MILITARY/BAND JACKETS//they are so cool

Military/band jackets are so cool

-Jimi Hendrix agrees
-Prince agrees
-Adam Ant agrees
-Giovanna Battaglia agrees
-Japanese cool kids agree
-The Beatles agree
-Christophe Decarnin agrees
-John Galliano agrees


In the 'Ultimate Wardrobe' of my mind, I would have an awesome band jacket to wear everyday. The thing is its just not that easy: it is so hard to find an authentic band jacket. Maybe all of the cool ones have already been bought. Almost everytime I look on eBay (and I check all the time) the only ones they have are too big or they have wierd logos on them. One time there was a red band jacket with tails that I was going crazy over and I bid on it, but it ended up going for $$$$$!!

You see the image of the girl from FRUiTs magazine wearing the cut-off jeans and blue admiral jacket? This is such an amazing outfit, I'm obsessed with it! It's an old picture, from like the late nineties I think. I found it a couple of years ago and from then on I've been on the hunt for a jacket just like hers…

I have a Kansai Yamamoto jacket with some military-ish detailing on it that is actually quite amazing but it's not the 'real deal'. I'm talking about actual band-geek jackets.

It makes me wonder too, military/band jackets have a huge pop-culture signifigance right? Just look at my listup there, cool people wear military jackets. Cool people have been wearing military/band jackets for a long time. So why aren't there cool reproduction military/band jackets being made? There are always 'military inspired jackets' out there but I feel like they're pretty half-assed. Why not go crazy with gold tab detailing, stand up collars, tails, and huge buttons?

A little selfish part of me is even reluctant to post this because in the back of my mind I worry that there will be a day that I find the ultimate band jacket on eBay and someone else will see this and snap it up. Haha. But I know I'll find one some day soon.

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  1. Zori wrote:

    I wish you luck. I love military jackets, they are so on right now

    11.29.08 · Reply
  2. Sunset wrote:

    Love seeing how marching band has such an influence on culture today. Sadly enough though, most of the modern band uniforms (or at least from what I’ve seen) don’t have that kind of super-detailed embroidery and vintage-y gaudiness to them anymore. I know our band used to have super elaborate jackets like that, but we recently updated to more structured and clean jackets, the only source of gaudiness in the sequined band across the chest. So if band suppliers like BandShoppe and McCormick’s ever have excess stock… I dare say you can steal one. Or just ask them if they’d sell it to you.
    Wow that was a long comment. Anyhow, my favorites are Adam Ant’s and Giovvana Battaglia’s. And Balmain, duh. Who doesn’t love those Balmain jackets.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  3. Jenny H wrote:

    love this post.
    i have been looking for a jacket like this for foreverrrr.
    a jacket like that would be able to make any outfit look incredible.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  4. holly wrote:

    my old high school had band jackets (all way to large for me) that were used back when the school had a marching band in the 80s or something… and we found them so our teacher let a few people take them home. because we never wore them.
    so perhaps you should check in on some high schools and see if they are going to throw away some old marching band uniforms!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  5. NG wrote:

    Balmain’s Spring 2009 collection features some cool military/band jackets à la Michael Jackson if you want to take a look

    11.29.08 · Reply
  6. P@trici@ wrote:

    He comprado una chaqueta de este estilo, me gusta mucho.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  7. SOS! wrote:

    i bought a military black wool coat yesterday… they are definitely part of pop culture, from Michael Jackson to the Beatles to SJP. they are definite must have in any wardrobe.
    SOS-er fi xx

    11.29.08 · Reply
  8. BobDylan wrote:

    Why not just get the Balmain jacket – it’s only like 5 thou.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  9. willow wrote:

    im loving giovvana battaglia! For me thats the ultimate military/band jacket look.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  10. Amee wrote:

    I’ve been looking for military/band jackets a while too and I do agree..the Ebay ones I’ve seen just have too many weird logos on them. I was thinking about the 3.1 Phillip Lim, but it is lacking all of that creativity that I need and want. One day you’ll find the perfect one Jane!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  11. Melissa wrote:

    take a look at this one from Nasty Girl Vintage….
    it might be too big, but you never know…

