An antique necklace I got in Tulsa:


An outfit from a couple of weeks ago:
I'm wearing a Y-3 skirt, a beaded vest from Urban Outffiters, various necklaces and a Tom Binns cufff, Ann Demeulemeester jacket and boots


Something I wore to go get breakfast in Mexico at 7:30, hence the poor lighting, lack of makeup and uncombed hair: NOTE THE SHOES, they are vintage Joan & David, they were my moms in the 80's


My mom wearing the beautiful dress by Czarina Villa in Tulsa a week or three back:

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  1. jenny says:

    wow you look so much like your mother! great shoes too

  2. WendyB says:

    I loved Joan & David back in the day.

  3. Amelia says:

    I love the first necklace and the beaded vest. Nice post.

  4. connie says:

    That Tom Binns cuff is divine!

  5. escritora says:

    wonderful brogues :)so chic ;)

  6. Rachel says:

    OMG ARE THOSE THE UNGARO BRANCH HEELS IN THE BACK?!?!?!?!!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

  7. Sparkles says:

    brilliant post!!
    when are you doing the ebay shopping tips! Can’t wait!! :D

  8. Emma // Sweden says:

    I love your blog. You’re beautiful like mad and your outfits are always great.

  9. fuchsiaboy says:

    where is czarina villa being sold?
    is she the filipino designer?

  10. fuchsiaboy says:

    oh, sorry, i should have read the earlier post.
    she’s a good friend of mine and i was kinda surprised to see her name. I thought she’s selling in Texas now.
    hope it’s ok to grab your pix and make a link here. im so proud of her!

  11. Nubby says:

    It’s so cute how you and your mom share shoes.
    And, you look amazingly good at 7:30 in the morning!

  12. candid cool says:

    as always you are your mother have impeccably eclectic style.

  13. m says:

    i love the vintage joan and davids!

  14. Brigadeiro says:

    Stunning as always, especially the outfit the AD jacket & boots (both amazing!) & TB cuff! It’s just G O R G E O U S! I finally bought a smaller version of your 1st TB cuff, and love it! Except the pictures I posted on my blog don’t showcase it well, I must take more pics. Ooh! I just had to gaze at our outfit shot again, just gorgeous! I just noticed the v. dark navy nailpolish, gives your already gorgeous outfit a further edge!

  15. love that UO vest! and you don’t look makeup less nor is your hair messy!

  16. ANNIE says:

    i’m just curious, what size are you? (:

  17. tanya says:

    love the third pic down – we rarely get close-up shots of your lovely self and ive never noticed your gorgeous blue eyes before! (hope that comment doesnt sound too stalkery!)
    haha you should see me at 7:30 in the morning. definitely not as polished or as composed as you!

  18. mej says:

    whoa your mum’s wearing a czarina villa?! she’s a local designer from the Philippines.=) love it!=)

  19. Caroline says:

    i’ve been wanting that UO vest. so different than anything else they have right now, which I love.

  20. love love those vintage shoes! a friend of mine found a similar pair at a thrift shop but it was too small for her :(

  21. Becca says:

    you are impeccable! Even uncombed and makeupless in Mexico. Lovely!

  22. ephemerall says:

    must be nice to be a rich girl!

  23. ephemerall says:

    must be nice to be an average looking {very, eek} girl with excess money {much, as it seems} from her mommy…. nice.

  24. Anonymous says:

    must be nice being a bitter lifeless {very, very, eek!} geek with nothing do but leave comments {two, as it seems} on the sad sad internet

  25. Eden says:

    ephemerall, shut up, yeah?
    If Jane’s average looking we must live in a very beautiful world!
    She isn’t a rich girl and she certainly isn’t average. In all respects. She’s a beautiful, smart, stylish (and individual) girl. Fuck yeah!

  26. Who is this ephemerall person, hmmm?
    You are very demode. Do not insult my daughter like that, hm? How demode. We understand that you exist to make people like Jane and I look even more chic, but you should not speak, hm? Anna will fire you tomorrow. She’s already got the gin bottles ready..

  27. kirstie says:

    oooooh, the tom binns cuff…. mmm. love the brogues too.

