WHAT I WEAR TODAY//ahh i’m late to school!

Today was 'free dress day' (hah, free?? they make me wear flats!!) at our school-ie: I don't have to wear my uniform. So I felt like I had to wear something a little more out-there than usual for me.

Silver brogues by Yohji Yamamoto, polyester sheer skirt is Comme des Garcons, American Apparel tank top, tux style bib piece from Urabn Outfitters, tie dye jeans from Urban Outitters Gotta run, I'm late! ;-P

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  1. Desiree says:

    Wow, that IS a little out dare! I would never have the guts to wear that. But you manage to pull it off. I love the bib by the way. I have got to get one myself! <3

  2. mimi says:

    ive just discovered your blog, and i must say, you’ve quickly become my favourite fashion blogger! you are truly an example of someone born with style :)
    love the outfit. absolutely adore the skirt and the bib! im sure you stood out from the crowd! :)

  3. Wow! This is one of my favorite outfit!

  4. Fi says:

    Wow, that’s cool. I’d never have the guts to wear something like that to school though, I admire your confidence.

  5. cary says:

    You look stunning, I love your outfit, and I especially adore the skirt! You’re gorgeous =]

  6. Very “Théâtrale très chère”!!! Nice tast of vintage feminin masculin ;-)

  7. Very “Théâtrale très chère”!!! Nice tast of vintage feminin masculin ;-)

  8. a la mode says:

    you look amazing! xox

  9. Rachel says:

    love your crazy SCHOOL outfit <333 you have real style. really individual. your style is so much like art!

  10. you are a teenage daphne guiness!!!!! absolutely phenomenal! and like daphne you wear something extragravant like its jeans and a t-shirt, complete nonchalance and effortlessness.
    im curious, what was the reaction to what you wear at school?

  11. Lyn says:

    L.O.V.E the brogues. Seriously.

  12. You look so fucking rad Jane! Those jeans look great underneath it all and flats for a change still look totally epic.

  13. Eli says:

    wow, impressive. I would have never thought of those things together but they go very well

  14. Mai. says:

    loving the CDG skirt
    would have looked better with BIG heels… though I definitely love the shoes you wore!
    but positively FAB nonetheless :) we don’t have uniforms at my school, just a Very Very strict dress code, and so generally we all look rather Blah. every once in a while I break out the crazy heels or vintage dresses, but I would never have the thought to wear that!

  15. alexa says:

    i admire your courage!

  16. lilly says:

    i love ur style u are soooo gorgeous!!!!

  17. lilly says:

    i love ur style u are soooo gorgeous!!!!

  18. Erika says:

    I only wish I’d had your sense of style back when I was in high school. And I actually thought I dressed well. Great look Jane!

  19. Ashton says:

    I love all your outfits actually :) but this one is very awesome. I love that bib from Urban Outfitters.

  20. Maeko says:

    You will have to post a reaction piece to let us know how your outfit was received. I’m looking forward to hearing about your day!

  21. camille says:

    i’m dying over that cdg skirt. seriously dying. ;)

  22. Nina says:

    i designed those jeans…u look great in them! :)

  23. i found a piece that i think you’d love on ebay. will email it to you.
    fantastic outfit, the skirt is so lush!

  24. Amy Williams says:

    Wow, you look fabulous, that skirt is incredible. And I can’t believe those jeans are UO, they look great.

  25. Amee says:

    Definitely a work of art! Gorgeous and well put together. I need to find the guts to dress up at school rather than just work and shopping.

  26. Hannah says:

    Jane-Couture, your style is gorgeous!

  27. Jamie says:

    I love it. They say no heels and you wear something they’ll never expect. Way to defy!

  28. it looks absolutely gorgeouse! love the skirt! you will leave them speech-less!

  29. Yi says:

    you don’t have to wear heels to look gorgeous! if i had your yohji yamahmoto shoes, i’d be smiling from ear to ear! i’m crazy bout them! you’re really inspiring..

  30. Angela says:

    Härlig stil du har :D

  31. michelle says:

    This is a little out there but totally gorgeous. you look a little like a ballerina! very nice

  32. haha I love it. I’d also love to know what people said about it at school! Definitely not the tradition civies outfit….

  33. Ané says:

    mail me, so that I can give you my address so that you can send me that skirt
    okay thanks bye

  34. juliet says:

    What kinf of school do you go to? Uni? I’d be cool to see how your work your uniform.
    juliet xxx

  35. Alex says:

    Ahhhh! i love that CDG skirt you have!! also the other one you should us a while back..Now you have 2 skirt that I totally lust for. I believe I saw something like the skirt your wearing on ebay? anyways i’m jealous :]

  36. ediot says:

    you look stunning and unique

  37. Vix says:

    Completely agree with pret-a-porter. You are like a younger version of Daphne Guinness. Love what you decided to wear to school. So nice to see someone your age with so much confidence (and style!).

  38. Brigadeiro says:

    OMGosh, this is the most stunning amazing outfit to date! I would need a super party to wear this to, but your school gets to witness this in person, am so envious! That CDG skirt is just ethereal! I LOVE it! And as I said in a previous post, absolutely love that UO bib/top. *sigh* Just too gorgeous! Would love to know what everyone at school thought!!! Does anyone else dress-up like you? :)

  39. Brigadeiro says:

    PS. After staring at the pictures for ages, I managed to look at something other than the amazing outfit, that side table next to the armchair in the 1st picture is AMAZING! May I ask who it’s by? I must show this picture to my uncle (furniture designer), as he’d absolutely flip over it!

  40. caroline says:

    i want to steal your shoes!