    11.29.08 · Reply
  12. Juice wrote:

    My sister got this military jacket from Topshop more than a year ago and I love it to death!
    I have my fingers crossed for you and your military jacket! =)

    11.29.08 · Reply
  13. lux lux wrote:

    over on this side of the pond, lily cole gets snapped in a FANTASTIC red one, looks so authentic ut is most likely from recent collections.
    the high street almost always includes a few (Topshop, im thinking.. check their site, tops.co.uk) but the origins are always given away by an awkward, supposedly ‘feminine’ cut on what should essentially be a very masculine piece.
    just thinking, would customising a boiled-wool guys jacket with brocade, epaulettes and vintage buttons produce a better effect? etsy and ebay= sooo good for old military buttons!!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  14. enc wrote:

    I remember seeing this trend a few months ago, and I loved it then. I’m glad it’s still going strong.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  15. Cristina wrote:

    Hey, I was just visiting some family in South Beach and saw some spectacular band/military jackets. The store is called Follies and is on Lincoln Road. I don’t know if you know anyone there, or happen to be visiting soon, but you would love the jackets.
    455 Lincoln Rd
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    (305) 534-1377

    11.29.08 · Reply
  16. Jen wrote:

    Love it. Jimi Hendrix does it best. love him!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  17. I loved Balmain’s version.
    But I dont understand this:
    “A little selfish part of me is even reluctant to post this because in the back of my mind I worry that there will be a day that I find the ultimate band jacket on eBay and someone else will see this and snap it up. Haha. But I know I’ll find one some day soon.”
    I think if someone likes this trend already, I think they would get it, but just because youre posting it, idk…

    11.29.08 · Reply
  18. i have a band jacket my mother bought me on ebay that i absolutely love. it was dated to the 1930’s and it was worn by a majorette at louisiana state university.
    i’ll be sure to let you know if i ever decide to get rid of it ;)

    11.29.08 · Reply
  19. Hilary wrote:

    I thought you said a tailor can be your best friend ;) So if you find one not the right size on ebay… I found a few today that if sized down could be pretty cute. You probably already know this but “uniform” or “costume” are some other potential search terms to throw in with “band” or “military” on there.
    “SOUTH KITSAP” seems to be selling off their band jackets on ebay but they’re mostly white. They do have burgundy and gold detailing though.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  20. sometimes i dont want to post things that i covet, esp. if its specific, until AFTER i buy it, because im afraid someone will buy it up before i do!
    the band jackets, it’s “a lot” for most people, so i guess its why it never come in full force. i know dior did some in spring 2006: http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/S2006MEN/complete/thumb/CDMEN?trend=&page=5
    to be honest, it’s the one collection of hedi dior that i pretend NEVER happened.
    but ive seen that red jacket pop up on ebay before.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  21. Brigadeiro wrote:

    My mother made me a band costume/jacket when I was little, not quite as elaborate as the ones you’re after (I was probably only 10, haha), but I’ve always loved it, shame we didn’t keep it (not that I’d fit it anyway…)

    11.29.08 · Reply
  22. Liz wrote:

    I own a half-assed one… But these ones you’ve posted are all great!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  23. mattie wrote:

    i actually dislike them

    11.29.08 · Reply
  24. cindy wrote:

    oh man, i had this really hot band jacket three years ago that i accidentally sort of kind of forgot to give back to my friend. we stopped talking, but my mom made me donate it because she felt bad that i pretty much stole it. i kick myself all the time because of it!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  25. Becca wrote:

    i love these jackets too.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  26. marissa wrote:

    There was just a post about this on Etsy!
    Are you an Etsy fan? It’s a handmade/vintage sales community; lots of the sellers feature great vintage pieces I think you would love.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  27. Carrie wrote:

    I love your presentation of all of your entries…I am working on a portfolio right now can you tell me what you use to edit all of your photos???