  28. Angel says:

    wow i honestly think you look better with makeup!! really pretty~
    and I really like that bracelet and >< those shoes!! that was your mom's.
    haha also I have the habit to wear my mom's old items from the 80s too.

  29. kendra says:

    what nail polish are you wearing?

  30. Lauren says:

    i love every single thing about this post. perfection!
    my favorite part however, is probably the beaded vest in the first couple of pictures. it ties your outfit together beautifully. :)

  31. Rosie says:

    God, I love that necklace!

  32. Elle says:

    You look a lot like your mom in the Mexico photo.

  33. Pen says:

    Your outfits are amazing and your Prada shoes are to die for! You mom looks as gorgeous but I would to see how you dad looks too! I think that would be great!

  34. chauss says:

    the antique necklace looks great on you! i love finding the perfect vintage neck piece.

  35. alyssa says:

    those joan & david shoes are fantastic.

  36. Susanna-Cole says:

    That necklace is beautiful and I love your style! Your mom is so well put together, as well, I guess fashion is in the family! ;) And if that is your shoe closet behind you… I am a tad bit jealous! :P

  37. juliet says:

    OMG, Could you be any more stylish?
    juliet xxx

  38. Czarina says:

    Judy rocks that dress like no other! And oooh that Tom Binns cuff is amazing!

  39. b says:

    gorgeous girl! the styling in that outfit from a few weeks ago definitely has to be one of your best!

  40. Allie says:

    Great style runs in the family :)

  41. blood roses says:

    i love those red/brown brogues you are wearing…so beautiful! also i keep catching a glimpse of those silver lace ups on yuor top shelf. I WANT!! :)
    id love it if you checked out my blog, ive linked you x

  42. Stefania says:

    great outfit love the boots with that dress and sequin top combination
    and the oxford’s circa 1980 sooooo great, just soooooo badass

  43. La Fee says:

    that necklace is di-vine

  44. BETTY says:


  45. My best friend/co-blogger just turned me on to your blog the other day. I am blown away. Your style is amazing…so innovative and fresh.
    Absolutely loving it.

  46. Maria says:

    I like your style, but some of your shoes are really ugly!!

  47. hidzume says:

    Nice post ^^
    Love your closet :)

  48. Betty, I guess you can’t read, hmmm? We are not filling out a bank form here dear, no need to type in caps…how demode.

  49. B2X says:

    Jane, you are unique and clever — sometimes even adults can be jealous of a youth-holding lady!
    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  50. Gina says:

    You and your mom have phenomenal style. You have shoes that are to die for. Love your blog. Has become one of my faves.

  51. Jane, keep posting your outfits, and ideas, they are great!

  52. rebeca says:

    like, woah, i just stumbled into your blog and girl, you’ve got some serious kick ass style going on!
    i looked at some of the older posts and i loved some (all) of your shoes, in particular the Ann Demeulemeester boots, since i’ve been looking for a pair myself!
    i’ll definitively keep track of your blog! especially because i’m starting one myself.
    keep rocking those shoes jane!

  53. Sandra says:

    Oh wow I cannot believe how great both you and your mother look!! It’s so adorable. I LOVE yours/your mother’s shoes…and your mother’s new dress! Lovely.

  54. Jayde says:

    you’re a young version of Lindsay Lohan, but armed with a great fashion sense to boot!:) love your blog and your ‘sea of shoes’ and clothes as well:)

  55. chantelle says:

    your moma has such a gorgy dress!

  56. z says:

    way to go cza! :)
    hey jane, i’m sure you’ve answered this before (but i cant find it in your archives), but who takes your photos? everything is absolutely lovely lovely LOVELY :)

  57. You have a very trendy mum! xxxxxxxx

  58. manuelllla says:

    cool necklace in the firstplace! suits you really well! how is it to walk in the demeulmeester boots?

  59. kristin says:

    such a great necklace. looks a little deco

  60. saray says:

    both of your outfit are great!
    and the shoes in the second one are fab ..
    you mother looks fab too – we can see where you got your fab sense of style..

  61. krista says:

    I love your shoes and your outfits but i love you more.
    Czarina Villa? the Filipino designer? :)

  62. Soraya says:

    Love your shoes:)

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