Today I am wearing
A mongolian lamb fur vest on loan from mom
A lace vintage dress with sequins running through it that I bought in Tulsa
Triple-lace burgundy Ann Demeulemeester boots
An old metal belt

This dress makes me very happy!

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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    SIMPLY STUNNING! Love the different textures, and how the AD boots ‘toughen’ the outfit!

  2. yi says:

    i just have to say i love your interior!! the non-matching chairs and minimalistic it! i’ve got a question: in the picture of your last post there’s like a table with a pile of what looks like snakes behind you.. what is that??

  3. camille says:

    ugh, that vest is killing me. i just want hold it in my arms and pet it… :X
    also: yay you’re writing for teenugly now! which reminds me that i need to get off my butt and make a new entry.

  4. Shen-Shen says:

    I adore lace, it’s beautiful!

  5. That dress is gorgeous. Lace is one of the most gorgeous things on earth!

  6. Nubby says:

    I love how your outfit perfectly matches the room interior in the background. :)

  7. SM:) says:

    OMG! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE A STYLIST! i swear… we need more people with inspired and AMAZING style like yours! Please jane, seriously consider it. The fashion world needs you!
    love- a major fan of seaofshoes ;)

  8. SM:) says:

    p.s. I’d totally be ur first customer :P

  9. Becca says:

    that dress is loveliness.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Congrats and great outfit! Your house is simply stunning- did you mother decorate it?? I’m hereby requesting a house tour from her and you! that art you’re standing in front of is amazing, as is the chair ;)

  11. Bambie says:

    Love that dress. Its just so amazingly beautiful!

  12. you’re AMAZING. absolutely AMAZING.

  13. Jillian says:

    very cool! Lots of texture here, which I love!

  14. Lara says:

    your interior is so stlish! does your whole house look like from a magazin :) ??

  15. clareassiral says:

    u look like a bohemian princess.. inspiring

  16. Amy Williams says:

    ANY outfit with those boots will look amazing!! Love the vest.

  17. anne says:

    this looks very cute. so stylish!

  18. you seriously never disappoint!

  19. HEY! your vest looks like the pillow in the middle :)

  20. modejunkie says:

    this dress makes me happy too. looks wonderful on you. glad you paired it with the a.d. boots for some gothic punch. like it.

  21. great !a bit like a scandinavian fairy from an andersen tale the queen of ice or something …..really beautiful!

  22. elin.e says:

    you are so beautiful, i’m glad I found this site…

  23. Eden says:

    I imagine “This dress makes me very happy” in a very thick Russian accent. Hilarious.

  24. Ali says:

    The dress and the fur are amazing so gorgeous
    Tulsa seems really the best vintage place in Texas!!

  25. little_lj says:

    So gorgeous, I love that dress, its beautiful!!

  26. Jessie says:

    one of my favourite looks from you! Amazing

  27. denise says:

    eee, bestest most favouritest outfit ever!

  28. Erin says:

    love the vest…shades of my youth…lol

  29. Brianne says:

    I love that dress!!!!!!

  30. escritora says:

    you look fantastic!

  31. Lauren says:

    I love that dress!!!!!! I remember the post when you bought it. It’s beautiful! Also, I am sooo jealous of your Luella batman tee!!!

  32. milly says:


  33. Trace says:

    I absolutely love that dress, so amazingly feminine, plus it looks comfortable. Awesome outfit!

  34. kelly says:

    i envy that dress to the depths of eternity

  35. AK says:

    beautiful! That dress is simply amazing. as our the boots ;)

  36. juliet says:

    How you play with different materials is great!
    juliet xxx

  37. junia says:

    i’ve been checking out your blog regularly since i stumbled upon it a couple of months ago. i’ve been clicking around and i realized i’ve seen a picture of you before on teenvogue’s it girl section. i must say i really love your style and it just keeps getting better! :) XOXO

  38. Carolyn says:

    that lace dress is amazing!

  39. Marina says:

    Hi ,i just want to tell you ,you are my model ! I love your clothes! it’s really fantastic to saw what you wear! I’m 15 like you but i don’t have class like you !! sorry if you don’t understand all what i have write but i am french and i don’t speak a lot english
    bye and kiss

  40. Courtney says:

    love this look – I think I would have liked your hair all the way up, too. The vest is outrageous and really pulls the whole look together – so cute!

  41. kara says:

    hi jane! i love your blog and your outfits but i have to say your backgrounds have really been catching my eye. the little glimpses we get of your house are just amazing and i would love to see more. i’m sure many people have asked you this before but you should do a post on your interior design. i know i would love to see more pictures of your house (especially your shoe display!)

  42. Mike says:

    is that a kline on your wall?!

  43. clare says:

    is that a clyfford still piece on the wall?

  44. Marine says:

    tu es très jolie ! tu es même connue à Paris pour ton look et ton style …
    bonne continuation !
    Bisous from Paris

  45. sam says:

    you look gorgeous

  46. Chloé says:

    I like your blog Here is the address of mine: http://pOmme–C–
    Can you come above please?
    Ha yes, I like your shoes!!

  47. Chloé says:

    I you ais discovered in Glamour ( the magazine) and I find you attractive ^^ I would like to have so much of get dressed and of shoes that you!! Kisses to you

  48. CUTIE-KUN says:

    I just want to say that after looking through your blog, it’s so inspiring to find someone who doesn’t dress in all black. When I started looking at other fashion blogs, I started losing a sense of color…and only found things black attractive. Your blog is very inspiring and, in a dorky way to say it, brings back color to my life. DEFINITELY one of my new favorite blogs. :]

  49. Marina says:

    Woodstock princess!I love aestetics of 70’s. You look like girlfriend of Jimmy Hendrix!great dress and vest!My favorite combunation this season!

