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I rarely remember to bring my camera with me when I go out-but I was glad that I did, because today I met Ted Kessel. He is a film maker from Texas but has been traveling the world for a long time. I believe his film company is Source Antes productions. In total he was wearing three watches.

What incredible style-I was so glad I could take his picture-thanks, Ted!


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  1. mej says:

    Wow, I like his eclectic sense of style. And that watch is just amazing!

  2. Vi says:

    I’ve never seen someone dressed like that. Ever. That’s amazing.

  3. Gaia says:

    This man is pretty amazing!!
    great post, Jane!

  4. theglamourai says:

    my favorite thing about being from texas is its rich tradition of fashion eccentricity.
    thanks for reminding me, jane!

  5. Ted Kessel, what a SPUNK!

  6. o wow, quite the character.

  7. KYM says:

    i can only hope to have as much spunk at his age.
    this place looks strangely familiar. i haven’t been
    home in dallas for a while now, but…
    is this the urban outfitters at mockingbird station ?

  8. Katlin says:

    I love all his bags and things hanging from his belt!

  9. he rocks! i have to say no to the long pinky nail though lol. nooooo. other than that, love how many things he has on his waist. i wonder what’s in the victoria’s secret bag…hmm! lol

  10. stella-mayfair says:

    fabulous guy!

  11. Jess says:

    Hey Jane. I’ve been reading your blog for ages now and have never commented until I saw these on another blog I love… REVERSIBLE HEELS!! Just wanted to share becuase I figured being the queen of shoes, you’d appreciate them!

  12. Willfromparis says:

    Hi! I discovered you in the french Glamour (the words “Sophisticated/hype” are written to describe your blog!) and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all by your blog! Great job carry on!

  13. an incredible style indeed! i live in a town called ‘kessel’ by the way.

  14. caroline says:

    i wish he was mentor or father. just laying that out there.

  15. emma says:

    wow he looks like a time traveler! i’m getting a steampunkish vibe from him.

  16. Carrie says:

    Ah! I heart him! Is he at Urban Outfitters?? PS- love your blog. I’m in Dallas too :)

  17. Emlyn says:

    Before I saw your comments I thought “he must travel alot”. This is the way I’d want to dress if I was a man. Sooooo goooood.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months, you have my vote as most stylish/best blogger I’ve seen.

  18. Julitta says:

    oh no he looks crazy a little bit to much texas!

  19. Stefania says:

    is it safe to say i love him?

  20. YLM-SPAIN says:

    I love your blog. ( Sorry but my english is not very good ) The look is amazing, good, very good, but only one ¿fault?¿mistake? I hate that nails en men.

  21. AxL says:

    This is a stunning blog.
    I read a articel about your blog in the swedish magazing people.
    I love this!
    Keep on with it!
    Cheers AxL

  22. Amy Williams says:

    This outfit is so great, look at all the amazing little pieces that make it so individual. I’d LOVE to speak to this guy.

  23. crista says:

    i love this picture!!!

  24. Mike says:

    i can;t say i love his style but i can see why you connect to it.

  25. Unlike anything I’ve seen before. Such a character!

  26. mybeaumonde says:

    if you asked him for anything i am sure he would have it in one of those compartments! love it!

  27. it’s weird… i never thought people in taxes got much style, I’m from europe, lived in various parts of it and now live in australia, never been to US, = thought texas – not much going on there. this man however looks amazing … you’re pretty cool too for your age most 14 year olds dress tarty, you got class. very mature taste yet it doesn’t make u look older great balance.

  28. deer says:

    Hey, Jane do you know that this longer nail is for cocaine?

  29. Priests of the Druid religion of ancient (to) Britain and France believed mistletoe had magical powers.