    11.29.08 · Reply
  28. Natalie wrote:

    I have been looking for the perfect one for about four years – to no avail!! they’re always too big and boxy (and too hard to alter) or ridiculously expensive … I found one like Hendrix’s at a vintage fair earlier this year for $150 … but it was a hundred years old and completely unwearable. Sad!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  29. william wrote:

    Military styled jackets like this are almost a closet staple, like a motorcycle jacket or slim blazer. They really are quite rare, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing them available at every price point within a year.

    11.29.08 · Reply
  30. carlotta wrote:

    perhaps you should approach a theater company in your area if they are not willing to sell you anything im sure they would be more than happy to point you in the right direction. a company around here sold all of their stock a couple of months ago, unfortunately i didnt get to go but a lady was telling me that they literally had racks and racks of all of these exquisite hand made costumes and vintage clothes(alot of the garments were antique) being sold for next to nothing!!
    ahhh how i kick myself!
    anyway good luck and happy hunting

    11.29.08 · Reply
  31. Aria wrote:

    I found one today on one of my thrifting sprees!!!

    11.29.08 · Reply
  32. merkovsky wrote:

    I wrote a post about this last month and I’m glad to hear that someone loves military jackets as much as I do! They’re really awesome when they’re paired with casual clothes..takes away from the costume-y vibe..

    11.29.08 · Reply
  33. Linn wrote:

    I was looking for one two years ago but I never found it ! It’s so hard to find one wich is “perfect”. But perhaps one day we will have the good Jane :)

    11.30.08 · Reply
  34. Brianna wrote:
    11.30.08 · Reply
  35. JULIA wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more.

    11.30.08 · Reply
  36. Marie-Caroline wrote:

    They have a military/band jacket at Balmain but I think it’s expensive (see in french Vogue of july)… xox

    11.30.08 · Reply
  37. Anika wrote:

    Not to forget Kanye West and Alexander McQueen agree. :)
    I love these jackets, too, it’s just so incredibly hard to find one around here.

    11.30.08 · Reply
  38. Kelsey wrote:

    Have you considered ordering one from a uniform supplier?
    I know our school always gets order books from companies.

    11.30.08 · Reply
  39. Jasmina wrote:

    I love Adamn Ant´s style, his mysic videos are so inspiring and crazy :>

    11.30.08 · Reply
  40. Rodajasss wrote:

    it’s fabulous that military or napoleon jackets are still on trend always,
    i was very fortunate to get this jacket from Dior Homme spring 2006, mine is in red, but also exist in black, check it out here:

    11.30.08 · Reply
  41. I know what you mean, they are pretty great.
    Although, You’re Kansai Yamamoto jacket is incredible!! If I had that, I’d wear it to death!

    11.30.08 · Reply
  42. magia2008 wrote:

    I agree too :)).

    11.30.08 · Reply
  43. Ally wrote:

    Ahhh Adam Ant has been a guilty obsession of mine for a few years now, and that coat. lol. My mom saw what she thought was a military-style coat in a thrift store once, and got it for me… but it was a hotel doorman coat instead. My mom is a bit clueless, but it was cute. Keep trying!

    11.30.08 · Reply
  44. chantelle wrote:

    i’ve been obsessed with military jackets since i was 17. I’m 20 now.
    This is a style i refuse to let go.

    11.30.08 · Reply
  45. Beth wrote:

    Awww man! There was this lovely white Band Jacket I saw in Bebe years ago that I fell in love with… it was far too expensive, though (I don’t remember the cost, just that it was a lot). Then I had one from H & M that didn’t fit me at all for a while that I recently got rid of…
    but my mom has one from her high school marching band in the basement that’s black and has a double breast with a tiger in the centre… it would be the perfect thing to wear with my spankin’ new shoes! Too bad she is 150 miles away…
    Anyway, good luck!

    11.30.08 · Reply
  46. dayna wrote:

    military jackets are AMAZING. I have about 2 or 3 of them throughout my high school years because I did think they were so cool. and they are if you wear them right.
    personally, jimi looks best in them. ;)
    p.s. I hope you had the time of your life in NY!

    11.30.08 · Reply
  47. Vi wrote:

    If you try on a real band uniform, you’d change your mind. But these are pretty cool, I will admit that.

    11.30.08 · Reply
  48. Francesca wrote:

    great post, and I agree: military jackets are ALWAYS in style in my book.

