeryJanes says:

    wow they are amazing! but quite difficult to wear!

  43. tanya says:

    you are toatally The SEX in the last pic

  44. freya says:

    your boots are to die for. they look amazing with every outfit.

  45. Caroline says:

    the romantic dress and boots combo your mom is wearing is so incrediblllle.

  46. sera says:

    Love you for a long time~
    I think such kind of boots will look better with looser pants than skinnies

  47. Nanny says:

    Hell, I just checked the price of these beauties…gasp! You’re a very lucky girl that you can afford them, not to speak of even two pairs! They’re lovely, and as I’m far from being able to spend almost a month’s salary on boots I’m looking forward to watching you wear them on your blog this fall!

  48. yi says:

    i loovee those boots!!
    but what about showing us an outfit with those to-die-for gold brogues behind you on the bottom shelf? it’s just cos i’m not a big high-heels person.. i adore them but i just can’t wear them to class everyday! can’t wait to see more!!

  49. mayk says:

    I adore the boring outfit. You rock it.
    Where are the UNGAAAAARRROOOOOS? Can’t wait.

  50. Lynnie says:

    Hi, do you have ebay ? Do you sell some of your things ?
    Even if you don’t, can I have your ebay pseudo ? Thanks a lot in advance, loooooooooooooooooove your blog !!!

  51. Mel says:

    I love your Ann D boots, and they look quite difficult to pull off for some people, but they look spectacular on you and your mom! Keep on wearing them!

  52. Lady Smaggle says:

    Wow your mum is so gorgeous. As are you. The boots are divine.

  53. essie says:

    okay, you sold me. I found a pair I want on eBay, but I don’t trust eBay for this sort of purchase. Where can I find them near LA? Nordies and Neiman don’t have ’em.
    P.S. Amazing blog. I’m like a decade older than you are, but I’m totally in awe.

  54. Binnie says:

    This is seriously taunting my measly allowance. :( And the fact that we don’t have Ann D. here where I live.

  55. Caro says:

    love both of your outfits, the first one isn’t boring. It’s simple and stylish :D the boots are to die for!

  56. Tara says:

    I thought you would like this website. They carry many of the shoes you feature and they have free shipping in North America.

  57. Rani says:

    i wish my mom was as chic as yours! totally jealous & you guys look fab!

  58. Mike says:

    love that color!!!!!!!

  59. Rosie says:

    Your mom is so stylish!
    And you are too! I’m so jealous :P

  60. hype-i-style says:

    Hello !!
    I’m french, I love your blog, and I love these shoes !!
    It’s very beautiful, it’s really beautiful on your mom ( or sister I don’t know ? :p) [ the first picture]

  61. Hello Jane
    Your Mom is so beautiful! She’s even more beautiful on that laced-cream dress. And not to mention that you look awesome on the last photo. Keep it up! :)

  62. Xing'erBel says:

    your mom is gorgeous…and u…as well~~…

  63. Mollie says:

    WOW I love those boots. If I had 2000 dollars to spend aimlessly those would be first on my list. You are so lucky. How do you afford such lovely clothing? I’m so jealous!!

  64. Sofia says:

    Those boots are AMAZING, they totally make your outfit, I LOVE’EM! Those outfits looks great, really Swedish, haha!

  65. Wow, your mom is one cool lady, that ruffle dress looks really delicate and cute on her. Love your Acne-jeans and the belt; a really rough outfit that looks awesome

  66. Pauline says:

    I’m french.
    So, don’t be too harsh with my bad english, pleaase^^
    So, I just can say :
    OH MY GOD! I love your shirt, I love your jeans, I love your boots, I love your hat and I love your style. And all this clothes go together, perfectly! Don’t change. I love.
    Still sorry for my bad english.
    Pauline, la française :)

  67. JANE- I just HAD to come back to this post to see the pictures of the boots. I am taking the plunge and getting these boots in black- flats & triple lace. Ann should give you some commission! i’ve been going back & forth between…..idk too many pairs, but these are IT (and maybe stellas, too…) my final winter purchase!

  68. xtina says:

    those sweatshirts are most likely free city

  69. laurie says:

    I absolutely love the white frill dress
    where could I find your moms line??

  70. Alana says:

    These are so amazing! I wish I had know about them while they were in stores! Do you know if they are coming back for 2009?

  71. Alana says:

    Ack! Here are some online but not in my size! Disaster. I hope they come back in fall ’09.

  72. Ana says:

    I L O V E the last two outfits that you wore

  73. Nigel says:

    Really some amazing boots. Truly. You really just have to look and admire sometimes… I think most of us can only dream at owning a pair like those! However there are some more reasonable and stylish pairs of Equestrian Boots ( that I found and purchased for my wife and teamed with the right style and outfit she looks really beautiful.

  74. Hi Jane,
    You seem like a sweet girl and all, but obviously you are extremely well-off and lucky to be able to afford such luxuries at your age. I was wondering if you ever take this into consideration when you post – the fact that other girls your age are just heartbroken at not being able to afford such things. I’m a decade older than you and I can’t afford them either, despite being well enough off myself!
    Anyway, just throwing it out there that perhaps you could occasionally wear things that your readers can afford. You are immensely talented at your young age at assembling outfits, so I know you could make a basic Forever 21 dress look fantastic. And I do appreciate what you do with your fabulous vintage clothes. It’s just buying two pairs of $1,000 boots is not really sending the right message about what “style” is.
    Then again, it is your blog and you can do what you want with it – I just thought that during this hard time when a lot of your fans are getting laid off, this might be a real treat for them.
    Take care,

  75. Really some amazing boots. Truly. You really just have to look and admire sometimes… I think most of us can only dream at owning a pair like those! However there are some more reasonable and stylish pairs of Equestrian Boots that I found and purchased for my wife and teamed with the right style and outfit she looks really beautiful.

  76. Mimi says:

    Hiii!!! can you please tell where i can get these boots???? THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I want them so bad!

  77. I understand what you are saying, but you just seem to have forgotten that there are some other people in the world who view this issue for what it really is and may not agree with you. You may be turning away a lot of people who might have been fans of your blog.

  78. alex says:

    This could be off-topic, but if you’re anywhere in or near LA, there are a lot of fundraising events for the benefit of the less fortunate where you can participate in. Donate your clothes and shoes like what did and be rewarded for your actions.

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