SCHOOLS OUT//tomorrow i leave for new york &then philadelphia

*Note the Miu Miu dragonfly shoes-my mom bought them for herself at Neimans Last Call in a size 8 even tho she is a size 10-shes decided to buy her own properly fitting pair on eBay and hand these down to me which is awesome because these shoes are awesome!

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  1. Caroline says:

    JANE. im dying over those. gimme gimme gimmeeee

  2. architectureGirl says:

    Have a wonderful time Jane!
    If you get a chance, check out Edon Manor for a great selection of runway shoes (391 Greenwich Street) — They have Alaia, Dries and MUCH MUCH more!
    Oh – and the Rick Owens boutique! It’s amazing!!
    Happy and Safe Travels!

  3. Diandra says:

    Awesome shoes. I remember seeing them in the store and wishing I was cool enough to rock them. I love your bracelet!

  4. anne says:

    so they did let you wear heels to school?

  5. arienette says:

    what interesting shoes! love the blog xx

  6. Catherine says:

    Hello Jane
    Gorgeous heels. That Miu Miu collection was amazing. And really cute bracelet!

  7. that is some kind of shoes….
    i envy your collection. hihi.

  8. john says:

    hey jane,
    when are you going to be in philadelphia, im a fashion photographer and would love to shoot you and your mom. check out my website and let me know if you would like to do something while you’re in the area.
    – john

  9. Those shoes are beautiful… you’re so lucky!

  10. modejunkie says:

    you look so cute with your friends. the shoes are amazing. and like your mom i tend to buy shoes that don’t fit me just because they are so lovely and i always feel they beg me to take them home. haha!
    enjoy ny!

  11. Amy Williams says:

    Those shoes are just gorgeous, and I’m still in love with those jeans! Have an amazing time on your travels, sure you’ll come back with some amazing things!

  12. Dexter says:

    Those shoes are beautiful for sure, they look good with your jeans!

  13. oh my! lucky you, they’re gorgeous

  14. Mariëlle says:

    I’d kill for your shoe collection. My goodness.

  15. boubou says:

    Love the miu miu shoes ah if could afford to buy this kinda shoes ! i love your inspiration bord too such a great inspiration i have some inspiration board il my blog too if you wanna chek it out its the last article !
    A Bientot !

  16. alex says:

    philly too, eh? i can tell you some of the places to get the best vintage, and new finds…i am originally from there, now living in nyc, so if you need to know any places, email me!
    have fun,

  17. kate says:

    NY and Philadelphia…are you going to look at schools?

  18. Charm says:

    They’re like a piece of artwork.

  19. dayna says:

    oh my god.
    I’m in love.
    with your shoes and even your bracelet.
    you are one fucking lucky girl.

  20. P@trici@ says:

    Me encantan esas sandalias de Miu Miu

  21. Becca says:

    those shoes are unreal! love them

  22. izh says:

    wow. took my breathe away, really. i’d sing for those shoes. haha :) and i luv ur outfit! kinda casual, and something you/i/anyone fab could rock here in the third world. :)

  23. yayayayayay philadelphia! i live there, have fun!!!!

  24. Brigadeiro says:

    Those Miu Miu’s are crazy-amazing! I thought you were a size 9, how cool that they fit! Hope you have a blast in NYC! xx

  25. Vi says:

    Just curious, I guess you don’t have to answer this, but what school do you go to. I live in Dallas, so it’d be cool for me to be like “hey I’ve heard of that!” haha.

  26. Tyler S. says:


  27. Sunset says:

    Holy CRAP, most amazing shoes ever. Oh my lord. So lucky, your mom is terrific.

  28. Jasmin says:

    wow these shoes are pretty awesome!
    you are lucky!

  29. mary says:

    Gorgeous! Your shoes look like JC DE CASTELBAJAC ones, french designer, who was inspired by our childhood : he uses Lego to make clothes and shoes – such as Balenciaga. I do think you know him. You’re beautiful !

  30. Clr says:

    have you already weard something other than this jeans?

  31. Very cool shoes, i envy your shoe collection ;D
    I also like your jeans, where are they from?

  32. Those shoes are fabulously awesome (^_^)

  33. pinkish1403 says:

    i love the shoes. i love your blog. =)

  34. Kathleen says:

    Gah. Amazing shoes.

  35. buy new pc says:

    Nice BLOG. Happy and Safe Travels!

  36. ViSalus says:

    You’re beautiful! i love your blog.

  37. Joyce says:

    and i love you very much.
    you`re beautiful as well as your shoes.

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