This sequinned bolero I am wearing was purchased on eBay early last week and I was thrilled to see that it was as much as a beautiful trainwreck in person as it was in it's pictures-they colors are hideous in the most fabulous way. Its like a bad piece of folk art reincarnated as a tacky 80's relic.
I haven't worn this out yet but I can already hear my friends going 'oh what is jane thinking this time…' :-P

I really should have taken a better picture of it-will do so soon.

Worn with vintage Levi's, American Apparel tank, and Bruno Frisoni shoes.

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  1. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Oh my! The jacket truly is bananas, hehe (so unique, amazing how you made it work with your outfit, which looks gorgeous)! :) Those Bruno Frisoni shoes are seriously 2D4!!!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  2. Brigadeiro wrote:

    PS. Did you mom hire an interior decorator to deck out the house, or did she do so herself? Because from the pictures I’ve seen, it is as gorgeous as your wardrobes and shoe collections! LOVE it! Although I’m not usually a fan of those clear chairs (I mean, they look in magazine spreads, but lack ‘warmth’ and ‘come sit on me’ sort of look), I love how with the addition of that gorgeous ‘woolie fur throw’, it fixes just that: adds warmth and looks so inviting to sit on!
    Sorry about the rambling :)

    10.23.08 · Reply
  3. Haley wrote:

    Mmm, those shoes are luscious.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  4. Tara wrote:

    That jacket is AWESOME! I’m not sure how many other people could pull it off, but it looks great on you!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  5. Allie wrote:

    Holy smokes! It is everything you say it is. It is amazing.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  6. rebeca wrote:

    you look like one hell of a sexy, retro mamacita with that! you wear it well you know..cause i’d be worried about the funny factor with those sleeves but it looks classy instead!
    i liked the necklaces in the background mannequin too!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  7. juliet wrote:

    I tagged you!
    juliet xxx

    10.23.08 · Reply
  8. jess wrote:

    love the ghost chairs + wooly covers.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  9. I know what you are thinking… that you look awesome. Love the jacket. Rock it!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  10. Daniela wrote:

    girl, when are we gonna get some ebay tips? im dying to go shopping.
    you look great

    10.23.08 · Reply
  11. It´s truly bananas! I could never make it work like you :P

    10.23.08 · Reply
  12. Harm-ony wrote:

    Its an amazing piece _ love the green nail polish :D

    10.23.08 · Reply
  13. ISTilettos wrote:

    I have been following your blog for a few months now. I just had to say something after this post :) I am amazed by the way you carry pieces that are so hard to pull off – especially for a 16 year old. I am still trying to define my own style. It must be great to know what you like and what looks good at such a young age :) Keep up the great creations! I am sure you are an inspiration to many.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  14. Love it! Great photo!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  15. kajsa wrote:

    Its super banana weird! And I love it.. in some kinda..also..very weird way! HAHA

    10.23.08 · Reply
  16. I need this shoes for my birthday!!!!!
    Bolero is so Pucci…

    10.23.08 · Reply
  17. Moi wrote:

    woow,absolutely gorgeous!! You have an amazing style.Love how you mix all the different pieces together..Simply unique! Keep it up girl :)

    10.23.08 · Reply
  18. tanya wrote:

    That bolero is bananas
    That bolero is bananas
    i just couldnt resist.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  19. Yes, please give us some ebay tips…
    What a fun garment.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  20. jo wrote:

    i think it’s really great. somehow friends are less accepting (approving sounds a bit harsh?) of slightly outlandish wear… is it a universal thing? haha

    10.23.08 · Reply
  21. Wax wrote:

    dammit, you’re fierce!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  22. a la mode wrote:

    fantastic bolero and great shoes!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  23. kate wrote:

    hey! :) I love your blog!! and I just discovered it today!! :O (I missed out on a lot!)
    If you don’t mind my asking… How come you travel alot? what do you do? :))
    Cos I find it so cool! :)) I’d love to know :))

    10.23.08 · Reply
  24. cheng wrote:

    i LOVE the hideousness of the jacket.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  25. connie wrote:

    I’m glad you kept it simple. I could see how people could make it look 100x more tacky than it already is. But you just have enough to make it pop without overdoing it.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  26. Kristina wrote:

    its perfect, but only because you are wearing it.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  27. Juley wrote:

    your shoes are BANANAS

    10.23.08 · Reply
  28. madeline wrote:

    Oh my gosh you really can make ANYTHING look like a million bucks!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  29. ryder wrote:

    bollero is fab! combined with vintage levis, great!!! love the contrast! and the shoes… AMAZING!!!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  30. elizabeth wrote:

    I WANT IT !

