Our house is all decked out for Christmas, you guys, can you tell we take Christmas pretty seriousely in our house?!! Gifts are already being wrapped and my sister is baking our special Christmas cookie recipe right now. Even Townsend and Shelley are feeling the Christmas spirit.

All the Christmas spirit has me kinda thinking about these Pradas from Spring 08…

I'm not crazy about the shoe itself, but the color combo is to die for. Red and green are a great color combination all year round. I would totally be wearing these all month long if they were mine.

Mmkay, my email inbox is totally insane right now, people are asking me a ton of questions about a ton of different things and I honestly don't have time to get to them all! So, inspired by Camille, I will be doing a Question and Answer post.

Before a ton of people ask the same question, here are some of the most common questions I am asked.

1) Where do I find the Ann Demeulemeester boots? Do they run true to size?
I would suggest getting in contact with the sales department at Ann Demeulemeester via email (see the Ann D website) and yes, they do run true to size.

2) Where do you shop on eBay? How do I find good vintage online?
Please see the eBay post. It's all about using the right search terms, believe me! Oh, and finding your favorite vintage designers (and I don't mean YSL and Chanel, those tend to get snapped up quickly and go for mega $$$$, find obscure vintage designers by running searches on vintage dresses or based on the label of a great thrift store find. For instance, my mom picked up a Flora Kung dress at a thrift store and then ran an eBay search on Flora Kung, and pulled up two more dresses that she loved and got them for under $30)

3) What program do you use to make your graphics?
I use Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 for everything on Sea of Shoes.

Oh and some people have the notion that I'm eighteen years old….I'm not (even though it says 18 on my Facebook, haha), I am sixteen years old. but not for much longer!! My birthday is two days before Christmas ;-P

Feel free to ask questions about sizing, where to find stuff, whatever. I'll be happy to answer as many as I can in an upcoming post.

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  1. mayk says:

    love the decorations!

  2. Meg says:

    For someone who never wears heels but would like to start, are there any styles or designers that you recommend for comfort?
    Also, favorite movie, and: how are you so awesome?

  3. Ashron says:

    Aw your house looks lovely!!!! :)

  4. Emily says:

    LOVE the light fixture over the table. Very inspirational.

  5. Brigadeiro says:

    I absolutely love the long chandelier above the dining table! GORGEOUS!
    My questions:
    1) Do the beaded/sequinned DVN shoes run true to size? (not that I have a hope of finding them now, boo hoo! If anyone sees these in a 38 please let me know ;))
    2) Any tips on how to walk in high heels (eg. Marni platforms and other over 4″ shoes) & be comfortable in them?
    3) What do you plan to do after you finish school?

  6. tess says:

    Do you have any recommendations for vintage/secondhand shops in Fort Worth or Southlake? I’m at TCU and haven’t found any good places yet. Thanks for trying to answer everyones questions!

  7. nenuca says:

    yay for christmas! my house is nuts as of now as well, i love how your house is very crisp and clean but still very chrsitmas-y mine is like candy-land on steroids haha. I see that you’re turning 17 yay for 1991 babies! woo

  8. hanui says:

    classy decorations and thanks for the tips :)

  9. Feather says:

    Jane – You’re a Capricorn like me!
    The house looks gorgeous…..
    Enjoy your sister’s cookies!

  10. Shar says:

    Hi Jane!
    What camera do you use??:)

  11. Saree Elias says:

    Oh Girl, you’re so so busy these days! i haven’t talked to you for a good while.. well hope to catch up with you soon… plus get online sometime on msn or aim.
    PS. OH yeah i almost forgot! Jane…. its pretty rare that you have not previously published about what Fragrance/Perfumes do you prefer or use before… maybe thats a good idea for a Post…

  12. Marina says:

    Do the Marni S/S 08 platform wedges run true to size? Would you consider them comfortable?
    Does it ever bother you when people give you strange looks for what you wear?

  13. Mel says:

    How can you afford such expensive items? Do you get a large allowance or is your family fairly rich/moderate? Haha sorry if my questions sound so nosy or weird?
    Love your house! The decorations are gorgeous!

  14. Sunset says:

    Wow, so decked out! I love the Christmas spirit.
    What designer inspires you the most and why?
    Is that your natural hair color? (’cause it’s totally beautiful ^__^)
    What are some must-have basics you think every girl should have (or that YOU personally have)?
    Happy early birthday!

  15. arianna says:

    what kind of camera do you use?
    where do you learn about all those awesome indie films/bands/artists and EVERYTHING?