  41. mattie says:

    i love those jeans and shoes

  42. mattie says:

    hi. please write back. are your shoes still available online. i am in love with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Becca says:

    you are perfection personified! Always stunning!

  44. tracy says:

    admittedly you pull it off better than the great majority, but this is too OTT even for you!

  45. clareassiral says:

    wow you look like you’re ready to work the runway! love the skirt

  46. Whimsykid says:

    I have a uniform at my school too, ergh. But even on no-uniform days I’ve never seen anyone dress as wild as you did! That’s pretty bold. I think heels would have gone perfectly with that outfit though, but I know what you mean about heel height rules…

  47. kirstie says:

    haha it’s weird seeing you in flats but as always you look fuckin awesome. those brogues are to DIE FOR!

  48. Wow what a brave choice, I love it!!!
    I just that that UO bib, I want one so badly.
    Love the brogues too.
    You go girl, it’s great to make a statement especially when you do it so well!

  49. Amelia says:

    I love the bib! The skirts and shoes are really cool-looking. This is a pretty awesome outfit.

  50. jamie says:

    i agree, very brave choice. i love this! thanks for never being boring!

  51. Raquel says:

    Beautiful Jane, you just raised the bar.

  52. Brigadeiro says:

    PPS> I would love to see a shot of your uniform! Growing up in Brazil I didn’t have a preppy uniform a la ‘Gossip Girls’, but wore: Adidas 3-striped navy tracksuit with white tee & sneakers, or in warmer weather the white tee was teamed with a pleated blue skirt…I’m sure yours must be much more stylish than that! :)

  53. Amelia says:

    i think everyone would like to see how you wear your uniform, i’m sure it’s crazy beautiful too :D

  54. valerie says:

    I love your outfit and your blog is amazing!!!

  55. tfs says:

    very editorial. i like it!

  56. Love your skirt. People at school will get impressed. Today I´m talking about your dad. Kisses.

  57. Pelin says:

    woooowww… like the other followers, I have been checking your blog daily. until this time, I’ve made lots of my friends your admirer all over the world. This morning when I saw this amazing, bold style, I, too, was like “this is something incredible!!!”. I want to try something like this among my Turkish engineers’ crowd.. they already think I am waaaay tooo crazy, anyways ;)

  58. cheng says:

    i actually love it when you wore flats. i love some masculinity in a getup. this pair is gorgeous. also your mom’s black/tan oxfords.

  59. Christina says:

    Hello there!
    I’ve recently found your blog and was hooked. I read it from beginning to end (which took a LONG time) and am absolutely stunned by your classy, beautiful, style and of course with your HUGE collection of shoes. Your mother is also so beautiful and you two look like you have lots of fun! Check out my blog sometime!

  60. Nathalie says:

    wow, you are so cool! god i wish i hade your wardrobe..

  61. Rona says:

    it’s weird, i’m loving your sense of style and i’m older than you. but then again, it doesn’t really matter. just curious, what does your friends and classmates say when they see your cool outfitz?

  62. So says:

    Hey, just saw an article about you on the French Glamour…so I’ve just discovered your blog, it is totally amazing! :p

  63. jennine says:

    you dont need heels to make this fab (obviously)

  64. Stephanie says:

    Absolutely love the outfit. Sheer skirt is amazing and im loving how you used the lace bib. but… to be completely honest… i really really love your white side table most!

  65. i’m loving the table in the first pic

  66. hotprincess says:


  67. Veronica says:

    this outfit is epic

  68. flower says:


  69. Wow, Jane, you look like you just stepped out of the pages of Vogue. Your outfits amaze me, especially for someone so young. You have such a strong sense of style. I particularly like the brogues with this outfit…they are kind of unexpected. Perfect! xoxo

  70. bitsnpieces says:

    u wore that to school? WOW.

  71. Diane says:

    This is a really unique and stunningly elegant twist Jane. Love the outfit!!

  72. jess says:

    Truly amazing!!

  73. leo says:

    would be great to see you in your normal school uniform, because i can’t imagine you in waering something normal;)

  74. Holly says:

    amazing outfit!

  75. merkovsky says:

    i agree with the daphne guinness reference
    and i think this is your best outfit so far!

  76. no says:

    i´m sorry
    but money
    isnt style..

  77. no says:

    i´m sorry
    but money
    isnt style..

  78. michelle says:

    honestly, that is the most fantastic thing i’ve all day. i love it!

  79. michelle says:

    *seen all day. whoopsie!

  80. Frances says:

    This is such a great outfit. And I love that you look so comfy wearing it!

  81. emily says:


  82. those tie dye jeans ar totally fab! i’m so glad i discovered your blog :)

  83. Elly says:

    Lovely shirt and the color is just love. Your shirt/ blouse is trés chic.
    But with high heels it would have look much better.

  84. stephanie says:

    good afternoon jane ! i am a french girl sorry i don’t speak english very well but i write just to tell you i see your article in a french mag ” glamour ” congratulation !!! you and your mum have a realy good style !! i love it <3 my blog of style is http://ainsi-va-la-mode.skyblog.com =) good byyyeeeeee !!!!! <3

  85. clémence says:

    Qui sortait “un peu” de l’ordinaire seulement…?J’imagine quand c’est beaucoup!

  86. Ilona says:

    très très jolie !

  87. Ilona says:

    très très jolie !

  88. Nicolette says:

    wow that is crazy, but super cute. i love the jeans!
    i just started reading your blog and looking at your pictures very recently, reccomended by a good friend, and i love it already!
    i love your super-original styles.

  89. cocklukter says:

    ugly bitch make me a sammich as in the kitchen where you belong

  90. I hate being late to school. Makes me remember some times back when I was a kid and it seemed like the biggest deal in the world…

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