    11.30.08 · Reply
  49. Noah wrote:

    i agree too!
    i once saw one in Amsterdam like a year ago in an amazing thrift-like shop. topdollar, but ó só real.
    i called a friend of mine to keep track of the jacket and it was gone after one (!!!) day
    i NEED one too..,

    12.1.08 · Reply
  50. Jeunesse wrote:

    I got mine from an uncle, who used to play during the early 70s. His daughters (my cousins) decided to sell the junk lying in the attic and I chanced upon this amazing dark blue treasure. He said he completely forgot about it and was a little reluctant to let go of it at first. It was in near-mint condition, except for some minor specks of dirt (nothing a good dry cleaning wont remove). I love it. It had the most amazing gold embroidery and unique gold buttons. I’m so gonna be wearing it in Vegas.

    12.1.08 · Reply
  51. Rach wrote:

    Nearly bought an awesome red military coat just like the Jimi one in Camden from some costume shop, but it was cut for men and just too unflattering to even try to justify… le sigh.

    12.1.08 · Reply
  52. izh wrote:

    aww. this is so FUN!! ^^ i’d definitely wear one for myself, if I find one that’d be cool enough for my taste and me.

    12.2.08 · Reply
  53. Misha wrote:

    Oh yes, those jackets! I remember I was in heaven when in Budapest, every folkloristic store had hundreds of them…

    12.2.08 · Reply
  54. Lisa wrote:

    your blog is so amazing.
    I think you know a lot about clothes, ects..
    I saw you on Glamour (french magazine)
    you look gorgeous.

    12.3.08 · Reply
  55. omg yesssss. have you see p. lim’s one? i think it comes in red and blue. that would be the half assed version in my opinion….i really like some of his clothes but that jacket is just a no…!
    balmain’s and alexander mcqueen’s are great, but i am sure a great one can be found for much less. <3

    12.3.08 · Reply
  56. Hannah munro wrote:

    these are SOOOO cute. i so wish i could find one small enough to fit me, i also wish i knew how to make pictures like this. they look really good. almost like magazine cutouts. if you could lt me know how to do it that be be appreciated. thanks

    2.9.09 · Reply
  57. aaron lemar wrote:

    hi im in luv with that band jacket n is lookin to get on where can i get one at in mens that is

    5.7.09 · Reply
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  59. melissa wrote:

    wow im coming back to read this now and its funny cause as u predicted! they are back. full throttle.. crazy huh!

    8.4.09 · Reply
  60. poppet wrote:

    I bought a band jacket at a scooter rally a few weeks ago. £30 and apparently there are only 5 of them in whole of UK. The guy selling them imported them from the US. Its red, black and white with braiding and tails, I love it!!!!

    9.10.09 · Reply
  61. Alexander Witt wrote:

    i just found something like this and not expensive;-) but just for men:P
    => jackets
    peace alex from germany

    10.19.09 · Reply
  62. Noobody wrote:

    well they left out MICHAEL JACKSON he wore those style of jackets all of the time back in the 80’s.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  63. trasi wrote:

    hi i actually make military style jackets for majorette troupes

    1.14.10 · Reply
  64. Casie wrote:

    Where do I find one?!?!?!?!

    2.11.10 · Reply
  65. Casie wrote:

    Where do I find one for my boyfriend?!!?!!?!

    2.11.10 · Reply
  66. NP7-12 wrote:

    Cool jackets. I love the ones the Libertines used to wear aswell! Coool with a capital K!

    5.25.10 · Reply
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  68. Battleships versus aliens seems much less exciting, and because it’s one of those goofy high concepts that often power summer blockbusters, I’m not sure if it would really need or benefit from the “source material” to draw in the crowds, whereas a straight battleships-vs.-battleships film might– if the game is as popular as the studio seems to think it is– benefit and/or need the association with the source material to be financially, as well as aesthetically, successful.

    9.2.10 · Reply
  69. Djavid steel wrote:

    U know where i can buy a band militarry jacket in france for not pay ? Thanks ;)

    9.7.10 · Reply
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