  16. jesus. martha stuart house anyone?
    YOURE SIXTEEEN!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mei says:

    your house is absolutely amazing jane!
    .. would love to live a day in YOUR shoes! :)
    mei x

  18. izh says:

    i’d love to live in ur house, if given a chance :D
    and it’s soo christmassy, our house doesn’t even have any christmas feel on it yet. ahha.

  19. Cécile says:

    si jeune et déjà tellement de goût, d’originalité..! Merci de nous faire partager tes inspirations. Bonne journée (une lectrice française qui n’ose pas écrire de commentaire en anglais de peur de faire des fautes!)

  20. oh wow. all up in the Christmas spirit, ey :)

  21. yilin says:

    do you have any good sites to recommend for home decor inspiration?

  22. Kenya says:

    ohh, my birthday is 3 day after christmas! :P

  23. mary says:

    can i marry your house? :D
    it’s so GORGEOUS. <3
    quickie question: the balenciaga fall 2oo6 booties? were they a lucky find or did you snatch them up in store? XD. i've been looking for these forever, and i've only seen them once on ebay in the past six months and they were brown. ):
    love your blog! xx

  24. Only 3 weeks left, but I think it´s too early to redecorate home. I´ll wait a little. Love yours. Fantastic! Kisses

  25. Hannah says:

    Your house looks incredible! No questions from me, just wanted to say that snap! We share the same birthday!

  26. Lu says:

    I love your blog Jane – would Judy consider doing one herself?? xxx

  27. Nina says:

    Your house looks absolutely amazing!
    question – what does your mother do for a living? and following on from that what would you like to do as a career?
    also – have you been approached to be a model, and would you like to model?

  28. rachelle says:

    holy moly your house is like a vogue spread! its hot.
    indeed, are you guys super rich? personal, but we’re all thinking it.

  29. anne says:

    the y-3 poncho spant thing–what size is it? thx!

  30. cindiddy says:

    that sofa look wayyy too comfortable !!!!
    i love christmas!

  31. deniz says:

    I just wanted to say you and your mom amazing. Everybody tell this but I just wanted to tell by myself. My english is terrible I know. I’m from Turkey. I have a question for your mom in your older post Judy was wearing levi’s from their collectible collection. What size is this? Can you tell me your mom weight and height? I can figure out more easily if you give me this private questions answers pleaseeeee? Before I invest $ 325 (this money is little bit less than my monthly allowance :(
    Also I pray to god every night for one daughter like you when I got married :) You are sooo adorable and cute. I hope good luck both your mom and you in fashion business. Maybe some day you will become Vogue editor I will show my daughter and say I know her, I know her.
    Thank you for your time! Time is precious don’t forget and do not grown fast. You will miss this age when you are 28 :( I missed a lot.
    Kisses and hugs from Turkey :)
    By the way My name is Deniz (means sea in Turkish language like mediterranean)

  32. deniz says:

    Judy what is your grey balenciaga leather jacket size?

  33. Cece says:

    Love the decor. Great Christmas look…just the right touch.

  34. juliet says:

    What?! 16? You’re younger than my little brother and dress like that? It must run in blod (and it clearly does as we have seen). I is very very brave of you to dress in the way that you do. People rarely have the courage to do it.
    juliet xxx

  35. Frida says:

    Oh my! What a fab blog! I´ve been to Dallas, Texas. August 2005. It was great, really really great!

  36. Karen says:

    Not really a question but I just want to say: props to you for supporting our local Belgian designers :) I love Dries myself so it’s nice to see he gets appreciation from other younger people apart from myself :)

  37. Amelia says:

    what are the necessary basics for todays girl/woman?
    i have a fear of wearing high heals, i feel like everyone is staring at me, because i’m 6 feet tall or more… are you really tall in heels? does it make you nervous? your mom seems taller maybe she’d know…

  38. Malin says:

    Where are you from? Are you all american or what are you?
    Love your blog, its the best i’ve ever read!
    /Love from sweden

  39. U says:

    1.) I’ve been waiting to get a chance to ask you this, I don’t think there’s anyone who can give me a better answer to this question than you:
    When you’re wearing high heels; how do you keep them from not getting “scratched” by the heel? (I’m asking because everytime I’m buying a new pair of shoes, I can only wear them once, before the “fabric” around the heel looks schratched and ugly, and then I don’t want to wear them anymore!
    2.) How do you stay in shape; are there anything you avoid eating? Do you ever exercise?
    3.) During a “normal” day; what do you usually eat? For breakfast, lunch and dinner? What is your favourite snack?
    4.) Do you have any favourite “fashion-movies” that inspires you?
    5.) What would you like to do after finishing high school?
    6.) I know it’s impolite to ask questions about money; but I’m just curious about how you can spend so much money on clothes and shoes? I mean, some of the things you purchase are _really_ expensive! Do you have an extra job, or something?
    Thank you so much for an amazing blog!
    You should know you have a huge fan-base here in Sweden!

