VINTAGE KENZO HAREM PANTS//yeah vintage kenzo!! lucky find!

I just got these velvet pants in the mail today from eBay
They are vintage Kenzo! That is really special. I am so excited to have a piece of vintage Kenzo in my wardrobe.
I feel pretty passionate about these pants! But who wouldn't?
I wore them to get sushi tonight-worn with a lace tank top from Old Navy, a Yohji Yamamoto cropped jacket, a vintage belt with two interlocking mice, and my Miu Miu dragonfly pumps
See the mice?

Oh and in other news,
My mom has launched her blog! Please go check it out!
also, an interview at Lookbook.nu
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
xox Jane

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  1. wow!!!! you always amaze. you have the most intriguing collection of gold animal belts.

    12.22.08 · Reply
  2. Ashton wrote:

    Wow very nice find indeed :) I loveee your style.

    12.22.08 · Reply
  3. beautiful …and the shoes …sigh*

    12.22.08 · Reply
  4. TayPay wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!! you are incredible.

    12.22.08 · Reply
  5. woooooooo fantastic!

    12.22.08 · Reply
  6. Martin wrote:

    Love the pants!

    12.22.08 · Reply
  7. Carlos wrote:

    Jane Im a avid fan of your blog and you have written before saying that you would wear Harem pants because they are so “TRENDY” what changes your mind now? it was said in the post talking about the Chanel or prada Spat heels

    12.22.08 · Reply
  8. Suzinne wrote:

    Wow, a few days ago, i just found your site! I think it’s such a lucky discover searching for the sites dedicated to personal fashion, not a high fashion or trend. I can’t help checking your blog every day! Love your avant-garde and sophisticated style!

    12.22.08 · Reply
  9. Frida wrote:

    I can understand why your excited, Kenzo is an amazing! The pants are great, the surface and the color is so alive.

    12.22.08 · Reply
  10. Kristina wrote:

    I love belt! Go girl!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  11. Sophie wrote:

    WOW!!! What a find!:D /Sophie from Sweden

    12.23.08 · Reply
  12. Raych wrote:

    Awesome pants! Happy birthday, btw.

    12.23.08 · Reply
  13. Jen wrote:

    Those mice are sooo cute!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  14. i love how you wear it with such confidence. the belt is great and the shoes are a knockout for sure!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  15. Tina wrote:

    It’s so cool that your mom is blogging now too! I love seeing the photos of your gorgeous home!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  16. Mariee wrote:

    Your pants are great!
    I love them! Your so lucky!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  17. escritora wrote:

    your mum has blog… finally ;)
    you look fantastic!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  18. ay wrote:

    I am in love with the mouse belt!!!!!!!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  19. Sarah wrote:

    OMG u’re sooo gorgeous!!!
    ur shoes are JUST perfect :)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  20. Wow, so great, and those shoes!!!
    Love it.

    12.23.08 · Reply
  21. kelsea wrote:

    awesome shoe rack! XD
    and ive been looking for a pair of those pants but in black….they look great

    12.23.08 · Reply
  22. Amazing the things you can find!!!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  23. Marian wrote:

    fabulous Kenzo harem pants! muah

    12.23.08 · Reply
  24. chelsea wrote:

    The mouse belt is brilliance and i am quite jealous, i am still yet to see a pair of harem trousers that convert me to liking them.

    12.23.08 · Reply
  25. Jill wrote:

    You look fabulous…I bet everyone in the restaurant was in awe…truly, I don’t normally gush like this, but Wow!!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  26. bex wrote:

    Uh velvet pants. So jealous right now. I just did a post on my blog about my growing obsession with all things velvet. I love the way you wear them, your styling is terrific!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  27. The Tart wrote:

    Very MC Hammer – Esque!!
    I am on the hunt for all things couture in yellow … Any recommendations?
    Happy Holidays,
    The Tart
    ; *

    12.23.08 · Reply
  28. selina wrote:

    ooo these look gorgeous! the cropped jacket is great with them, velvet is heaven

    12.23.08 · Reply
  29. Kim wrote:

    Wow, you have an amazing blog! Love shoes in general but I’m especcially in love with your Prada and Margiela boots. You have really nice outfits too! Keep up the good work!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  30. Stella wrote:

    Hah! I have that same top…I wore it out once years ago and never felt comfortable enough wearing it. Nice to see you rocking it with such confidence.

    12.23.08 · Reply
  31. Linn wrote:

    This pant is incredible ! So beautiful !
    Merry christmas Jane :)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  32. addison wrote:

    you always look greattt!!! love the belt wish i could find one that looks that good!
    happy holidays!
    just started my blog: http://audhep.wordpress.com/

    12.23.08 · Reply
  33. olivia wrote:

    jealous ):

    12.23.08 · Reply
  34. KellyJoy wrote:

    These are the only harems I would wear. They’re gorgeous and not trendy looking at all! Everything you have on is to die for!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  35. izh wrote:

    i luv the really love the shoes :)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  36. Jennie wrote:

    The color looks so rich and coupled with the velvet makes it awesome + 10!!
    ( I spy slouchy balenciaga slouchy boots in the bg!! :D)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  37. Trixy wrote:

    You have such great style! I love how you put your outfits together.

    12.23.08 · Reply
  38. Lori wrote:

    Ohhh I spy with my little eye Nude Christian Louboutin Bloody Mary lace-ups!! If they are yours you are the luckiest girl in the world!! And, I think you should do a post on em :)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  39. alex wrote:

    The pants look terrific, but I’m awfully impressed by the dragonfly heels. They’re the cutest shoes ever!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  40. Hania wrote:

    I love those pants; they remind me of the new dhoti pants on runways nowadays. The shoes and belt give the outfit a breath of fresh air. Good job as always!

    12.23.08 · Reply
  41. zana wrote:

    Those pants are to die for. They’ll look great worn with a lot of black too…

    12.23.08 · Reply
  42. Masha wrote:

    The weirdest thing, I had a dream about you and your mom last night. You were living in a big house on a green hill and your mom was extremely friendly. I met you very briefly. I got to see your shoe collection and I was like “wow, amazing”, and then I told you that you should pick up these Acne boots:
    Anyways, merry Christmas to the both of you!

    12.24.08 · Reply
  43. dorothy wrote:

    Whoa, I remember seeing those pants on ebay and passing on them because they were too small!
    I’m glad they are in your wardrobe!

    12.24.08 · Reply
  44. Wax wrote:


    12.25.08 · Reply
  45. Leilah wrote:

    You look like the epitome of chic in your outfit. Harem pants are such a lucky find especially since they’re making such a comeback.

    12.26.08 · Reply
  46. Maya wrote:

    I LOVE your shoes and your blog!!

    12.26.08 · Reply
  47. The vintage Kenzo pants are a great eBay find! Love the way you wear them.

    12.26.08 · Reply
  48. Betty wrote:

    Fabulous outfit! And that lace shirt-sheer with nothing under?-much like the mysterious Paris Fashion week woman

    12.29.08 · Reply
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