WHAT I WORE//10-25-08

A Y-3 sweatshirt dress (that is really supposed to be 'pants'), Margiela boots, unknown necklace
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  1. bluejayintokyo says:

    This is incredibly perfect………….
    You put minimalism back on my mind.

  2. Emily says:

    I’m loving the look. A little confused about how that’s supposed to be
    “pants” though…

  3. Aly says:

    I love that dress!!!

  4. Amy May says:

    I’m confused too… supposed to be trousers?! Odd.
    This look is perfect, though. I love it.

  5. Becca says:

    I’m in love with those boots!

  6. BobDylan says:


  7. lovely outfit
    effortless chic!

  8. cheng says:

    brilliant – i can totally see how the pants work. love the colour combo.

  9. miss_shoes says:

    woooow love those margiela boots….*__* and this dress look great !!
    so nice!!

  10. Sunset says:

    Love love love the way it just drapes over your body. And your hair is literally perfect. Are the right arm and body sleeves the pant legs?
    And great shoe choice. The itty bit of toe poking out balances out the skin.

  11. sophia says:

    so simple and so sexy! i would kill for tom binns jewelry!

  12. Dana says:

    what you did with the sweatpants is SO inspiring.
    off to find giant roomy pants to do this with

  13. anne says:

    I’m sorry but you are truly adorable! I love your pants as dress … so creative.

  14. angela says:

    ooh, i really love the simplicity. one of your top outfits i’d say!
    every time you wear your Margiela’s i’m green with envy. i have not been able to find them =

  15. Dana says:

    Nice color combination: grey and nude beige.

  16. la couturier says:

    that dress is soo amazing! and those shoes are so unique – very cool!
    La C

  17. Sandra says:

    This is absolutely brilliant!! I love what you did to the Y-3 piece and those Margiela boots are to die for.

  18. Victoria says:

    I’m really fond of this outfit. Beautiful! And those Margiela boots… Just perfect. :)

  19. Amy Williams says:

    This look is just amazing on you!! And the Margiela boots look so great with the dress!
    Do you want to swap links, as I finally got round to making a blog, I added you to mine!

  20. Brigadeiro says:

    I’m so in love with those Margiela’s, love the look! Nice & Simple & Funky…love those Y-3 Skorts too! :)

  21. Alie says:

    I hope you’re doing well Jane, you look fab, as always haha.

  22. Clutterina says:

    You look adorable, as always.
    But I really love the blocks of wood on top and bottom of that bookshelf. Brilliant! Was it a DIY?

  23. Alexandra says:

    This is one of your best looks yet – really enjoy checking out your blog.

  24. chantelle says:

    Marry me? ROTFL!
    Seriously.. I love your looks, they’re so quirky!!

  25. Wax says:

    perfection… personified!

  26. Amanda says:

    I love it so much! I just looked at every single one of your posts in 1 day haha I love it! I realized we only see you in like 2 or 3 pairs of flats. I’m guessing you probably have more flats, maybe do a post on them so we can see!? I wear mostly flats unfortunately so I’d love to see how you pull them off!

  27. caroline says:

    awesome blog
    tom binns is amazing! i am lusting after his cuffs. i desperately want one. your style is great, i love your marigela shoes. i went to high school in houston, just a fun thought. please check out my blog!

  28. v says:

    really simple, but amazing as usual! You look very pretty! :)

  29. carlotta says:

    they.. are.. PANTS!! that just takes this dress to a whole new level… now im wondering which pair of my pants are secretly also dresses in there second lives…

  30. katherine says:

    can you show us the y3 “dress” as pants?

  31. those boots are really unique and they offset that dress perfectly.

  32. Francesca says:

    amazing. You take such risks! I love to see true, avant-garde style on someone close to my age, it’s very inspiring :)

  33. shoegal1490 says:

    I’m dying to work out how this was done – please someone shed light on how she fashioned those pants into a dress!!! I love it!

  34. Eden says:

    You have finally seduced me ;)
    Will you marry me?
    We can be chic together as we storm the Vogue offices and Anna’s wig falls off. Storming it with HEELS. But what to wear?