  40. Emily says:

    Your house looks gorgeous!
    And thanks for the Q&A. :)

  41. Katie Ebbitt says:

    Where did you get the stuffed animals on your dinning room table? Also, the white Christmas trees? Too cute!

  42. Amy Williams says:

    Wow, your house looks amazing! Looks like it could be in an interiors magazine, love it!
    I have one question –
    When did you become so interested in fashion, was it something that developed over time?

  43. Ling says:

    how tall are you?

  44. ness says:

    your house and dog look really cute

  45. Allie says:

    how do you afford all of your gorgeous designer shoes/clothes?

  46. Iole says:

    You have really really really grate xmas stuff!!!!!!
    Love it

  47. Love your white feather christmas trees! Absolutely wonderful.

  48. Saree Elias says:

    Oh yes Jane and i think you should divide in sections like Judy and Jane in Sea Of Shoes so we can se Judy often too. KISSES!

  49. betty says:

    hello! i absolutely love your blog, when i found it back in july this year i spent all day, reading it through (don’t think i’m a stalker or something now!). sooo, my question: in a post a time ago you said something about your swedish heritage, is that true? have you been to sweden, can you talk swedish? i’m a swede so that’s why i’m so curious about it. well, keep on doing the good work you’re already doing(actullay, you’re becoming quite famous at swedish blogs o.O)!

  50. Helene says:

    Hey :) you know I discovered your blog thanks to a french magazine (Glamour) and I think it is really awesome, especially your incredible shoes’ collection.
    Wish you good luck for everything.
    Bye =)

  51. Shan says:

    Absolutely LOVE your blog!
    Question about shopping on eBay, do you and your mom ever worry about getting a fake? What are some things to watch out for, or you guys just really good at knowing what the real deallooks like? And how do you know something will fit once you’ve found something you love?

  52. Lisa says:

    jane & judy !!!
    you ladies are insanely amazing + beautiful.
    keep on shining.
    ?- ion !… (more for judy!!!)- who does the decorating ? i am really into interiors. i would love to see more pictures of in/around. Do you get inspiration from magazines ? ah i am crazy about your house!

  53. Lauren says:

    All your Christmas decorations look lovely! I have two questions – what are your hobbies/interests outside of fashion? And as someone else asked, I’m curious to know how tall you are as well.

  54. Laroux says:

    God, those heels are TO DIE FOR!
    Luffly Christmas decorations too! I’m currently trying to turn my house into one huge Christmas grotto … and nearly blew our electricity current with an overload of fairy lights lol

  55. Love the christmas excitement thats going down in your house! it looks gorgeous, especially the lovely little pooches on the sofa!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  56. Megan says:

    Is that chandelier homemade or did you buy it? If you bought it…where?

  57. clémence says:

    aaah I m so happy Xmas is coming!you have to share your wishlist with us!
    I started my advent calender and can t wait for tomoerrow morning to open number 3!!!

  58. legyviel says:

    wow! It must be wonderful to live in such a gorgeous house! it’s absulotulety amazing. great decorations!

  59. the 1st picture with your dog is too cute!!

  60. P@trici@ says:

    Tengo una lámpara igual!

  61. cherryl says:

    the dogs look so cute!

  62. corie says:

    how tall are you?
    what are some of your favorite tunes?
    how are you so cool? :)

  63. Hey I added u to my favorite links !
    Bisous from France

  64. Alex says:

    not really related to fashion but….
    Whats your favorite color?
    Do you have any other hobbies/things you like to do besides fashion?
    WHich classes do you like and dislike in school?
    What are you wishing for for christmas?
    thanks, your awesome jane!

  65. momma says:

    the shoes is perfect! i can’t to see you wear those.

  66. Amelia says:

    if you have any posts about this, i can’t remember.
    but do you design/sew/reconstruct any of your own clothing?
    i want to know more about the designing process, i’d love to really get inside a designer brain and find out how they think…

  67. Brianna says:

    First of all, you and your mom rock my (designer) socks : ) I admire and identify with your passion for fashion, art, and design. Good taste is innate, it cannot be taught, and you ladies most definitely have that gift.
    As for my ?’s:
    It’s been asked and I’m aware that it’s somewhat personal, but what do your parents do for a living?
    I know your mom used to have her own line, and I gather she will be reissuing some pieces, yes? When? And where can we buy it?
    What do you want to be when you grow up Jane?
    Even people with admirable aesthetic need inspiration, where does yours most often come from?
    Lastly, how old is your corgi? My boyfriend has bought me a corgi puppy for Christmas (from TX no less!). I love how they stay cute even when they’re all growed up.
    Thanks girl! Merry Christmas!

