Lace shirt from Forever21, Miu Miu skirt, Givenchy wedges
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  1. Bambola says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. The skirt is divine & the lace shirt is so pretty!

  2. Ashton says:

    LOVE THIS. That is shirt is a great find. :) I like the way you pose3d in these too, very cool.

  3. Jay. says:

    you are incredible.

  4. peet says:

    love your hair here and clothes tooo :]

  5. Maddie says:

    I love your oufit and hair!

  6. JANE! you look so stunning! beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  7. Francesca says:

    i adore all of the lace.
    your hair just makes the outfit more amazing!

  8. DUSKIN says:


  9. lisa says:

    that skirt is GORGEOUS

  10. alice says:

    i love this – i want to get a lace shirt myself.

  11. Saorise says:

    I love this outfit and your blog is amazing!

  12. WAX says:


  13. melissa says:

    lovely lovely lovely!

  14. WHAT a specimen you are!
    p.s i just cant get enough of those givenchys

  15. Those Givenchys are too bitchin, I’m desperately trying to find a pair (cheap, haha) online somewhere. Any tips for me?
    I love black and nude, so elegant together. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wear more nude, it’s so boss yet underused

  16. it is possibly to find unique and beautiful pieces to add to one’s wardrobe at forever 21, and your top is definitely proof of that.

  17. Emily Rose says:

    Great photos!! the waist on that skirt is amazing!

  18. RWS says:

    omg im in love

  19. amber says:

    wow, that shirt, those shoes…amazing!

  20. Connie says:

    I’m in love with pretty much all your skirts!

  21. enna. says:

    it’s like a high-fashion ballet.

  22. Your hair! It’s so Margiela!

  23. Ruby- says:

    Jane You look like your Octopus ring :D
    But I love this picture so much!

  24. Nini Nguyen says:

    wow…. Beautiful poses Jane !!! I love the Miu Miu skirt !!!

  25. ryann says:

    love this! especially the shirt!

  26. The Doctor says:

    Love it! Your hair is amazing btw!

  27. jana says:

    the texture of that skirt is really interesting, at least the way it photographs. it looks both delicate and thicker, more tactile at the same time. its fantastic!

  28. Sarah says:


  29. S says:

    Hi Jane, I love this picture. It’s the way the skirt brings out the peach colours in your hair, it’s a really good use of colour. I also really love the white floors in the shop! I wish I could find a place to live that looked like that. x

  30. Maren says:

    Haha, love this. The color scheme is just perfect, and so are the shapes. Love love. :)

  31. Kim says:

    Lovely skirt and lace shirt!

  32. anon says:

    wtf lame why do you need such a pose? why do you need to make yourself seem dramatic?

  33. LoveMore says:

    that lace is so gorgeous!!! love it. great outfit. xx LM

  34. Ría says:

    You look fabulous. I read your blog everytime you post. Happy New Year!

  35. Really love your today´s look! Fantastic. Kisses

  36. celine says:

    Hello i’m a french girl and i love your blog, viens voir le mien ;)

  37. You make it look mighty fine! Ha…good work! Come visit mine….it is coming along… slowly but surly ;-)

  38. juliet says:

    I love the look!
    juliet xxx

  39. Emma says:

    Sérieux j’adore ton look et tes chaussures trop class !!

  40. ah i love this outfit and your hair is bloody lovely!

  41. paperbag says:

    Loveeeee your blog!!!!!

  42. damn it i was gonna say EPIC but someone jumped on it before me. this post is my afternoon treat after a long morning!

  43. jointjumble says:

    i love your top!! Check out our blog sometime

  44. Marina says:

    Great photoshoot!your hair looks great!And shoes, of course

  45. nikkimoose says:

    these are my favorite shots

  46. anonymous says:

    I’m just curious, what are you wearing under the lace shirt? Nude colored bra? I have one as well and I can’t figure out what to wear underneath it.

  47. Hui says:

    Hot pose, love the lace and the black and yellow/gold combination…great ensemble yet again!

  48. inspiring photos. beautiful outfits. amazing eye for style. :)

  49. Amelia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  50. Jenyfah says:

    Your site/blog is absolutely gorgeous!
    & so are you!, so pretty!
    I love your work.

  51. addison says:

    that outfit is gorgeous!!

  52. Saree Elias says:

    ohhh jane, this is one of my favorite shoots and outfit combination of youu dear, love you much. bye bye! kisses.

  53. Bianca says:

    I love the color and texture of your hair

  54. Hi, Sweden calling!
    Love your stylish, and can I say, odd look! it’s great.
    I saw somewhere in your blog that your mother is a bit swedish? is that right? :) whats her name? //evelina from Sweden, Uppsala

  55. Anne says:

    I really love this skirt. I wish I had it!

  56. Eve says:

    What do you do to your hair, that they look so lovely?
    Answer please

  57. Eve says:

    What do you do to your hair, that they look so lovely?
    Answer please

  58. Mathilda says:

    I love your outfit !
    News on Pipelettes time

  59. ター。 ç 。デgarçons町に来る says:

    i have to be honest: my shoe addiction got re-ignited over the holidays (same time i found your blog) and have bought 10 pairs since!!!
    but i have a conundrum: what do you wear w bright white cage platforms? im trying to imagine this in my head, but maybe, since you are quite the shoe sprite, already have some and wear them effortlessly? post pics? consider this a reader request!

  60. Valentine says:

    DIVINE!!! That top is just.. wonderful but my eyes go directly to the skirt and its lovely lovely color and how it resembles paper.. I love.

  61. katherine says:

    the texture of the skirt is amazing, especially when contrasted to the lace shirt!

  62. lis says:

    Jane you are TOO fun! Check out this blog..

  63. whatwerock says:

    Shoes are lovely as always =).

  64. YLM-SPAIN says:

    Lovely the skirt…

  65. Amy says:

    you really make me miss my long hair.
    how long ago did you get the lace top?

  66. mybeaumonde says:

    great poses… i hate showing my face in my pictures so this is a genius idea! x

  67. Antonia says:

    girl, you’re FABULOUS! love this look – love your closet.
    trade lives?!

  68. April says:

    you’re so precious. it’s amazing that you’re 16. 17? i don’t quite remember.
    but yes. oh. i’ve always wondered if you have an accent since you live in texas?

  69. Katlin says:

    Probably my fave pics of you ever. :)

  70. Maya says:

    Love it. the photos are great and you look lovely.

  71. Lilly says:

    I love your hair here, and your outfit really compliments your complexion.
    F21, huge sale at the moment.

  72. Scheharazade says:

    Very elegant. Bravo^-^

  73. Sara says:

    You’ve got really thin hair! Volumize hon!

  74. andrea says:

    So inspiring. I want a shirt like that nowwwww.