WHAT I WEAR TODAY//happy election day!!

Today I'm wearing a pair of vintage jeans that I drew on with markers a really long time ago-like when I was 12 maybe…I wore them all summer in Mexico, wearing them reminds me of then!
Worn with an American Apparel tank top, silver, gold and coral bracelets, a scarf from Urban Outfitters, and Emanuel Ungaro strappy 'branch' sandals-my first time to debut them on the blog :)

(Sash loves to be photographed, haha)
I adore these shoes! They aren't as uncomfortable as you might imagine-but they are quite steep and walking up stairs is tricky.

I'm going to go watch the polls at my dad's house! :)

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  1. Brigadeiro wrote:

    HOORAY! The Ungaro heels! They are SO amazing!!! What a gorgeous outfit too (love the jeans, scarf, shoes…everything!
    Yes, elections…very exciting, even for those of us not in the USA.
    Rewind…you fit into the jeans you had when you were 12?!? I’m so jealous! I can’t fit into my jeans I wore 6 months ago!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  2. Kristina wrote:

    It really is amazing how you always manage to look so effortlessly, yet incredibly put together. by the way, your free dress day outfit…i have no words

    11.4.08 · Reply
  3. WendyB wrote:

    Awesome DIY jeans!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  4. WOW!!! The heels are amazing… they don’t need to be comfortable, they need to be fabulous!
    I’ve found you through Bloglovin (I’m addicted!) and am loving it!!!
    For Fashion’s Sake – Grazi
    P.S: Added you to my favs.

    11.4.08 · Reply
  5. miss_shoes wrote:

    love your shoes !! as always ^^ and i adore your style too !!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  6. mayk wrote:

    the Ungaros.
    I absolutely love them.

    11.4.08 · Reply
  7. Corie wrote:

    great jeans
    i love your jewelry and bag– who made it?

    11.4.08 · Reply
  8. You look too cute here. Glad you finally debuted the sandals!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  9. Caroline wrote:

    Love the jeans, so creative! I’m glad you got the shoes, they look great

    11.4.08 · Reply
  10. razielle wrote:

    i like it when you smile for outfit photos :)

    11.4.08 · Reply
  11. Jamie wrote:

    fantastic jeans. happy election day!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  12. Frances wrote:

    You’re really quite the artiste! I rarely wear jeans but I love what you did with yours!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  13. glory wrote:

    hi, i`m a frecuent reader of you blog i really love you personal style, i have my blog too and i have those shoes like a imposible dream since i`m from a third world country,I can`t believe you have them , look really grate on you, and the jeans are very unique too. i`m from mexico, hope you visit my blog soon…. kisses

    11.4.08 · Reply
  14. Love the shoes… but your smile is the best accessory you have going there. You look beautiful! Have fun tonight at your Dad’s.
    Hi Sash lol!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  15. jocelyne wrote:

    You are just beautiful. I love your collection, you are a lucky lady!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  16. mani wrote:

    those shoes are fabulous! i aspire to have a shoe closet as large as yours one day :D

    11.4.08 · Reply
  17. shoe love for sure

    11.4.08 · Reply
  18. little_lj wrote:

    I LOVE those shoes!

    11.4.08 · Reply
  19. you look so ridiculously cute. head to toe. perfection.

    11.4.08 · Reply
  20. chauss wrote:

    love the shoes. :)

    11.4.08 · Reply
  21. emr wrote:

    i’ve been craving shoes like that. omg i LOVE them. adore your outfit too.

    11.4.08 · Reply
  22. saray wrote:

    The heels are stuning!!!
    it’s so cute that you still have this jeans..

    11.4.08 · Reply
  23. Jeunesse wrote:

    My my, Jane… you look absolutely adorable. Love those Ungaro heels and those jeans… wow! Made me think about my drawn on shirts which I still love, which I’ve had since early 90s. But the show-stopper for this outfit? Your beautiful smile. I love how sweet you look when you show your smile.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  24. b wrote:

    The most interesting! Who is your bag by? I love dyed nappa – if that is what it is? I’ve been considering making a bag similar! Are you happy with the election outcome?
    xx B

    11.5.08 · Reply
  25. Zanita wrote:

    oh babe im so glad i found your blog! i saw you on lookbook.nu in that fabulous Dries Van Noten dress, im loving the ways you styled it. Ive got a shot of me wearing the same dress on my blog, but not styled so cool.
    Please check it out! http://www.zanita.com.au
    Im quite new to blogging id love to know what you think.
    Great shoes!
    zanita x

    11.5.08 · Reply
  26. Hannah wrote:

    new haircut?

    11.5.08 · Reply
  27. Those Ungaro shoes are amazing! Definitely some of my favourites!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  28. Anne wrote:

    NICE! I love the DIY jeans and how did you do the belt thing?