  68. Evan says:

    My question is how tall are you?

  69. Wow! I love the crystals handing above the table. Awesome.

  70. Curious says:

    Did you guys hire a decorator for your house? Also, there are some interesting looking items that look like they could have been DIY (blocks of wood flanking top & bottom of shelf, block of wood table harphazardly painted in white, etc.) Are these DIY or bought? If bought, where? If DIY, where did you get such cool raw material? Thanks!

  71. Amanda says:

    what is your monthly clothes allowance?
    where did you get that chandelier hanging above the (dining room?) table?

  72. carol says:

    can you and judy please please each do a photoshoot of each of your clothes wardrobes and one of your shoe wardrobes?

  73. Kin says:

    I love your blog!
    I was wondering what do you want to do when you’re older, do you have an idea yet?
    Can we see a picture of your room? Not to be awkward or anything =D but your house is decorated so beautifully that I would love to see how that and your style is translated in your room.
    Who inspires you? Both in style and life.
    What are you favorite magazines and books?
    When did you develop your style / interest in fashion?
    What are your favorite subjects at school?

  74. sarah says:

    i love you even more that you have a pembroke welsh corgi.
    mine died :( but it makes me happy to see another!

  75. lisa says:

    Thanks for the great eBay tips! Your clothes are great. We also find great and relevent items on eBay as well. We would love to exchange links. http://www.choice-threads.com. Keep up the great work.

  76. ali says:

    I was wondering if you had any favorite shoes from designers not featured on the major runway shows. Most of the shoes your feature are big name designers. Do you love any independent shoe designers? Or any vintage shoes? I’ve always wondered.

  77. Mimi says:

    Beautiful home decor. Gives me a ton of ideas for mine!

  78. Nubby says:

    1. Who do you consider to be your favorite clothing designer?
    2. Who is your favorite shoe designer?
    3. What is your most prized piece of clothing?
    4. What’s your favorite store to shop at?

  79. hanui says:

    i finally linked you hon! xx

  80. Jeunesse says:

    Hi Jane! Your home looks lovely. Very classy and stylish, reminds me of my color theme last year. I’ve also done my decor for this year, went back to the classic red and gold after years trying to avoid it. Feels great, very Christmassy, reminds me of my parents house during Christmas… Haha. Anyway, I really love your dining room chairs. Looks really nice! I’m wondering who made them?
    By the way, those shoes are awesome. I have just the perfect coat to go with it. Oh well, I just have to settle with what I have. Went on an early Christmas splurge for moi with the most fabulous Alaia pumps.

  81. mel says:

    i’d love to know how to wear knee high fringed boots !! ive a pair in black with about 1.5″ heel , and another in coffee dark brown flats . idk how to wear them- whut to wear em with !? and another pair of black knee boots , laceups with rabbit fur trimming at the top . and a pair of black uggs . oh god . somebody tell me how to wear them ?? i live in a sunny climate btw , singapore :D haha okay im crazy .
    help !! SOS :(

  82. Letitia says:

    Hi! Can you give us details on the chandelier above the table, I would love to see more pics of it! It’s awesome!

  83. carlotta says:

    how do you protect your shoes from being wrecked from wear? Im afraid of wearing my more special shoes out alot, because some of them wear quite quickly! do you have any special treatments that you use?
    p.s your dogs look pretty smug up on that couch! it is a strict no no in our house!

  84. chauss says:

    j, i have one question, how do i get on the list for those special christmas cookies? :)
    btw, beautiful animals (real and fake).

  85. boubou says:

    im so in love with the shoes …. :) and your living room looks so georgous !!!

  86. Scheharazade says:

    Vraiment époustouflant !^-^

  87. AK says:

    I absolutely adore your christmas decorations!!!

  88. your house is beautiful.

  89. Tess says:

    your birthday is the day before mine! i’ll be 17 too…

  90. Demi says:

    wow, such beautiful pictures!! your house looks gorgeous and very festive!
    fabulous blog :) xx

  91. dana says:

    omg i have the same shoes! except mine are purple and black and suede!
    i love those shoes.
    i got them all for dirt cheap at harrods sale!
    like £30.
    it was ridiculous.