  35. Eden says:

    (ALSO: I’ll wear the Junya cardigan)

  36. kristin says:

    ah, I love the boot/sandals so much and the sweatshirt as a dress is lovely with them. the pale colors look so nice on you.

  37. Iona says:

    You’re amazing.
    As pants, I think I could take it or leave it.
    But as a dress.. Wow-ee.
    Clever clever

  38. jessica says:

    Girlfriend, you are rad. Such a mature eye – keep it up

  39. Amanda Long says:

    I’d like to see how they’d look as pants. Could you show us? This outfit is simply genius. I love it!

  40. juliet says:

    juliet xxx

  41. Mai. says:

    ok, so this is fantastic. how come none of the models these days even TRY to dress creatively?
    i wish you could find such beautiful, unique pieces in asia :( i’ll keep looking!
    ( i just literally read every single entry you have… you have a new follower! )

  42. amazing. as always you make those MMs look phenomenal

  43. savvymode sg says:

    i love your dress and the mmm boots are too cute.

  44. Katie says:

    I have no idea how to see them as trousers but they make a GREAT dress, lovee!

  45. mani says:

    i love this look – i cant believe those are pants! i love the way you style your outfits :D

  46. mayk says:

    amazing. so simple and perfect!

  47. Melissa says:

    Hi there. I just want to tell you that I absolutely adore your blog and your exquisite fashion sense. Of the many fashion blogs I have perused, this one is the best. It’s mad inspiring, as I’ve finally gotten around to going through my closet to experiment with the copious amount of previously unworn clothing. And I just want to say that the outfit that you wore in a recent post (the Y-3 skirt, beaded vest, and blazer look) was gorgeous, and I was able to come up with a similar concoction myself.
    Oh, and it’s hard to believe you’re so young, as you seem mature beyond your years.

  48. Christine says:

    Got to say, you’re blog is so amazing! Your outfits are so incredibly gorgeous! And those ebay tips are great! They’ve definately put more faith in ebay for me.

  49. Allie says:

    WOW. That’s all I can say.

  50. moded'amour says:

    im so jealous at your shoes!! stunning dress
    take a look at my blog: http://www.mode-damour.blogspot.com

  51. Marcel says:

    I love you. Now you know it :D

  52. clareassiral says:

    this photo is divine.

  53. Mizztissa says:

    Very smart minimalist look.
    “supposed to be ‘pants'”

  54. ediot says:

    GREAT dress. love your blog

  55. eroticorange says:

    this is absolutely genius. i’m going to use this picture on the featured post! =)

  56. Love the Margiela boots, you are gorgeous! :)
    fashion chalet

  57. Alice says:

    Hi !
    I’m a french girl and i discovered your blog in Glamour ^^
    this style is very perfect, and I love it ! It were amazing if I could have those clothes ….
    Congratulations for your site, have a nice day or night ^^
    Bye ! Alice

  58. i love new york says:

    just don’t go where teh tourists go… find the new yorkers (always on their cell with buisiness suits) and go to whichever cafe thyre going to which is around you. its wat i do and it ususally works fine
    btw really good and inovative blog

  59. Alize says:

    I have just read an article on glamour france. your shoes collection is so amazing! i love it!! have you got a handBag collection too??

  60. Ali says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! Margiela’s boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt in love!!!

  61. Marina says:

    ooh I love your dress!!where have you bought it please?

  62. jennine says:

    oh dear.. it seems i unwittingly copied you…
    i was working with one shoulder skirts and blouses, and the pants seemed to be a natural thing to try. sorry about that.

  63. Alice says:

    Hi, I’m from Paris.
    That is beautiful!

  64. TamZ says:

    OMG! I love this outfit! I did that once too- with black gaucho pants. But they use different fabric so it was more ‘form-fitting’ so it just seemed more like a strapless dress with a sleeve that I could tie up and everything. Well this outfit is gorgeous!

  65. mandy says:

    aahh my god tis my fav outfit on u so far :) just found ur blog today so am looking tro ur old posts :) u dress amazingg

  66. erika says:

    darling, where were u when i was in high school?

  67. Punkie says:

    my God!!! this is amazing! perfect… no words to describe this in the right way…

  68. You look great in that dress. I love it.

  69. i love Margiela boots!!!!!!

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