October 1st-playing dress up


It was really chilly this morning-I threw on my favorite mohair sweater by Lillith. I've been waiting to wear it all summer!! I also wear a Prada skirt (with a vintage crinoline underneith to poof it up) and Prada sandals from Spring 07-they went on sale that season and when the sales for Fall 07 started they were still on the sales rack! I had to give them a home-they are lovely.

My mom was trying on an outfit she plans to wear when the weather is better for it-I'm so jealous of her Balenciaga jacket-the details on it are amazing. I caught her talking on the phone when I snapped these pictures!

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  1. Sophie says:

    Oh What a beautiful jacket your mom has!

  2. WendyB says:

    Love that skirt.

  3. Jenny says:

    Wow your Mom’s jacket is amazing. And so is you Prada skirt – it looks surreal.

  4. kristin says:

    that Prada skirt you have on is so great with the crinoline. you look so pretty!

  5. connie says:

    your shoes look like they were made for that outfit.
    i also terribly love your mom’s scarf!
    you two are sooo cute.

  6. the skirt is a work of art, so are the shoes! i am in love with your mom’s jacket! A+ all around

  7. jaleh says:

    you have such a wonderful, unique style. everything is amazing!

  8. karina says:

    You are both dreamy visions!!!Pure Beauty!!!!

  9. Brigadeiro says:

    OMGosh, both yours and your mom’s outfit’s are 2D4!!! I’m especially in love with your mom’s jacket (drool) and scarf…and skirt, and boots! (haha!) GORGEOUS!

  10. a la mode says:

    that jacket is beautiful!

  11. Such a cute outfit, you are wearing!! I’m jealous of your shoecloset

  12. brooke says:

    your mother looks just divine! ohh i wish my mother and sister had your style (and money!)
    im so looking forward to your fall wardrobe, loving it..
    and ive figured out why you have so many shoes – you feel too sorry for them to leave them on the shelf!
    Much love, xx <3

  13. i had to come back to look at your shoes lol. they are divine. wish the heel was chunkier! btw, what do you do with your shoe boxes? i’m trying to figure out how to store my shoes at my new place and i’ll most likely store them in shelves like yours. i just don’t know what to do with the boxes!

  14. Oh man, I almost walked out with that Balenciaga the other day at Barney’s, except in black. It’s so perfect and soft. Both of your outfits are completely killer.

  15. mattie says:

    your mom is so cool. i love her style as well as yours.

  16. mayk says:

    Amazing. You are both so stunning.

  17. Le Fashion says:

    I seriously just had a heart attack over your mom’s jacket!!!

  18. Jamie says:

    Almost every time I see one of your outfits, my mouth falls open. You and your mother both put clothes together so well, in unexpected but undeniably beautiful and elegant ways. Your Pradas are gorgeous and I want everything your mom is wearing (especially that jacket!).

  19. Premauflage says:

    Love love love those shoes you are wearing.

  20. those shoes suit you skirt perfectly.
    and your mom’s jacket, the color is so unique, and it looks like butta. also it just hit me who your mom reminds me of, she looks a bit like daphne guinness

  21. I love the eclectic mix of clothes. Your outfit is so quaint, it’s just lovely, and your mum’s looks like the perfect combination of sophistication, comfort and style :)

  22. Ana says:

    Your complete look is to die for (said so many times!)–rare mix of retro yet it looks so modern. Keep being you! Your mums skirt(?) is also so lovely.

  23. Sus says:

    Love the skit, it’s gorgeous!

  24. clareassiral says:

    Firstly, you look great! the skirt is amazing the shoes are stunning! Secondly, I love your wardrobe of shoes! Lastly, your mum is awesomely cooL! Somehow i stumbled upon your blog via other blogs, and i love it.

  25. mybeaumonde says:

    those prada shoes are amazing! great colour combo x

  26. Wax says:

    You look amazing! Gotta love the Prada skirt and heels! :)

  27. missmilki says:

    I love your Mum – I want to look like her when I grow up! ;)

  28. AmandaMchele says:

    I love the way your mom softens up the very punk feeling of boots and a leather jacket with that pretty white romantic skirt.

  29. Becca says:

    i love that you put the crinoline under the skirt – it looks just so lovely. And the shoes!
    and your mom’s outfit! Also très fabulous. Loving that jacket!