    10.23.08 · Reply
  31. White wrote:

    I die.
    On another note, those cozy ghost chairs are delicious.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  32. Julie wrote:

    Love the jacket on you.
    I am also a fan of the chairs. A friend of mine has them in her dining room, and they are supercute. I think they came from highbrowfurniture.com

    10.23.08 · Reply
  33. stefanie wrote:

    it’s totally bananas.
    great combination!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  34. Becca wrote:

    Bananas indeed. That is one crazily shiny colourful 80’s moment ine one garment. But somehow you make it work? You’re a brave lady, but you pull it off!

    10.23.08 · Reply

    10.23.08 · Reply
  36. Thedoc wrote:

    First time commenting but long time reader! Love the whole look, including the coffee cup! hihihi

    10.23.08 · Reply
  37. betty wrote:

    the jacket is really ugly

    10.23.08 · Reply
  38. WendyB wrote:

    Awesome jacket. You’re lucky I didn’t find it first!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  39. R wrote:

    Sorry Jane, not even you can pull off that appalling jacket. It looks somewhat decent sitting down, but I’m sure that’s just the work of the angle and camera. Standing up, I’m sure it looks appalling. Starting to try too hard. Where’s your once effortlessness?

    10.23.08 · Reply
  40. rachel wrote:

    I’m from israel, so you can see that your outfits are evaluate even here haha..
    This sea realy seduce me to swim in…

    10.24.08 · Reply
  41. Eden wrote:

    Hilarious- “starting to try too hard” when she’s doing what she’s always done ;)
    I have an urge to deconstruct the jacket…into something.

    10.24.08 · Reply
  42. Eper wrote:

    Definitely bananas! Only you could pull it off!
    Been watching The Rachel Zoe Project?! :D I DIE!!! Love that show! I just discovered it on youtube yesterday and I watched the first 5 episodes nonstop.

    10.24.08 · Reply
  43. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT… I WAS BIDDING AGAINST YOU FOR THAT JACKET!!!! it is the most amazing thing i have seen ever and i thought i would never see it again but i click on your blog and there you are sitting smugly with it (and rightly so!) i actually swore out loud to myself and my boyfriend is now thinking i am crazy! well… if i couldn’t have it i’m so glad it went to a good home! x

    10.24.08 · Reply

    10.24.08 · Reply
  45. eliza wrote:

    Oh wow, I had wondered if anyone was actually going to buy that bolero. I recall seeing it on ebay; it is definitely a perfect fit with the rest of your wardrobe. You make it work.

    10.24.08 · Reply
  46. those shoes are a m a z i n g. your whole outfit screams ‘cool’

    10.24.08 · Reply
  47. The bolero is great, but the shoes are amazing!

    10.24.08 · Reply
  48. Carolyn wrote:

    Gorgeous jacket, gorgeous shoes, cool a$$ chair and I have the same coffee mugs…haha. :) You have great style!!

    10.24.08 · Reply
  49. tindi-rindi wrote:

    I love the jacket itself, but I think more like an art piece than an item of clothing. It looks delicately made and definately by a funky person :)P You wear it very nicely indeed.

    10.25.08 · Reply
  50. Stompface wrote:

    Wild wild bolero! And shoes too actually. I am pretty much in awe of your blog.

    10.25.08 · Reply
  51. Sunset wrote:

    Trainwreck yes… but it works so good. Love it!

    10.26.08 · Reply
  52. liz wrote:


    10.27.08 · Reply
  53. Mizztissa wrote:

    What sort of hat might you wear with this?

    10.29.08 · Reply
  54. Marina wrote:

    Do you know “Zadig & Voltaire”? it’s clothes really pretty !

    11.14.08 · Reply
  55. hz wrote:

    my personal favorite gram parsons wore this jacket: http://greatpointcustomleatherworks.com/images/gramparsons.jpg … also bananas.
    love yours, love his!

    11.21.08 · Reply
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