Tulsa in five hours

You wouldn't think a spot this bleak looking would yield such amazing vintage finds-but most of what is pictured below was just a few seconds away from where this photograph was taken. 

My mom and I arrived in Tulsa at about 11 and got home an hour ago from hitting all of our favorite stores in Tulsa. Tulsa has the greatest and most affordable vintage shopping in the country, I'd suspect.

Looks like my mom and I had a bit of a magpie/bauer bird eye when we went out shopping today-everything glitzy and sparkly was immediately off the rack and onto our backs. Obviousely the shoes weren't purchased here-both my mom and I packed a few pairs for the weekend.

^a beautiful vintage skirt (standing on its own) from Silver Screen Vintage, Lanvins and Balenciagas, and my mom and her new red silk chiffon skirt.

 This beautiful lace dress with rows of sequins running in between the ruffles-it is easily my favorie vintage find ever-PERIOD. You cannot believe how beautiful it is in real life-tonight I want to wear it out with my Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I got it at my favorite Tulsa treasure trove-Silver Screen Vintage. My mom and I spent forever combing the racks of the store and trying every thing on.

^ My mom in a beaded and sequined tank top she tried on for me

Can you believe this skirt? I can't! This skirt is like an instrument, it is so large and heavy it couldn't even fit into a bag. It's difficult to tell from this blurry photo I took in the changing room, but it has bands of velvet, satin, tulle type lace, and is lined in another layer of very heavy satin. Obviously it was custom made for someone, but it feels like a custom piece of couture.

^shoppin, browsing in Silver Screen Vintage

Okay, with all of these fun new clothes, picking a fabulous outfit for dinner is going to be really hard, so I better get started.



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  1. Caroline wrote:

    I’m pretty sure I need to be un Tulsa, asap.
    did you end up buying that heavy skirt? its AMAZING

    9.27.08 · Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    I live about a block from that “bleak” looking corner. It’s not bleak at all.

    9.27.08 · Reply
  3. Laura wrote:

    Beautiful choices!! I really love the purple cardigan!

    9.27.08 · Reply
  4. Jenny wrote:

    The last picture is amazing! I love that heavy skirt, it looks like it was made for you.

    9.27.08 · Reply
  5. Jane wrote:

    Thanks you guys! Yes I did end up getting that skirt and I love it-I hope I have an oppurtunity to wear it very soon!
    Haha i agree with you Sarah-it isnt a bleak area but from that particular photograph I would never think to find such amazing vintage stores. I love that side of town and my mom and I have always talked about moving near there. We love Tulsa.

    9.27.08 · Reply
  6. Katlin wrote:

    The shape of that skirt is so amazing!! And more details of that gorgeous lace, beaded, beautiful dress! :)

    9.27.08 · Reply
  7. Sarah wrote:

    Great Finds!
    I have a question regarding your previous post though—
    what do you use to carry books/notebooks with around school?

    9.27.08 · Reply
  8. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Gorgeous finds! Especially that amazing skirt! I wish I had good vintage shopping around here…Can’t wait to see your outfits with your ‘new’ buys :)

    9.27.08 · Reply
  9. Brigadeiro wrote:

    PS. I absolutely LOVE circle skirts! Am so excited the weather is warming up so I can soon wear one I made of raw thai silk in a vibrant canary yellow :)

    9.27.08 · Reply

    9.27.08 · Reply
  11. m wrote:

    wow! great finds! i wish we had that many vintage stores somewhere nearby…
    that dress looks amazing!

    9.27.08 · Reply
  12. Erin wrote:

    That skirt is FANTASTIC, I’m so jealous!

    9.27.08 · Reply
  13. B wrote:

    Plaid + Ruffles = SO Fall! Perfect find!!!

    9.27.08 · Reply
  14. GASP

    9.27.08 · Reply
  15. mayk wrote:

    amazing skirt. The construction alone is breathtaking – but to have such beautiful colors on top of all that???
    Too awesome.

