QUICK INSPIRATION BOARD//theme:slightly primitive

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  1. boubou says:

    Nice inspiration !!! Im in love with the clint eastwood outfit andalso kate moss ; in love with his print cloak !! Nice job jane ;)
    a bientot !

  2. SD says:

    ooo i like the antlers/bones

  3. I was just watching Clint in Dirty Harry last nite, I couldnt help think how handsome and striking he is. Definitely stands out in a crowd and to see him in the westerns. Simply Gorgeous in a Poncho :P

  4. i always love when you put in a picture of clint eastwood.

  5. n says:

    whos in the bottom photo? it seems familiar.

  6. sara says:

    Yum, vintage Clint!

  7. V says:

    beautiful jacket, love the detail. wanna link?

  8. char says:

    where is that ruffley thumb hole shawl jacket from?

  9. hoyan says:

    wow, i love this board. goes well with the miharayasuhiro men’s a/w i was just looking at earlier!

  10. Totally there with you! xx

  11. man, i was watching the good, the bad, and the ugly a couple months ago and it made me seriously angry i left all my ponchos at my parent’s house. so so so good/hot/good.

  12. Linn says:

    I love the photo in black and mhite with the singer ! Nice inspirations :)