I am wearing a vintage Jean Claude Jitrois leather jacket that my mom recently bought on eBay. It is totally amazing and we're both really excited to have this piece in our collective vintage archive!!

It has beautiful gold detailing, as you can see, in the shape of leaves. I took so many more pictures of it today (and some other things) but the pictures I took just didn't turn out well…some other day when I have better light I will show you close up pictures of it. The leather is gorgeous and there is even detailing on the inside of the tails. The detailing and tails give it the same kind of military feeling as some of the jackets in my last post.

Today I am wearing it with Y-3 wool pants and gold-green satin Marni buckle pumps, and an American Apparel grey tank top and a load of gold chains (not visible in this photo) isn't our new Christmas tree pretty? We haven't decorated it yet because we've yet to make our ornaments.

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  1. Sunset says:

    I absolutely LOVE! The detail is insane! Such good stuff, you have some of the best finds I’ve ever seen.

  2. Val says:

    You look gorgeous! The leather looks so supple. You should have definitely included a frontal shot.
    The marnis are amazingly gorgeous, and the christmas tree is pretty killer. Jealous on all accounts.

  3. Oriane says:

    I really love the atmosphere in this photo!! strangely your jackets blends in perfectly with the decor!!
    kisses from london

  4. Amy Williams says:

    WOW, this jacket really is stunning.
    Can’t wait to see more detailed pics, and those Y3 pants look really great too!

  5. silver says:

    this is sooo lovely!!! congrats on the find!

  6. leyla m. says:

    i am totally in love with this jitrois jacket!!! you look fabulous in it!

  7. Amee says:

    Omgoodness that leather jacket is to die for! The gold leaves are fantastic. Perfect match with those Marni pumps!

  8. Marian says:

    Gorgeous Jitrois jacket.The detailing is amazing.hope your well.

  9. kait says:

    holy moly your finds are exquisite and the fact that you don’t have to shop on a budget is a complete blessing! please tell me how tall you are

  10. Julie says:

    Of course,love the jacket…but,where did you guys find that cool tree!?

  11. Sha says:

    Oh my Lord, I love LOVE love your Marni shoes. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven just by seeing you wear them. WOW.

  12. Alexa says:

    Is it just me or does the Christmas tree match the floor?
    The detailing on that jacket is amazing! I wish there was a front angle shot too though.
    Jitrois always reminds me of rainy days, from this one time i was caught in the rain outside the boutique in the region of sloane square.
    Naturally, we all covet the shoes.

  13. momma says:

    jane, that’s a wonderful coat! i love the gold detail.

  14. Megan says:

    Jane, where did you get that Christmas tree?
    Also, you say you and your mom make the ornaments? Can you explain further…? I’m curious!

  15. Sammy says:

    wow that jacket is beautiful!
    amazing blog!

  16. Brigadeiro says:

    OH MY GOSH! That leather jacket is just out-of-this-world amazing! Love the outfit, and how even the tree goes with it (I’m sure it’ll be even more stunning once decked out). Great score!

  17. that is completely incredible!!! WOW!!!

  18. Becca says:

    that jacket is incredible! I love the detailing. And the marni heels are impeccable.

  19. Holy Cracker, it is AMAZING. It’s incredible to think about someone actually making something so beautiful and detailed. If I made something that gorgeous, I would keep it! Wear it some more! Let’s see more ensembles! Love your blog, and LOVE your style.

  20. Kayla says:

    I admire your style.

  21. OMG. Freaking gorgeous coat! Insane with jealousy. See! Why do people assume vintage is old crap from your Grandma’s basement? I may need to profile you!

  22. shay says:

    how beautiful. The coat reminds me of David Bowie’s wardrobe in Labyrinth! Sorta fantastical…

  23. Bonjour Jane!
    I love reading Sea of Shoes, and absolutely adore your style. I was writing with a question about some Dries Van Noten’s you share with your mother [the multi-colored strappy sandals]. Did you buy them to size? Or go up in half/full number? Lastly, did the leather straps loosen any as leather often does with wear.
    I anticipate your response.
    Best wishes,
    Fashion Intel
    P.S. I’ve have a photo of the shoes in my most recent post, if you need some reference.