    9.27.08 · Reply
  16. WOW! WOW! WOW! i cant wait to see how you will put all of this together. that skirt is really incredible!!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  17. Wax wrote:

    Oh those are great finds! I love the lace dress and the big skirt you tried on :D

    9.28.08 · Reply
  18. alana wrote:

    Oh my now I want to go to Tulsa! I can never find vintage stuff like the ones you posted! All I end up seeing are drab shirts meant for a garage sale. You’re so lucky! Now I want to go vintage shopping! In Tulsa!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  19. connie wrote:

    that skirt is amazing! i can’t believe it could stand on its own. if you don’t get much wear out of it, you could always use it as an accent piece in your bedroom by your beautiful shoe shelves.

    9.28.08 · Reply
  20. Binnie wrote:

    The skirt the skirt the skirt! Too gorgeous! And so are the rest of your buys. The sequined tank top is another favourite of mine.

    9.28.08 · Reply
  21. cordelia wrote:

    I can never find such amazing vintage clothing! Btw, where is ur bag from? Its gorgeous? Is it Marni?

    9.28.08 · Reply
  22. Sus wrote:

    I like the tartan top with the ruffles, that looks awesome :D

    9.28.08 · Reply
  23. Sasi wrote:

    Omg! Great buys girl:)

    9.28.08 · Reply
  24. juliet wrote:

    i NEED to get there!
    juliet xxx

    9.28.08 · Reply
  25. Belowen wrote:

    Simply amazing finds! Can’t wait to see how you work them :)

    9.28.08 · Reply
  26. Nina wrote:

    I wish we had such great vintage stores here in Germany.

    9.28.08 · Reply
  27. Sophie wrote:

    It all looks so good! I wish I had that great vintage stores where i live…Especially the lace dress is gorgeous! And the skirt look sooo good on you :)
    Looking forward to see the clothes on…

    9.28.08 · Reply
  28. vix wrote:

    Amazing finds! I especially like the white sequined dress.

    9.28.08 · Reply
  29. merkovsky wrote:

    that massive skirt is amazing! jane..you have such an excellent eye for vintage! xx

    9.28.08 · Reply
  30. leia wrote:

    Omg, that skirt is amazing, and I’ve been dying for a sequined tank like your mom’s!
    I need to make a roadtrip to Tulsa asap!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  31. chauss wrote:

    fabulous pictorial and amazing finds!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  32. Le Fashion wrote:

    all is amazing!!
    you’re lucky to have such a stylish mom :)

    9.28.08 · Reply
  33. zie wrote:

    ur shoes are madness babe!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  34. I am so crushing on the plaid top with the cascading ruffles! I have not been too into the plaid craze but that one just might reel me in! How much did it cost? Label???

    9.28.08 · Reply
  35. Marianne wrote:

    Wow, great finds. I love the red striped skirt.

    9.28.08 · Reply
  36. Cece wrote:

    “Ku-dos” ( think Juno ).
    Excellent finds!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  37. great great finds, I love the glitz-y pretty sparkle things, and I’m excited to see that lace dress with the mean Ann boots

    9.28.08 · Reply
  38. Jillian wrote:

    hope you’re well darling xoxo

    9.28.08 · Reply
  39. Becca wrote:

    oh my GOSH. I am just awestruck by the beauty of all your purchases. That skirt is stunning.. and the lace dress! OH my gosh! I can’t wait to see a photo of it with the ann boots! You’ll have to post one!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  40. Mike wrote:

    omg that skirt looks incredible

    9.28.08 · Reply
  41. Pretty sure that skirt is the most stunning piece of art! It’s gorgeous, and suits you to a T x

    9.28.08 · Reply
  42. Liza wrote:

    That’s a really dramatic skirt. Back in college, I loved going on vintage shopping here in Manila. I miss those days.

    9.28.08 · Reply
  43. sara wrote:

    i am too jealous of your finds! i’m sure you’ve heard over and over from girls of how hard it is to find the best vintage couture, but it is simply extremely difficult from any angle and you’ve done an expert job!

    9.28.08 · Reply
  44. Laura wrote:

    I understand completely how you found so many unexpectedly beautiful vintage finds in Tulsa. A few summers ago I was in Vermont and found some wonderful pieces in a 5 cent thrift store. I still find myself fantasizing about it at times.