  30. I love your skirt!!!
    Your outfits are always fantastic.

  31. mariana says:

    your n your mom have the best taste on wordobre

  32. william shatner says:

    love your outfit, especially the prada skirt! everything ties together perfectly. another win methinks. =)

  33. Elin says:

    ohh, you and your mum are so gorgeous!!

  34. Your blog is so so so inspiring ;) Love it! Hope you don’t mind- i placed you on my favorite blog list!!!
    have a great day!
    -AK BeverlyHills-

  35. Jessica says:

    your moms outfit is amazing, I love the jacket!…your shoes are sooo awesome!!!

  36. merkovsky says:

    you are chic. your mom is chic. your house is chic. your closet is chic. jane you are just oozing with chicness!! you look amazing in prada, by the way. i mailed you the questions today! hope you get em :)

  37. Amy Williams says:

    Jane, love your outfit, you’re one of very few who could pull this look off!
    And your mothers jacket, wow! I’ve been dying for that exact jacket, I love the colour too, so much softer than the black. Love it paired with the ann.d boots too!

  38. Nina says:

    your mom’s bal jacket is TO DIE FOR! i love the color, esp!

  39. Nicole says:

    I love your mom’s look! That Balenciaga jacket really is wonderful.

  40. Harm-ony says:

    I am Pleading to see some of your bags :) PLEAAAAAAAASE

  41. TheL.Texensis says:

    Youre mom looks amazing in this leather jacket… and I’m swoooooning over your shoes!

  42. anna says:

    that skirt is really amazing!
    I like your style!

  43. Pen says:

    LOVE your skirt! And your mom is so beautiful!

  44. Caroline says:

    Love the studded black shoes on the top shelf. I don’t think I’ve seen you wear them…

  45. Mackenzie says:

    I am obsessed with your shoe closet! You and your mother have amazing style. My mother and I are a team too for my Fashion Line LITTER. Please check out and add my blog- http://www.littermb.com

  46. Jillian says:

    The jacket is AMAZING!!! WOW!

  47. your mother reminds me of Diane Lane. very beautiful.

  48. Key says:

    your mom has an amazing style!
    it must be so cool when you dress up and get out together.

  49. Moi says:

    woow, amazing clothes! You both look so beautiful! Is it possible to see your closet?? Would love to see all your clothes and how you mix and match it! Keep up this great blog! I love it!

  50. Kaylene says:

    Playing dress-ups at your house looks like so much fun! And on a completely unrelated note, great picks for your favourite summer music tracks listed back in June. I have much respect for anyone who includes Roxy Music, Suicide AND Os Mutantes on the same list!!! Such great taste.

  51. Shani says:

    WOW, this is one gorgeous sweater your’e wearing!

  52. chantelle says:

    your mom’s jacket rocks my life!

  53. KD says:

    Wowie wow wow! That skirt is amazing and I love how you wore it! That Balenciaga jacket is to die for!

  54. Maija says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I really like the way you combine different pieces together. And, being the shoe freak I am, I have to admit that I love your shoe collection ;)
    Altough I really like most of your outfits, today I felt for the first time that your outfit was truly heart-beat stopping. It was so gorgeous! I’ve been admiring the old-English-manor-house-style for a while now and your outfit reminds me of it very much. So far it’s the prettiest up-to-date version that I’ve seen. And I’ve been searching for them, so I’ve seen quite a lot.
    Just a small warning: don’t be surprised if everyone starts gazing at you when you enter the room looking like that. It’s just that you’re by far the most elegant thing they’ve seen that day.
    PS. I really like the fluttering skirt/dress of your mother’s also.

  55. Giorgia says:

    Love your style…love that jacket!!!!

  56. lottie x says:

    ahh you remind me of carrie bradshaw soo much with your fashion choices! inspiring, brave, dreamy and amazing! ..only just discovered your blog!! im going to be sifting through your archives because of this post. AMAZING.

  57. Guru says:

    I love this Balenciaga jacket – Rihanna was recently photographed wearing it and http://www.shoppingandinfo.com posted about it. I want the Balenciaga one. It is sold out everywhere. And well it is not that affordable :)

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