    11.5.08 · Reply
  29. annahita wrote:

    WAY TO GO PEOPLE! I cannot describe how happy, or ecstatic really, I feel now once you’ve chosen Obama to be your president. There is still hope for this world!
    Sending some love from Sweden! Cheers!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  30. b wrote:

    JANE! please take a close up of your jeans!!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  31. tindi-rindi wrote:

    I really like the Miu Miu bag, very first time I saw it on you I was so happy you not only have amazing shoes but the bad I love aswell :)
    And how did Ungaro create such an amazing shoe? Did he secretly got a shoevision? I never saw anything I really really wanted to have, and this one is the first.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  32. helens wrote:

    omg those shoes -drool-

    11.5.08 · Reply
  33. modejunkie wrote:

    i love how you are dressed today. look so fresh and young. i sometimes forget that you are 16 because you dress up so ‘adult-like’ (not in a bad way though).. :)cute smile!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  34. kajsa wrote:


    11.5.08 · Reply
  35. Hi Jane ! I often come here but never leave a com for you. I saw you yesterday in my French Glamour and I wanted to say congrats to you ! Now i know how old you are (16, with so much style) and some other things i didn’t know.
    I’m not a shoe addict, i’m more a ‘other girls styles addict’ and your sense of style is stunning.
    Have a great Obama Day !
    Emilie yeahyeah

    11.5.08 · Reply
  36. avi wrote:

    hi jane! i’m a regular reader of your blog and i find your style so elegant and amazing. i really like how you mix and match your clothes. you’re so pretty!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  37. avi wrote:

    hi jane! i’m a regular reader of your blog and i find your style so elegant and amazing. i really like how you mix and match your clothes. you’re so pretty!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  38. Your puppy is gorgeous.
    I adore the shoes, the bag and the scarf!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  39. caroline wrote:

    yes, yes we can!
    nice shoes, by the way.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  40. J wrote:

    Those shoes are really beautiful. And I’m inlove with that bag.
    And you are just so stunning.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  41. The shoes are beautiful! LOVE IT! xxxx

    11.5.08 · Reply
  42. escritora wrote:

    oh, i love the way you buckle your belt :)

    11.5.08 · Reply
  43. izh wrote:

    i really love this outfit of yours! it can be worn here in the third world, but still manage to be not-that-foreignish thingy looking. haha! anyway, i am so wanting those shoes too!! how much are those? :) me likey! anyway, when you first posted the picture of that shoe alone, i have already imagined myself wearing them. ahahah so uhm take care! stay fab :)
    p.s. have i told you how much i love your outfit?! :)

    11.5.08 · Reply
  44. milly wrote:

    nice shoes….scarf and bracelets as well…where did you get the bracelets?

    11.5.08 · Reply
  45. Karen wrote:

    I read all of your blog entries in like a day and a half. Very inspiring and of course fabulous shoes!
    Love these Ungaro heels. And that scarf is to die for. Looks amazing on you.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  46. Flore wrote:

    I love your shoes <3
    I discovered your site on Glamour France and you're amazing =D

    11.5.08 · Reply
  47. Elin wrote:

    Stunning shoes!
    That is a look a like of my dog Akilles. He was an adorable “fluffy” Welsh Corgie Cardigan. Though your dog could be a Corgie Pembrook instead..oh well, cute dog anyhow.
    Greetings from Finland

    11.5.08 · Reply
  48. kayla wrote:


    11.5.08 · Reply
  49. Julia wrote:

    OH. Your blog is the dreamblog. It consists of soooo many things that I just love. Your inspiration-boards, your clothes, your thoughts and of course your SHOES:D I am a shoefreak with no money, that’s kind of hard. haha. Love the shoes in this post by the way:) Sorry if I spelled everything all wrong, i’m not english.. Sweden is my beloved country, haha.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  50. Catherine wrote:

    Hello Jane.
    Amazing heels, and as a bag lover, I happy to see a great Miu Miu bag with you. I love to see your bags some day.

    11.5.08 · Reply
  51. Alexandra wrote:

    check out my blog:
    you always have the best shoes!

    11.5.08 · Reply
  52. Aurea wrote:


    11.6.08 · Reply
  53. Eper wrote:

    Those shoes are wicked!!! Love the bag too!

    11.6.08 · Reply
  54. ailavet! wrote:

    omg!!! i love ur outfit! u make it look soo effortless…i feel soo green..haha!=)

    11.7.08 · Reply
  55. Sharon wrote:

    love the smile!! (and sweetie, when you’re 16, 12 is not a really long time ago! unless it was said tongue-in-cheek in which case i like your sense of humour!!)

    11.7.08 · Reply
  56. Autumn wrote:

    Exactly which American Apparel tank is that?

    11.8.08 · Reply
  57. cheng wrote:

    the bag caught my eye first. it’s a miu miu as mentioned by a reader? was it really that beaten up? that’s why i love it! nice work with the jeans. and Sash is so utterly adorable here.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  58. Hi
    amazing outfit, love your shoes
    x Fashionista

    11.10.08 · Reply
  59. jul' wrote:


    12.7.08 · Reply