    9.29.08 · Reply
  45. Belle. wrote:

    I Love the huge skirt red…and the tender little withe cardigan….
    good choises of vintage clothing…
    Love the black shoes….incredible!!!

    9.29.08 · Reply
  46. Ané wrote:

    If you haven’t seen this: http://jakandjil.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/rowensmlamy.jpg
    then I suspect you might like it, because I know you posted about her once

    9.29.08 · Reply
  47. Among those dresses that you bought…that lovely skirt is my favorite! The shape is so cool, the color and the fabric. You also look good wearing that skirt. ;) Your Mom looks cute on that tank too.

    9.29.08 · Reply
  48. !!! amazing finds! and that skirt! :D

    9.29.08 · Reply
  49. Lorelaï wrote:

    Hi! I’m discovering your blog. I’ve just to say that you look fantastic: that’s all freshness and originality! Well-known designers associated with creativity and taste… *clapclap* And this vintage lace dress is amazing.
    Your mother looks great too.
    Thanks for having given to me a delightful moment :)
    PS: I apologize for my english.

    9.29.08 · Reply
  50. Cindy wrote:

    Hi Jane! I just love your blog and style! Such yummy eye candy to look at. I’m from Houston and I usually shop at the same ol’ vintage stores here. I’m going to be adventurous, I’m thinking about heading out to Austin or Dallas on a one day roadtrip to shop for vintage. Do you know of any good stores in Dallas to find vintage since you are from there or Austin?

    9.29.08 · Reply
  51. chantelle wrote:

    omg i need a vintage store like that in toronto

    9.29.08 · Reply
  52. brooke wrote:

    that heavy skirt is GORGEOUS. please let us see it sometime soon? it is absolutely fabulous and looks so gorgeous with your body, makes your waist look tiny and gives a fantastic beautiful shape. love it!

    9.30.08 · Reply
  53. bostongrl wrote:

    amazing skirt! i hope you bought it!

    9.30.08 · Reply
  54. Punky wrote:


    9.30.08 · Reply
  55. Lavender wrote:

    wow. I love that skirt. what a find!

    9.30.08 · Reply
  56. cheng wrote:

    i’m mad about vintage. i wish i can spend a week in that vintage store! you’ve selected some awesome stuff! thanks for sharing these.

    10.1.08 · Reply
  57. Alexandra wrote:

    Hello! You’re so lovely, I must say. Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds! A few posts back ( http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/sea_of_shoes/2008/09/ann-demeulemeester-fall-08-lace-up-boots-a-tale-of-obsession.html ) your mother is wearing something by Atlantis Dry Goods and I was inspired to try to order some pieces myself but I’m not sure where I can find them. Can you help me? Thank you so much!

    10.14.08 · Reply
  58. Does your mother want a new daughter (from France) ? ^-~

    11.15.08 · Reply
  59. Angela wrote:

    Why were you in Tulsa? I ask because I’m from that area. And you’re right the vintage shopping is fantastic and great prices abound. I discovered your blog and love it. I am so envious of your innate sense of style. I wish I was that adventerous in my personal style and I wish I had your fantastic selection of clothing and shoes. So fun, keep up the good work.

    11.17.08 · Reply
  60. Sarah D wrote:

    I saw you/ found out about your blog in TeenVogue and Ive seen your stuff on lookbook.
    I live in Tulsa and frequent these vintage stores all the time. I was amazed that you’d been there! :D

    4.14.09 · Reply
  61. thanks for your share!share with you my love

    2.3.10 · Reply
  62. We, the rustling leaves, have a voice that answers the storms,but who are you so silent?I am a mere flower. Do you like it?

    8.7.10 · Reply
  63. Among those dresses that you bought…that lovely skirt is my favorite! The shape is so cool, the color and the fabric. You also look good wearing that skirt. ;) Your Mom looks cute on that tank too.

    3.21.11 · Reply
  64. I just love your blog and style! Such yummy eye candy to look at.

    5.5.11 · Reply
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