Today’s Inspiration Board-9/29

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  1. theglamourai says:

    oooh classic carolina herrera! i love that shot of her — isn’t it amazing how not only has her beauty aged well, but her style has proven to be classic & enduring, decade after decade?!?!!

  2. Johanne says:

    I really like how you often seem to focus the inspiration board pictures around the people as much as around the clothes they’re wearing. It seems to me that it is more about the general style they are representing rather than the one outfit… but I might be wrong :) Your blog is great inspiration, and I find it funny that you two can share so many joys in fashion and style!

  3. Ah! That corset is being worn upside down! I love the look, but that hurt my heart a little.

  4. Ané says:

    geez i love Tilda Swinton. you make such lovely collages

  5. Corie says:

    i love the top left picture. the one with the horse. who’s in it?

  6. Amelia says:

    I love all of the pictures, but especially the one in the upper left. Where’s it from?

  7. eveningstar says:

    The girl wearing the corset is Suvi Koponen, she is from Finland, like I am :)! I have a blog too( ), though it´s not as cool as yours :D I like your blog a lot! :) If you like Suvi, here is a couple of sentences for you in finnish :)!
    Muoti on elämäni = Fashion is my life
    Liian outo elämään, liian harvinainen kuolemaan = Too weird to live, too rare to die
    Ota iisisti! = Relax!
    Moi! = Hey/Hello!

  8. epintedge says:

    I would like to ask of you: How do you feel financial crisis in your life ?

  9. Mavis says:

    I just discovered your blog today and I have been reading it for like 5 hours. I loooove it and it has inspired me sooo much. ok so just a few questions:
    1) What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use and how do you style your hair?
    2) How much do you spend on clothes every month?
    3) Do you have an accent?

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