  24. Pixienish says:

    THAT IS ONE HELL OF A JACKET! Beautiful. :)

  25. stephanie says:

    hiii !!! i love your leather jacket (L)and your shoes are umbeliveable
    a frenche fan =D (L)

  26. Mel says:

    Just found your blog and am completely in awe of your shoe collection. I am now one very jealous girl. That jacket is gorgeous and suits you so well. And so are the Marni shoes, but tell me, how on earth do you manage to walk in heels that high? I think I would fall over taking my first step.

  27. Kayla says:

    That is a beautiful jacket. I hope one day I am able to start collecting such wonderful vintage pieces like you and your mother!

  28. Melissa says:

    Great outfit…love the jacket. I only wish I could walk in shoes with a heel like that. I love heels, but those exceed my abilities!

  29. SARAH says:

    I love everything!
    Bisous de France!

  30. Jo says:

    That is one hell of an awesome coat! Love your style- so very unique.

  31. can i just say your shoes are amazing 0.0

  32. cindiddy says:

    those shoes are insane! i love them! but probably way too high for me!

  33. Ann says:

    Oh my gosh, that Jean Claude Jitrois jacket is stunning! I don’t know what to be more jealous of, the jacket or those shoes!
    Wow you totally have inspired me to copy this look somehow, I would totally complete this outfit with the gorgeous diamond earrings I bought from http://www.idonowidont.com and look like a fashionista like you at me and my fiance’s upcoming Christmas party.
    Your style is chic-tastic, great photo!

  34. marissa says:

    I’ve been following your blog for months and Jane, I’m going to be honest. I think it’s one of the best in the fashion blogosphere. Your clothes are magnificent, but the way you style them really sets you apart. Your entries are also delightful–too many fashion bloggers try to come off as perfect. And I know you get this a lot, but I adore your shoes.

  35. stefanie says:

    Wow great find :)
    And your shoes are amazing as always! Love them!
    Aah I’m looking forward to getting a christmas tree at home, I just love the smell of pine when I come home!

  36. Cristina says:

    Sick nasty shoes!

  37. joana says:

    i’m in love with those marni pumps

  38. Cindy says:

    I love reading your adventures. I am a mom and my daughter and I too share my closet and my thrift treasures…
    Keep it up you and your mom both have fun!

  39. Songy says:

    I would be so thrilled to see your entire vintage archive. Would you have a plan to have some kind of ‘museum’ pages with all your vintage treasures? That will be quite a task I bet!

  40. izh says:

    Oh my. I definitely LOVE your Mary Janes!! They’re like, the perfect Mary Janes or something!!! How high are the heels of that? :)
    And the jacket, really AWESOME!! I wish they’d sell fab vintage stuffs in eBay.ph too.

  41. claire says:

    wowee, that jacket is amazing. i want more pictures of it, you should post some of the details. seriously AMAZING

  42. fashionista says:

    Jane, you never cease to amaze and inspire me! I love that Christmas tree, it makes me not want to be Jewish, haha.

  43. patricia says:

    I absolutely love it! but I am more in love with the shoes. I know they are some basic platforms. But hey, I really love it! :)

  44. Linn says:

    You look gorgeous on this photo ! I really love the jacket … and your home too :D

  45. holy moly!!! the jacket is SO gorgeous! love the details on it. beautiful shoes, of course!

  46. elizabeth says:

    oh SANAPZ this jacket is maaayybee best yet. ‘whats the front like????

  47. Ellen says:

    I would murder babies for those shoes.

  48. Maja says:

    What a wonderful blog!! I REALLY love it!!! You are SO stylish!! Thanks for the inspiration. Come and visit my blog! Bye bye

  49. Alice says:

    wow! the jacket is pure art, and you look quite lovely next to your matching tree!
    x A

  50. You are looking gorgeous. Some mathing earrings would have added some glamour to your face as well. Try it!

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