Trying something on-


The skirt I'm wearing is part of a project my family is working on right now-sort of a rough draft.
Worn with Ann Demeulemeester boots, a Max Azria sweater, and a scarf from Morocco.

Have you been introduced to Denise? I don't think she's ever made an appearance on Sea of Shoes. She's shy to have her picture taken which is ridiculous because she is extremely photogenic.

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  1. carlotta says:

    look at denise’s googlie eyes! my dog is extremely shy of the camera as well, probably because he always ends up looking possessed (especially when flash is on)
    Im very intrigued about this project you speak of….i would love to hear more!

  2. CamilleC says:

    Great dog! Love those boots as well.

  3. Brigadeiro says:

    Gorgeous dog!!! May I ask a silly question (not sure if it’s been asked before), but who takes your pictures for the blog? Is it your mom or do you use a tripod? I can’t find my tripod! :)

  4. Amelia says:

    Nice picture. What sort of project?

  5. ainsley says:

    ahh those boots are total win.
    and deniiise! haha she tried to smother me on the couch when we were watching girl, interrupted.

  6. Steph says:

    AWW that’s too cute. We love denise. Love those boots too they’re amazing.

  7. candid cool says:

    u have such a knack for making those boots go with anything, as you did with the margielas. cant wait to see the finished project of the skirt, so far it looks great!

  8. kidPIAF says:

    love the boots!
    by the way, is thats boxer?!?!

  9. i have a boxer too.
    but he likes the camera so much
    boxers are the sweetest.
    love your outfit today.

  10. WendyB says:

    Denise is a beauty!

  11. Jo says:

    awww i love big dogs! is denise a boxer? and is this the same family proj where you guys made a jacket out of vintage tees cause i loved that jacket :)

  12. stephanie says:

    Awww- cute dog. I love your outfit here- the sweater is perfect- and that skirt is divine!

  13. Lisa says:

    LOVE that sweater. you look wonderful.
    cute cute dog.

  14. great outfit. what sort of project?
    i would kill to see a picture of your closet! :)

  15. Key says:

    those boots are gorgeous!! :O
    i´m lookin for a similar pair. I asked a darky of my uni where he had bought his… hehe!
    you are rockin yours!!

  16. savvymode sg says:

    she is a darling and your AD boots rock!

  17. Mode Damour says:

    like the outfit, your dogg ! soo cute

  18. izzydore says:

    that’s a cool skirt. and Denise is adorable! what breed is she?

  19. Lisa says:

    Beautiful clothes!!

  20. Anabel says:

    I´m new in your blog and love it!
    (Denise is very “guapa”. I love dogs, have 6!!:-)

  21. a.r. says:

    platner chairs…love! your style = everyday inspiration

  22. tanya says:

    hmm a family project?
    possibly your mom’s new line of clothing…?

  23. kristin says:

    love the delicate edge of the skirt next to those boots…

  24. a la mode says:

    what a cute dog! Love the skirt xxx

  25. iréne says:

    i love your blog, your outfits are always ever so lovely.
    I dont know where you take the pictures, i am assuming it is in your home. which too looks amazing. but i was wondering if we could see some other pictures of your home..?

  26. Nina says:

    loving the cozy sweater. and denise is adorable!

  27. Amber N. says:

    I really love that outfit a lot! The boots are great. I would have worn with with different shoes but that is just really me personally.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Omg – you got mentioned by (fake) karl lagerfeld!
    Congrats, that blog is hilarious!

  29. Jillian says:

    I just completely melted with delight what a GORGEOUS outfit!
    Today I was all about fall and seeing this makes me 10x’s happier i’m so excited can’t wait to see some more of your fall-ish outfits! <3

  30. Clara says:

    The sweater looks so comfortable!

  31. Becca says:

    The skirt is lovely! And your dog is adorable – she looks so sweet!

  32. cheyenne says:

    i LOVE the skirt.

  33. Daniela says:

    Hi! Firstly, I love your posts! You’re my favorite bookmark. Next, I have two questions that I was wondering if you could address them in your blog…
    I was just wondering how you keep all your beautiful shoes from getting worn down. I have some shoes that I avoid wearing except on special occasions, but I’d like to get more use out of them since I spent so much! Is this a problem you have as well?
    Secondly–how do you arrange or keep order in your closet? I think this would be an interesting post…seeing as I cannot figure out how to keep all my things organized and have to give away a lot of things I would like to keep.
    Anyway, that is all! Thank you!

  34. Stefania says:

    the skirt is absolutely lovely
    beautiful ensemble
    check out my blog ;-)

  35. Ané says:

    Denise is a gorgeous dog
    I love the skirt that you girls are working on, it’s super pretty
    oooh and I want to go to Morocco so bad!

  36. Shay Wilson says:

    I was just thinking you will have to add your Ann D boots to your blog header, they are fast becoming a trademark!!

  37. Amira says:

    You actually have a scarf AND a reader from Morocco, i really love what you do
    PS: Denise is really adorable!

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