  50. Camille says:

    Georgous :)

  51. Scheharazade says:

    Lovely ! I love your dress !^-^

  52. stephanie says:

    hello i love your blog congratulation !! and your style is perfect =) <3 i have made an article of you on my blog <3 i love shoes =D and fashion too =)i send you my blog =)

  53. sofia says:

    I saw tjat outfit in oyu lookbook, it’s very, very nice !
    love your blog !
    love from sweden

  54. hotoke says:

    To echo others: that seems to be a Clyfford Still on the wall behind you. Does your family collect art? You should do an interior tour!

  55. Blair says:

    I’m in looove with lace right now. You’re lucky to have found that dress, it’s fantastic! :)


  57. Marija ( says:

    The dress is beautifull (L)

  58. Jayde says:

    Hi Jane!! super L-O-V-E your style and your blog too, it’s one of my favorites!saw your link at manila fashion observer months ago (read her interview with you as well), and i’m hooked! you’re truly inspiring, and quite ahead of your age!.. it’s in your genes:) sooo love you and your mom’s take on 80s fashion too:) take care!

  59. Hannah says:

    Ahh your outfits have become such an inspiration to me lately, your style is so unique! After seeing that regal rocker necklace you posted I am now determined to try and fashion my own out of old rhinestone necklaces. Keep being wonderful :)

  60. ness says:

    you look so cute! i love all that white and pink
    adorable fur vest

  61. krisatomic says:

    Fabulous outfit, and your interior is beautiful! I hereby request a small sneak peek a la or a little tour!

  62. gill says:

    Jane, you’re so pretty. I miss you!

  63. ella says:

    we have similar taste! i am wearing a sonia rykiel black mongolian lamb fur gilet in this photo:
    ps we are also friends on livejournal. i have a blog i recently began writing in as well. i’ve already added yours, would love if you added mine. :)

  64. Dawn says:

    wow absolutely gorgeous outfit!!

  65. Greenfairy says:

    Amazing ! I love what you wear ! the dress is awesome !
    I see you in the french Glamour magazine, congratulation for your blog, and your shoes,they are…..wonderful !

  66. yaymaryann says:

    i love this outfit. the soft ivory lace and fur, the heavy-duty boots, what an awesome combination!

  67. klarà says:

    november 13th was my birthday and your outfit was great.

  68. lilou says:

    Désolé, je ne parle pas beaucoup l’Anglais.
    Je trouve que tu est magnifique, tu t’habille très bien !!
    Beaucoup de femmes aimeraient avoir les même goûts vestimentaires (et pour les chaussures aussi !)
    En France, la mode n’est pas très développé chez les adolescentes.
    Bisou !!

  69. Emily says:

    Amazing outfit, one of my favorites of yours! I want that vest!

  70. hz says:

    stumbled across this photo: of linda ronstadt which made me think of your outfit….
    love your blog!

  71. MarionRocks says:

    Hello !
    Did you know you were in the French Glamour December issue ?
    I’m French and I discovered your blog thanks to Glamour, because it is “talking” about you ! Your blog is fantastic, you are an awesome girl !

  72. Lena says:

    You are such a beauty. I really fancy your blog
    thank you for being so cute and so amazingly dressed
    P.S : I discovered you in Glamour, they did it pretty well. Even if reading the article and seeing the photos you seem to be a Serena Van Der Woodson lookalike. You are definitely not and that’s fine. Well my ps is longer than my main post…

  73. Natalie says:

    Wow, there are a lot of comments here! I don’t think I’ve commented before, but this is such a fabulously put together outfit! I love it!

  74. marlène says:

    jadore le style
    surtt la robe

  75. Virginie says:

    I Love your dress. It is so beautiful!

  76. Anaïs says:

    Belle veste !!! Sa va très bien avec la robe!!!
    Nice jacket! Its goes very well with the dress!

  77. Julia says:

    Hi! My name is Julia. I’m a french Gril who is 15. I saw your adress in a french magazine called Glamour.
    I just’want say that I love your style and your clothes are so beautiful. But it’s no very difficult for you, you are a very cute girl. I have just’ one question for you, Where do you have many money for buy your clothes ?
    Because in France, if you would many clothes who are nice, you must have many money.
    Maybe you don’t have any time but I’d like that you answer to me in my adress or on
    thank you so very much.
    Bye Bye

  78. G says:

    hey i just recently started reading ur blog but i was wondering…do you wear real fur? or is that a really good fake?

  79. Megan says:

    Hey, just wanted to say that that is my DREAM outfit! I have long blonde hair as well as you, and i love wearing white. I hate that old “don’t wear white after labor day” snub. I especially love lace! I just got this white lace ahhhmazing BCBG dress on sale over christmas and i can’t wait untill spring!
    p.s. Where did you get your lace-up boots%Pr

  80. sarul says:

    hi, i like your blog, and u look gorgeaous, a mongolian lamb!?!? im from mongolia :)

  81. Deaja says:

    I just want ot know your shopping tips because I buy stuff and spend a life savings I know your spending a lot on these outfits. Please teach me to spend like you NO JOKE…

  82. Heather says:

    Wow that vest and dress is gorgeous

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